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Posted in: SoftBank warns droid owners not to try sex with them See in context

I'm fed up with the trend for manufacturers to tell people what they can and cannot do with things they have purchased

My guess is that it is oriented to fixing it if the robot became broken, maybe some damages are not covered by warranty.

This reminds me of an episode of The Big Bang Theory where one of the characters using a robot arm to massage first his shoulders, then his nether regions, got stuck and had to go to a hospital, this is clearly using the robot for sex and there are many weirdos who would try to do something with this robot...

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Posted in: Idol singer ordered to pay management company Y650,000 after going to hotel with male fan See in context

I am treating this story like its invented until I hear some names.

It corssed my mind too... to scare the idols in other groups and prevent them to future relationships.

But this case is so sick in so many levels.

The idol industry who preys on middle age men and solitary young men (hikkikomori?) into selling a sexualised image of a virginal girl in her teens. An industry that says they train their people, but compensate the lack of talent in singing, dancing or acting with image. Parents only interested in having an "idol" in their family that they don't doubt to sell their children. If there is a clause of "no relationships", DON'T SIGN the contract! (what ambition does to parents and some children) If the fans that invited this "idol" to a hotel, a) they must be rich and b) they must be of age at least. No sexual intercourse was proven to have had happened, but if there was, in ANY case it is statutory rape, even with the consent of the girl. But Japan justice overlooks that (that's so sick). And if there is no sexual contact, it was still abuse from the older guys.

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Posted in: VW rocked by emissions scandal as prosecutors come calling See in context

My respect for Germans and Germany has plunged in the last couple of weeks or so.

me too

Those 500,000 or so cars are going to end up costing them a fortune.

The Guardian says that there are 11m cars with the software installed, aside from the 14B plunge, VW is goint to spend 6,5B euros on the investigation

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Posted in: Five things you’d never expect to buy at a convenience store, but are actually popular See in context

In my last trip to Japan, there was a Konbini opposite the hotel I was staying... It was so nice to find everything on such short notice, form toiletries to snacks, and bento lunches, what surprised me most was they sold Shirts (white shirts) and underwear and I realized that it was very convenient because if you have and "accident" in your lunchbreak (like, sauce on your shirt) you could buy another one for the afternoon work, ties or neckties and pantyhose are in the same line, but underwear it is more difficult to imagine people buying them (at least not frequently)

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Posted in: Feelings run high ahead of 'Downton Abbey' finale See in context

I watched the first three seasons on Netflix

Good Show, But I'm not sure if I want to continue Watching the remaining seasons, after the first three seasons where I suffered with the "will-they / won't-they" between Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley for him to spoilers die at the end of season three...

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Posted in: Steve Jobs movie wins reviewer praise, Oscar hopes See in context

The website also listed Fassbender as a “no-brainer best actor Oscar contender.”

No, After Eddie Redmayne's portray of Lili Elbe in "The Danish Girl" I wouldn't be so sure

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Posted in: Robert Downey Jr ranked world's top-earning actor by Forbes See in context

Robert Downey Jr has always been an excellent actor, The problem were the drugs, he entered a spiral which it took long enough to get out, Hopefully he's clean now, he has all my support

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Posted in: Netflix to launch in Japan on September 2 See in context

You can already watch every TV show online for free

No, You cannot.

As Smith said "Downloading torrents and file-sharing is illegal"

In my country we have netflix and it is great!, I can sit and binge watch lots of Tv shows and series, plus Netflix was the first to bring Japanese Live action movies that are not available on DVD because the Japanese studios don't make international version with subtitles. I've longed to watch legally "Rurouni Kenshin" (all three of them) or Black Butler, Sadako and others, plus a lot for BBC that only comes on DVD in PAL format so are not use to me

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Posted in: By The Numbers: The atomic bombing of Hiroshima See in context

You know, the fact that they named these bombs "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" says to me that there was "love" in doing them, that is so twisted...

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Posted in: Arrested American Toyota exec to be released See in context

No, she worked as an executive for the public relations department for one of the world's biggest company. The PR damage she's done for her former company can run into the millions. If she had a legitimate reason to have the drug prescribed, then it should not have been SMUGGLED in with using false labels.

Although legally she could be innocent, her actions are not, her reputation and job got ruined after this incident, so she got what she deserved.

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Posted in: Toyota exec in Japan resigns over drug arrest See in context

Sorry but not buying one bit of her story. She was a top exec is one of the richest companies in the world. I am not buying that she is that stupid to have not known what she was dong is illegal. She definitely knew what she was doing, and only sorry that she got caught doing it.


That she did not intend to break the law is crap. She should have known that oxycodyne is illegal in Japan, otherwise why she hid it?, and even if she didn't know that it is illegal, it was not allowed to send it by mail, so she hid them to bypass a regulation.

