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Posted in: 5 ways to bug your older Japanese coworkers at a new job See in context

If the process for hiring/getting a job is somewhat as it was shown in the first few episodes of "Boku no ita Jikan" it's no wonder about these complaints. I mean, if they have standard responses for question at an interview, how do you expect to know the Soft skills required to do a job? all of the 5 are related with soft skills, greeting, showing polite speech, even getting late, and leaving early (although this last one is a relative term, since if you leave at the time of the clock, is leaving on time and not early, but seniors tend to think as "leaving early") the #1 is tricky though, does the job requires to have initiative? sometimes it is expected for someone that does a routine work to "do more" and personally I'd rather have quality rather than quantity

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

After i check on wikipedia (irony) if Gakt is a reliable source and i found this sentence : "After that near-death experience, he claims to have paranormal ability to see and speak with deceased people, as well as family members"

Yeah and you believe everything that wikipedia says.

Anyway, I'm no fan of Gackt, but I do believe his story, France is somewhat known for being discriminatory to people that don't speak French, but this anecdote is more "palpable". It it were Yoshiki I wouldn't have believe a word because he acts like a diva and I've noticed over the years that Gackt has toned that down a little.


Gackt is not exactly a reliable source of info. And yes he is crying about something that most likely was a VIP area for regular customers.

As far as I understand, it was an airport hotel, which operates a morning buffet, these kind if they have VIP areas are clearly delimited and easy to understand by anyone, (signs, the staff ask you for your room number to see if you are a VIP guest, etc) in this case none of that happened, since "A Caucasian guest entered the dining room and took the seat which Gackt originally wanted, to no comment from the maitre´d."

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Posted in: Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet See in context

It seems that toilet manners are so trivial to guys that they are unable to understand how a woman gets fed up with "simple details" that could make a great difference.

For example, If the husband shaves at the bathroom sink leaving all traces of hair and soap on the border of the sink, it seems trivial, but over the years sediment starts to build up it's harder to clean and it is perfectly avoidable if the husband simply washes the sink after shaving, the same when they leave toothpaste residuals. As for the use of the toilet, not all men have perfect aim, so the stains are all over the place, and #2 it's not all about the odour thing, mostly, is clogging, not flushing correctly, stained toilet seat and of course not washing the hands.

A woman can be patient with all that stuff, but when you already have quarrels about toilet manners, women's patience wears thin, I agree she was very extreme to hold a knife against her husband, but he also dared her to do so, he is the fool here, and although he doesn't deserve getting slashed, he deserves to be sued for divorce and child support

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Posted in: Mother jumps from roof while holding 17-day-old baby See in context

From what I've read, this is the third one in the month.

So it is not casual.

This "mother" seems to be mentally ill, but it seems difficult to blame some kind of PPD not when you see more than one case.

But I can't help thinking that Japan has serious problems with mental health. I mean, people are stressed "working" long hours, going to drinking parties (you can't say no to this), they don't take vacations, they don't have the posibility to enjoy life working and being a parent, not only because it is expensive but also because all that stress that people don't manage and transforms in various forms of mental illness.

they invented the term "karoshi", who would have thought that it was necessary to put a name of something just because nowadays is the common occurrence?


Japan need to improve this and take mental health seriously and taking away the shame that usually cames with mental illness

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Posted in: Cinderella tale See in context

I'm amazed that people rate negatively wc626, Japan loves Disney too much, I saw it with all the frenzy about "Frozen", (a record of ¥986.4 million in its opening weekend in Japan)

Although It pays a lot when they put real talents in the dubbing, Frozen is spectacular in its music just because Idina Menzel is Elsa, and the Japanese version would have suffered with a bad dubbing.

As for Cinderella, I think it would be the same, it is pure magic of Cinderella and nobody except Disney can make this movie, because it is such an iconic character (it is more beloved than Snow White or Belle or Sleeping Beauty) it has high probability of success...

