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Posted in: Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't See in context


what are these schools going to do about other 'non-Japanese' physical characteristics,

Maybe they'll force students to wear braces to have crooked teeth

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Posted in: Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't See in context

Nobody on this thred has considered that maybe, just maybe, the girl has been dying her hair brown on weekends, and that the school is telling her to dye it back to the way it was before she dyed it brown in order to conform with school rules that were in place before the girl possibly dyed her hair brown.

It says the article that the girl did dye her hair black in order to comply with the requirements, however, she got scalp irritation, hence, she couldn't have been dyeing her hair brown if she is sensitive to the chemicals used to dye your hair.

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Posted in: Netflix cancels flagship series 'House of Cards' See in context

HoC was anyway getting lame.

I agree. I think it matured enough up to season 5.

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Posted in: Disney streaming service to get 'Star Wars' and Marvel See in context

The worst decision made by Disney... if they pull off the star wars and the MCU from Netflix, there will be a small audience that would pay for both services if they want to watch these movies. I'd rather buy them on dvd/blu-ray the only ones that i'm interested in than pay for watching a whole streaming service

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions See in context


The American people need to see the Lefts extremism on television every night.

Yeah, I felt that I have to laugh... you don't have any idea what is left extremism...the "left" in the U.S. is very mild compared with the real left, much less the "extreme" left

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Posted in: 'Sailor Moon Crystal' set to continue as 4th season announced See in context

The last thing I'd want to see is any sailor moon.

Then don't post here

I loved Sailor Moon, but i had trouble with this reboot... instead I'm hoping they make "Fushigi Yugi" with the Genbu arc

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Posted in: JAL screening passengers from nations subject to U.S. entry ban See in context

Unfortunately, I suppose they have to do this, otherwise they'll be stuck with having to bring the passengers back to Japan if they are refused entry into the U.S. I fear there are going to be some heated arguments at airports in Japan between passengers and hapless airline check-in staff.

Too bad. Trump is doing more damage in record time than any other elected leader in recent memory. He's the most despised man on the planet right now - and that is something that he, his supporters and the Republican leadership should be ashamed of.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, besides, did you know that also people from the U.S. that have a green card even if they are not from the 7 countries are advised not to leave the country, in the account that the U.S. might not allow re-entry? it is too much!!!

and they only should be ashamed also all the goons that voted for him...

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Posted in: 'Zoolander,' 'Batman v Superman' top Razzie nominations See in context

The Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill film, which scored big at the box office earning nearly $900 million, got eight nominations including for worst picture, worst director (Zack Snyder) and worst actor (Affleck).

Weird, Ben Affleck did well in that movie, it was the cheesy lines of an inarticulated plot that made it somewhat bad

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Posted in: Researchers find Cumberbatch related to Holmes' creator See in context

...who is related to Kevin Bacon...

Wouldn't it be so nice?, I love Kevin Bacon

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Posted in: Asian actors too busy to fret over Hollywood 'white-washing' See in context

it happens the other way too, there is a lot of criticism for using Asian actors in European roles like in the movie "Full Metal Alchemist", they are supposed to be British, German or so...

The choice for Tilda Swinton as the Ancient one is not related to her being white playing a Tibetan, my guess it was because her androgenic features...

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Posted in: Led Zeppelin singer tells jury he composed 'Stairway to Heaven' See in context

Definitely these two songs sound nothing alike and sounds like this guy is just using this opportunity to get some cash

They do, but nothing else, it doesn't justify a lawsuit

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Posted in: Transgender people face challenges getting adequate health care See in context

It seems that the posters here have no empathy for transgender people.

Yes, there are millions of transgender people around the world, a revision of this issue leads us to re-think that it is not a mental or behavioral problem, but something much bigger.

There are two types of depression that manifest here: one that it comes from gender confusion and the other that comes from the stigma and discrimination, both can lead, as any other kind to depression to reckless behavior.

Transgender people use toilets accordingly to their gender that they are, regardless of physical body.

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Posted in: 34% of Japanese men afraid of their female colleagues, according to recent poll See in context

although it seems done in good fun and appears to be culturally acceptable I would not expect such blunt treatment in the States in the work environment I think...

it seems so, I remember an interview made to this Japanese celebrity Naomi Watanabe in the US, and she said that in America people were very sensitive when talking about her weight, so I guess bluntness in Japan is more common...

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident See in context

I was watching the Star Trek movies on Netflix and his performance in the 2nd movie was absolute class!

Anton didn't have Russian accent, but it was so funny how he can "fake" it for the movies (trivia from the 1st DVD)... He was so talented and I'm sad that someone that young had to leave us so early

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Posted in: Renowned stage director Yukio Ninagawa dies at 80 See in context

is this the same Yukio Ninagawa who made a production of "Never Let Me go" some time ago with Ryosuke Miura?