3 or 4 pills would have been an "honest mistake", 57 pills hidden in several boxes with different labels is not.

She needed those pills and she asked her father to send them to her, it is ridiculous that her father was only the one in the wrong and she innocent.

"How can they prove she Planned or Ordered the mailing of the medicine?"

They don't need to, They ask her directly about the pills, she said they were for her.

From the start, she was shown as Guilty for "having prescription medicine mailed to her"? She did not mail, and she had not received the mail and not used the medicine yet! The only law broken, is the law of sending Prescription medicine by postal mail! This is the legal fact!

I'm guessing you are having problems with the phrase and its interpretation. "To have something done", like this case "having prescription medicine mailed to her", means that she intended the action directly and it was her idea. Even though she is not making it herself, for example, when you said "Have the house painted", means that you have another person who does a service for you, but you are the owner of the idea/action.

I had a friend who was interrogated for driving at 90 km/h in a wide national road that most drivers drive at 80 to 100 all day long but has one of those mouse traps!

It seems this one is universal, as in one of classes at the university, the professor (a judge) told us a case where a person was ticketed for going against traffic in a short driveway, her defense? "but everybody does it", and the judge said, "just because everybody does it it doesn't mean it is right (or in this case, "legal")


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Posted in: Mega-important debate: Do you shower before work or before bed? See in context

When I was growing up I used to bathe at night, because we didn't have water heaters for the shower, we had to do it at night, just by heating water on a pot. But then in my teens, with my long thick hair it became troublesome because the hair doesn't dry fast enough and going to bed with wet hair made me wake up with horrible headaches, even if I shampoo my hair every other day or every 2 days (as I do now), so I switched to morning showers before a work's day to wake up and start afresh a new day.

In the summer, with all the heat I'd take a light shower (no shampooing) before bed too, it's a very dry desert here, I don't get sticky, but still feeling hot and also on those days where at work I've been on the mine or I get covered with dust, but still I would not wash my hair at night.

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Posted in: Netflix to deliver Fuji TV original content See in context

Ohh I would love to watch some Japanese content in Netflix! just recently, I was able to watch on Netflix the last two movies of the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, and there are some animated.

I just hope that this alliance will open the access, I would love to watch some taiga dramas, even if they are old taiga like Ryomaden or Yae no Sakura... and Gunshi Kanbee

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Posted in: Behind Cannes' glitz, B-grade movies do booming TV trade See in context

I find amusing mockbusters, who wouldn't want to watch one?... I mean, there is a movie called "Be kind rewind" which is about a video store that for accident got all their VHS erased, so to maintain business the guys at the store started to "fill" with their own versions, it was a cool idea and I think in real life it would be too...

Of course piracy issue will arise, but I think it would be only because a "mockbuster" gets sucessful that big studios come for their share of the pie, as always

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy turns himself in after killing mother, grandmother See in context

. I know it would be extreme, but this kid should absolutely be tried as an adult, and convicted according to Japanese law when an adult kills two or more people. There is little doubt in my mind that he knows he can get away with what he did because he is a minor (and serving a maximum of five years in a 'reformatory' and being protected by laws that protect minors IS getting away with it), and we are seeing FAR too much of this kind of thing.

I totally agree with you

Somehow, I don't buy much that he would be mentally ill, of course I don't know, but there is a serious thing with the development of children in Japan, they are subjected to many stresses (tests, extra schools, cram schools, bullying, some have to work, etc.) but many of those can be soothed with real parenting, If there isn't close parenting at the beginning (since elementary school) don't expect that they respect you and accept your scolding when ther are in their teens, the same with a firm set of values imprinted in them as a child.

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Posted in: Exoskeleton that helps paralyzed walk faces barrier in Japan See in context

First, It doesn't matter that the child was born before or after the incident, paraplegic people are able to have children.

Second, It seems that all the bureaucracy comes because the exoesqueleton was developed outside Japan, and that prevents the Japanese development, it is a pity for Japan, whereas in other parts of the world, it would be easier to access this device (in terms of paperwork, not price tho')

Question: this device was the one featured in an episode of Glee?

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Posted in: Mother admits throwing 5-year-old son from 13th-floor apartment See in context

The sympathy patrol will be on here soon, claiming it was ppd despite him being five, claiming she can't be culpable, and that it's the fathers fault, etc., instead of admitting this woman is just a piece of trash. Ureter who belongs in prison for the rest of her life.

With exception of StrangeLand who presented a scenario where the woman might be mentally ill enough to commit this infanticide, nobody assumed that it was ppd and claimed that she isn't guilty ,besides, he only expressed that IF it was a case of mental illness, she deserved sympathy, and not judge her too hastily.