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Posted in: Youth in toothpick prank videos sent to juvenile correctional facility See in context

I agree that all that stuff done by this youth are punishable (community service sounds better than a detention facility), However, it seems that they are missing the point, doing all that stuff and put it on youtube was to call the attention to the system's flaws, at 19, he is a minor, and all that stuff (shoplifting, altering products, eating stuff and not paying for it, etc) are petty crimes that often go unpunished in this society.

As I see it, he only opened the eyes of the people to look better at the system. How many videos uploaded before he was detained? (how many crimes did he have to commit before he was punished?)

And yes, it would be better for him to do community service, let's use all that youth energy into something valuable

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Posted in: Japanese men share top 10 ways their weekends disappear See in context

I don't know if these activities are a "waste", it seems to me that these men do not feel that they waste away their weekend, for some maybe, since there might be someone who wishes to go on dates, visit family, etc. instead of sleeping at home, for example.

I live alone, and sometimes the week is so stressful that I spend the weekend "doing nothing", (just get up, spend my day on pajamas, reading a book (I love to read) or watching TV... but to me, that kind of "emptying my mind" and relaxing is not a waste, so I'm prepared to face the Next Monday full of energy...

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Posted in: Australia stops third teenager headed for Middle East jihad See in context

Thanks @lucabrasi.

So how could deny re-entry of your own citizens?

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Posted in: One Direction says Zayn Malik has left the group See in context

Somehow this band and all its fanbase make me think of AKB48 if a member lives they can move on, but it will never be the same, like when Itano and Maeda left.

I only heard them in a SNL show, I found them pleasant but not extraordinary, and I couldn't fathom why they have such a huge fanbase, but then again they are not my generation so I really don't care

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Posted in: Japanese women list top 10 lies they can spot the second a guy says them See in context

Ok I'll bite:

Top 10 Lies Women Make to Men:

(1) Money isn't important.

To me it's not a lie, because I earn enough money by myself.

(2) Sense of humor is more important than money.

I can't bring that, sense of humor is not more important than money, maybe if you change "love" for sense of humor it depends

(3) I dont want a man to pay for me.

Ohh that's a flat out lie!, even if I make much more money I want some things paid by the man (a dinner, a gift - ot doesn't mean it has to be expensive tho´)

(4) I love you no matter how much you make.

This one must be put into context, if you have 2-3 years of relationship it could be a lie, but if they are together for a long time, it's not a lie. The time frame would vary on the woman. (* as a note, if the woman earns more money than the man, it could also be a lie, since it creates self-esteem issues on the man)

(5) It was on sale.

Yeah yeah, I'll admit to that one, i'd say 98% of the woman would say this lie

(6) I don't want to be a housewife and live off of my husband.

I think for Japanese, this is mostly a lie, as for me, I really don't want to be a housewife

(7) We make financial decisions together.

This is tricky, In my case it would be a lie, because is my money, but in some other cases where the wife manages the money she's the one calling the shots

(8) I bought it for both of us to use.

Meaning: "I bought this so I can use whenever I want to" or "I bought this for you to use (So you would be busy using this and give me some time off)"

(9) What's your credit card doing in my purse?

The lie here is to make it sound innocent, However even if it is to spend on the credit card or check up the expenses of the guy, it is never "accidently"

(10) I'll pay you back.

That's also a flat out lie haha, unless you really don't like the guy

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Posted in: Australia stops third teenager headed for Middle East jihad See in context

Should have let them go and denied them reentry. Why try and stop them they have already been radicalized. Now, they are a threat to the citizens of Australia.

The question is How do you denied them re-entry? they are Australian Citizens, the only way to let them go and not permit re-entry is to exile them forever, however they are minors, and on what grounds do you exile them? Religion?

I just don't see is that easy "to let them go"

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Posted in: Qatar Airways boss accuses Delta of flying 'crap' planes See in context

Dude needs an English lesson: SUBSIDY - a sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so that the price of a commodity or service may remain low or competitive. This pretty much sounds exactly like what is happening, right? When your government is paying for your airport fees and your aircraft purchases, that's going to keep your operating costs WAY down.

And you need a Finance lesson: When you inject money to YOUR company, via Capitalization, it is equity.

whatever funds are put into the airline is as equity.