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Posted in: Actress Jennifer Aniston is world's most beautiful woman: People See in context

I would agree if not for the artificial look that she has right now, A couple of weeks ago I watched "Horrible bosses" on TV and she definitely looked so plastic that it was creepy.

Still i prefer last year "winner" Sandra Bullock

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe returns to Broadway after cancer surgery See in context

I am glad... and happy for those people that will see him in "The king and I" this year, he did a superb job when I saw him last year...

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Posted in: New 'Death Note' movie coming in autumn this year See in context

I'm looking forward to these new movies.. yay! loved the first two, although the CG for the shinigami was kinda awful, i was thoroughly amused and entertained.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe due to return to 'The King and I' on March 17 See in context

I saw him last year in "The King and I", he was superb and his nomination well deserved, he lost to Michael Cerveris, but it was really a close call

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Posted in: As 'Force Awakens' winds down, 'Avatar' remains supreme See in context

I was never a fan of James Cameron's movies, I mean I like them enough but I cannot see why they are such a huge success, all that Cameron does, seems to me of grandeur, his movies makes me think of a huge ego behind, I'd rather prefer Spielberg or Ridley Scott, I don't deny Cameron's movies are good, but that's just it...

As for Avatar's sequels, not interested, the first one, for some reason made me think a lot of Neon Genesis Evangelion that I didn't find the story that original, and since i didn't see it in 3d it didn't feel like a such great experience

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe battling stomach cancer See in context

I do wish for him to have a full recovery of this. I had the privilege to see Watanabe-san in NYC at the Lincoln Theatre Center last year when he was playing "The king and I", for which he was nominated for a Tony award, and I managed to get an autograph from him after the play. So, I do hope more people could have the chance of see him again this year, because he's such a wonderful actor.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's film 'Unbroken' finally opens in Japan See in context

Secondly, regardless of Miyavi's specific case, characters don't have to be played by people of the same nationality or ethnicity. Mandela was played by an American; Ghandi was played by a Brit; etc etc

Don't forget that Schindler was played by an Irish guy

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's film 'Unbroken' finally opens in Japan See in context

The movie ignored the story of Zamperini’s life AFTER he was released from the Japanese Prison. It was all about torture and pain, as a POW

Hello? the movie is called "unbroken" it is not about Zamperini's salvation

I saw the movie and I liked it... although I'd say that the main character was more obstinate than unbroken...

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Posted in: Composer Morricone glad he reconsidered Tarantino's film offer See in context

I love Morricone's works for films, specially "The Mission", Second to only Vangelis himself if you ask me...

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Posted in: Calls for boycott of Oscars grow over diversity of nominees See in context

What I don't like about this line of complain is that soon we will find nominations based on quotas rather than actual talent, Benicio del Toro is Latin so why throw him with Black People? What about Alejandro González Iñárritu?, anyway, if next year we do have more black films and actors/actresses nominated, then next we will have the complaint from the LGBT community for notg nominating a transsexual actor/actress...


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Posted in: 16-day-old girl dies after being put in trash can by parents See in context

Question: Why a person under the age of 20 (in Japan) who is married is still considered a minor?

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Posted in: Isabel Allende novel features Japanese internment See in context

Good for her!!!

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Posted in: Why married couples in Japan must have same surname See in context

@Peace out

I'll address your concerns

Marriage age 16 for females, 18 for males What is the problem? "Everyone knows that generally, females mature faster than males."

True, but the context of this old rule is that the defining age for marrying comes when families marry their daughters, they didn't expect them for study or work so the best way was to marry your daughter into another family, cutting her chances to prosper by herself in life, and the younger the age the better for the daughter. To lift this rule, you give women time to develop a career or work before choosing a married life.

Women have to wait six months to remarry What is the big deal? Surely its not that big of a problem to wait six months?

If so, why the divorced men can remarry straight away? I think it also there is the issue with children and the surname.

Women taking the husband's surname What's the problem? I don't see how that discriminates against women. Women can insist her husband take her surname.

Are you sure that women can insist the husband taking HER surname? this is a society which the man is the main supporter, and if the husband takes his wife surname, there are a lot of chances he will be bullied at work.

a child born within 300 days of divorce is still considered to be the legitimate offspring of the former husband.

It is sexist, because it denies the woman's right to acknowledge the true father of her child, instead it is imposed by a law that the child it is the former husband's

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Posted in: Cool Japan Project to fund AKB48 sister group in Philippines See in context

I was just saying the Filipinos will turn against those groups who lips sync too much.

I think the opposite.. Imagine a REAL AKB group with REAL 48 or so talents that can really SING and DANCE.... I'd wish for them to over-throne the Japanese hahaha!!!

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Posted in: What do Japanese men think about dating foreign women? See in context

Sex never became an issue or something that entered our thoughts,} Marilita... you ARE foreign!!! hahaha

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