However, this case has a precedent, she attempted it before, and the father didn't get the help needed because it was dismissed, I believe that this was preventable, the father should have considered other options besides the police, social services, looking for someone who could help his wife in dealing with the child, etc. But, it seems that Japan system is very flawed on that aspect, not enough support, competitive schools, and no protection of the child from the bad mother (he is acussed of kidnapping, if he abandons his wife and take the child?, WTF?)

Poor little guy, and I find it difficult to sympathize with the woman (she doesn't deserve the title of mother), because even though she might be mentally ill, with severe depression or something like that, she had a conciusness that she did wrong, enough conciousness to lie about it, and instead of doing something, since there was an alert (the previous stranglement issue) she attempted it again and took it on the child and did nothing else (she could have argue with the husband demanding a maid, go to a shrink, or simply abandon the child or giving him away), she chose to throw him on a window... that tiny shred of conciousness erase any sympathy I could feel for her.

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Posted in: Mom plans to sue after autistic daughter removed from plane in U.S. See in context

I think that both parties are at fault.

1st, United doesn't have a "nice" service, they treat their customers with contempt and they aren't useful in getting a solution that is their responsibility. I say so because once they left me stranded in a conection in an international flight, leaving me completely alone, a foreign in a unknown city to me, looking for a hotel on my own.

2nd. The parents should program the trip more carefully, as someone said, a flight under 5 hours doesn't serve a hot meal, and it is not simply asking the crew to re-heat it (even if they had a microwave or something that would allow a chicken sandwich to re-heat) it is a delicate matter, sanitary issues arise when handling food that is made outside standards of an airplane, I know is sounds weird, there are health and sanitary standards in the workplace that must be observed at anytime (where I work, I cannot eat outside the canteen that is designed for that, I cannot bring food from outside, and if for some reason i bring my own food, I have to take full responsibility for all posible health problems that might come form eating such food).

The Mother threatened the crew with the tantrum of their daughter, that threat alone is enough to change planes,

can be a picky eater and sometimes lashes out if she doesn't get what she wants, but she hopes a lawsuit would lead to training for airline employees about dealing with people who have autism.

Typical of an American, if the girl gets violent because doesn't get what she wants, it is the parents that should ensure that she doesn't get violent, not dumping that responsibility on an airline

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Posted in: Hollywood version of 'Death Note' making progress, with Adam Wingard as new director See in context

I'm afraid that the howllywood version would be as bad as the godzilla movies made by hollywood.

Apart form the CG I do like the Japanese version of Death Note, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Kenichi Matsuyama took on complex roles and did well, for me the series and the movies focus on the traits of the characters, light, and intelligent man who have his own set of morals and L who also have morals but one that superseeds the others: a crime is a crime.

I doubt Hollywood would explore that angle of the series. The Ring and the Grudge were decent tho'

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Posted in: 'American in Paris,' 'Fun Home' lead Tony nominations pack See in context

Michael Cerveris got one of the dozen nods for “Fun Home” — as best leading actor in a musical — and hopes they will attract more people to see his critically acclaimed and poignant show.

I just Love Michael Cerveris....

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Posted in: Learn how to cook for both you and your feline friend See in context


It seems you don't realize how people in Japan are lonely and have an only cat for companion, cooking for yourself can be boring or a waste (some people don't know how to cook for only 1 person, so sometimes they cook too much and it goes to waste), the feeling is different when you cook for someone else or you expect to share a dinner with somebody, which in this case it is usually the best personal therapist you will have: a cat.

But not all human food is edible by cats, so the premise to learn to cook dishes that you and your cat can eat safely is valid, you know that if you share a can of tuna with your cat it has to be washed (to remove salt) and then add a couple of olive oil drops so your cat doesn't get an upset stomach?, or that you can't actually give milk to an adult cat because the get lactose intolerant overtime?

So don't pick on cat lover!!! I am one of them, but since I don't like cooking, doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the effort of ABC Cooking Studios.

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Posted in: Musicians sue U.S. film studios for outsourcing See in context

I think that musicians should get used to it... just recently I read an article about how movies were more and more made outside Hollywood, also TV series too, Christopher Nolan is a British-American director, so it seems natural that he chose Hans Zimmer, since he is an excellent composer, and as a genius I think he has the right to chose the best musicians to play his scores, maybe he is behaving like a diva, but at the same time if musicians look for unions to support their claim, it means that they are falling behind with the times

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Posted in: Disney Pixar’s new movie attracts criticism again in Japan See in context

There were too many similarities. Just because they said like that, it's not like I have to believe it's true. It's easy for a huge company bully a small company.