When you put funds, usually you use it to increase your investment on the fixed assets, like the airplanes themselves, cost are lower when you have new assets, since the maintenance costs are lower and the productivity of the asset is better (they use less fuel, for example)

Subsidy, on the other case is a mechanism when you use funds to pay for lower costs, for example, your expenditure on fuel costs are "helped" with funds, this help is a subsidy.

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Posted in: Qatar Airways boss accuses Delta of flying 'crap' planes See in context

These "multi-billion dollar subsidies" had distorted the marketplace, "to the severe detriment of US employment", the American carriers claimed.

What a bunch of whiners!

Question is whether any of these Gulf airlines make a profit from their operations. If the "equity infusions" are required because they can't finance themselves from their own operations, then i guess they are a form iof subsidy.

It seems that you don't know the meaning of a State-owned company, I do, I work on one, First, they do not receive subsidies, as the gentleman said: it is equity, because all the profits of the company, go to the state, including the ROI of these "infusions", even if they pay taxes, the profit goes to the state, the difference in those two is that the money from taxes goes together with all the taxes and are used for National Budget, whereas the profit from state-owned companies may be used differently of of specific purposes (for example, all the profits goes to University education programs, not true in our case, but just to make an example).

If the State owns a company that does not profit, there might be other reasons to "keep it alive" (increase local employment, protection of the local industry, etc) if you want to know more about that just look at Import substitution industrialization policies in Latin America that took place in the middle of the 20th century.

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Posted in: Boy held for trying to kill goat says he was inspired by IS video See in context

Smith You are putting that discussion out of context. NOBODY said that we should show videos of IS beheading people to children. The one was a documentary and it was blurred it is not the same as "this kind of video"

As for this kid, he's evidently disturbed, it reminds me of the case of the girl who killed her classmate. A good thing he got caught on time, I do hope measures are taken and not simply a slap on the wrist and let him go free

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to drown one-week-old daughter See in context

What happened to being f'd in the head?

being f'd in the head is some kind of Post partum Illness (LaWren and SL the only productive of your discussion was the discovery of more than one post partum illness . Whether they can be seen as a continuum from one mild and other severe or totally different diseases was a waste of time).

Only those who have experienced having a child either natural birth or C-section can tell the effects of the emotional turmoil that comes with having a child, a post partum illness could be overcome by their themselves, others with therapy counseling and some with heavy medication, I have seen cases where the baby is really loved and expected by the mother but when the baby is born, the mother being indifferent or negligent, or the "maternal instinct" being "Shut down", The severity of this emotional turmoil can lead to many things, some are able to detect it and go get help (the level of irrationality will vary with each women) and some other will not even recognize that they are depressed and just think it is exhaustion.

Nevertheless, I'm glad the baby is alive and safe, as for the mother, she needs first a professional psychiatric evaluation, what she said " I thought I was not able to take care of a baby" or something like that as an excuse for trying to kill her baby suggest some kind of mental illness, unless she's a complete psychopath to cook up that excuse, which at the same time suggest she has a mental illness.

As an excuse "to get away with murder", in this case I see it doubtful, since it looks like since she left the hospital and came home she might have seen herself "alone" without the help of the nurses when she was in her home, that's a turning point of realizing what you have to face in the future, PPD, (and some of its "sisters") is triggered after events like that, in many families, when a baby is born the mother gets showered with gifts, visit from relatives, and lot of people looking after your baby, but then when all that stuff goes, you have to face it alone (or maybe with help with the mother, the husband or the nanny) and it is not the same...

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Posted in: Body of missing 6-year-old Toyonaka boy found in pond See in context

Undoubtedly an innocent, but negligent, mistake

I presume you want to refer like "an honest mistake", or something "non-intentional", however, I don't think it is an "innocent" mistake, these kinds of institutions MUST be prepared for any kind of events like these. To leave a child unattended for 10 minutes is too much.

My sister, who has a 3 year old kid is always present and vigilant of her son, he is very energetic and needs constant attention, he's not special, just a normal kid, still it took two minutes of distraction from his mother for him to climb a chair and taking thyroid pills over a 18 liter water tank. What are the odds? it turns out you cannot leave any child (special or not) unattended for more than 1 minute, and in this case these institution have to be specialized in constant attention, I doubt they are innocent in their mistake.