I don't remember the plot for Kimba the white lion but I looked up on the internet and the plot is way different from the Lion King, Kimba was born in a boat and he interacts with humans, in the case of the Lion King it is all about a rivalry between two brothers with the brother killing the king, blame it on his nephew and taking the throne, whereas SImba goes into exile and then coming back to denounce his uncle, and taking back the throne.. which is essentially, Hamlet.

As for rip off... what about Meitantei Conan?, such an extensive work... which is a rip off of Sherlock Holmes, and many of the J-dramas they "borrow" a lot from Sherlock... like "ST" or "Mr Brain"

I vaguely remember "Herman´s head" so since it existed before the manga I wouldn't claim "Nonai Poison Berry" as a work 100% original and that "Inside Out" is a rip off the manga...

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Posted in: Hide your name, hide your face – 'Death Note' TV drama set to air this summer See in context

Whoever they bring in though, will have a tough time trying to surpass Kenichi Matsuyama’s performance as L.

And Tatsuya Fujiwara in the role of Light was pretty decent too

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' teaser, cast information revealed at event See in context


I want to see a darker, more sinister movie. I don't want Transformer-like bang, bang, bang too confusing to know what's happening action.

JJ likes to tone down FX, so I´m guessing it will be more mysterious rather than bang bang action

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Posted in: Mark Hamill said he was 'suspicious' of J.J. Abrams See in context

Hamill:“ Could you imagine if for some reason I said ‘I don’t think I want to do it?"

But you did it, Mark, and I love it because I just saw him reprising another old role: The trickster in the new Flash Series ( Spoiler - he even did a scene where he says: "I´m your father" hahaha) Other actors would have been petty and Diva-like and Mark recognizes that he owes to the fans to appear in the sequels.

It doesn't seem strange that he was suspicious of JJ. He loves being misterious though. Personally, I love his works and I think that he's able to bring to life many great characters, think of Walter Bishop in Fringe, or Khan in the Start trek movie or the way that he brings a beloved character again with so much taste (think of Spock too)

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

Don't wanna piss on anyone's strawberrys here...but can they BOTH be brides? Congrats anyway....

My BFF (a guy) got married a couple of yeas ago, they both dressed in tuxedos...

To make it more real one lady should dress like a guy....

WHY? IT doesn't make it less real if both wear dresses or tuxedos isn't it?

Again, the link I posted shows otherwise. Statistical evidence shows that kids benefit from having a clear cut father and mother figure in their lives whether or not their parents divorce.

That doesn't mean that gay parents have to take each role, either they both are dads or both are moms, their kids really do have a clear cut father or mother figure.

They make a beautiful couple, I just hope in the future Japan catches up with the rest of the world and makes laws that protect legally their union.

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Posted in: Japan ranks No. 50 in world rice consumption See in context

I guess since it is called "World rice consumption" it is not limited to white/brown rice that we found at supermarket.

I have a cousin that has a coeliac condition, so she often had to make cornflour bread or buy rice cookies.

But also, rice cookies are good to those who want to lose some weight, and then boom!!! I suddenly saw and increase of rice based products at the supermarket (noodles, cookies, etc) not only in terms of quantity but also a lot of brands (I used to but a Polish rice waffle covered with caramel that it was simply delicious) maybe this is the reason why the drop of consumption in Japan?

as for if it better white or brown rice I found this article, that it could make you think

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes sell for Y300,000 at auction See in context

Hang on, they bought them for JPY 300,000 then sold them at JPY 210,000? I missed out on a JPY 90,000 saving??? :-O

I guess it was for the publicity stunt or maybe since it was the pair for 300K and maybe each one was sold at 210K?

Whether it was just for publicity, are these fruits worth that price? I remember when I was living in the US as a student and the pair of small avocados was 3US$ (360 yen) and it was extreme for me, but since they were avocados from my country once in a while I would give in to eat them once in a while. I was paying mostly the nostalgia of my country when I bought them, after all, that kind of avocado was delicious.

But to jump to a Mango that cost 150K yen or a strawberry at 50K yen? Never seen such a price in my life, although I don't fancy them that much, so it makes me more extreme to me the price, maybe a certain kind of Apple or Pineapple or Easter pears (also known as peras de san juan) but still... i don't understand the ways of the obscenely rich

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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context


you said:

So, attempted murder is okay? "He also dared her to do so" in your words?

I never said that is okay attempted murder, you are taking me out of context, I clearly said: "I agree she was very extreme to hold a knife against her husband, but he also dared her to do so"

I just said that she was at wit's end and he was a fool to antagonize her that way, and also that the men are less sympathetic to what a great deal is for a woman to have toilet manners, this is a very extreme case, but I don't think that quarrels on married couples about washing their hands, put the seat down and other toilet manners don't happen all over the world, but in the case of the Japanese it gets more noticeable due to the stress that the husband and wife experience, the former from work and the latter by being a housewife in the Japanese society

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