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Posted in: 'Englishisation' - Is it working? See in context

The idea that people don't (need or want to) learn anything unless it leads to a 'larger goal' (=professional career) is rather sad and depressing. Stuff you learn for fun, because you enjoy it, because it gives you an immediate 'high',

I think this is the issue here, it's not the quality of English Lessons/Teachers in Japan, you can improve all that and still youths would not learn English, you have to motivate them into learning English, even if they are not going to leave Japan ever.

If you could inspire people to learn English, they will learn, as Gaijinfo said:

The people that want to learn English as a TOOL to help them achieve their LARGER GOALS (like international business, etc) figure out how to learn English. And they speak English WELL.

Take my Nephew, for example, his mom and dad don't speak English, and the only source for "inspiration" comes from me that I do speak English. Still, I don't force him into reading books, taking lessons online or that stuff, I simply put a mix of his interests with English, for example on videogames, he alone goes to internet forums and sometimes in English, with music, I encourage him to look his favorite bands on the internet and he looks up the lyrics and ask me what they mean, although I don't make the translation for him, i explain the main point of a song and I tell him if the music itself matches up with the lyrics, sometimes yes, others don't, but now he concentrates on "absorbing" English in terms of comprehension and communication tool.

Last time he had to give an speech in English for his class, so I helped him only picking the topic, some grammar sentences and some pronunciation, he easily scored the best grade.

He's motivated alright, but some of his classmates aren't, causing some disparity at school because my nephew often gives the impression that it's so easy and for some it isn't and there is when a good teacher has to step up.

As for paying 100000 yen gosh that's a lot of money, for some people maybe little, but i think it is exaggerated for a 6 year old, in that case it's easier when the child is exposed everyday to the language and not once or twice a week (have you noticed that in some parts, when the household has international help (nanny, or cook, etc) the people in that house start to pick up their language? in a child it is even easier... )

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

Her action was "workplace sexual harassment."

Really?, it could be the other way around, being drunk as she was, Kado could have been the one taking advantage of that, she's a cutie at 56...

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Posted in: Why do most concerts held in Japan prohibit taking pictures? See in context

because even without a mobile phone, people will jump , dance, and raise their hands...

Yeah, clearly you haven't been in a Concert in Japan. I have been in Lives in Chile and in Japan, In Chile, people are passionate and will jump, scream, throw things to the artist and have fun, you can get kicked, deaf or have sore throat for all that screaming. There is a DVD of the VAMPS concert in Chile (i went to that Live) and it was not allowed to take pictures or video but it was a relief, because the cameras are really annoying and if you are the one recording you'll miss the experience. I also went to a U2 Live and depeche mode concerts, and since i'm small of stature I couldn't enjoy fully the depeche mode concert because all that cameras held high.

But my experience in the Japan 20th L'anniversary Concert by L'Arc~en~Ciel was completely different, people screamed, yes, but they didn't jump, nor they climbed their seats (yes, they respect your seat place), and very few will sing along that concert I guiltily took a couple of snapshots with my iPhone at the beginning, when the band members were entering the stage, but it was all just to brag to my friends that I was really there.

It is good to have ban the cameras, even though I would like to take some pictures or a couple of seconds on video I rather not have that than miss the experience with the artist, In Chile, I also went to an Erasure concert and I recorded a lot of songs with my camera, and I regret that, because it was poor quality and I missed most trying to get the shots on the frame. it is extreme to ban it altogether, but I think it's for the best.

In the US, I went to a Broadway play and it was also not allowed to take pictures, so I was able to take a couple of pictures with my iPhone before the performance and then I switched off, never regret it that it was so nice not to hear the flashes or someone's camera in front of me...

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Posted in: Apple retakes smartphone throne: survey See in context

There is a difference in comparing the devices (Iphone vs Samsung Galaxy), in this article, the comparison is the apparatus not the OS.

I think Samsung is losing because as other poster said:

in a push to keep costs down, has come back to bite them.

But there is also the comparison of OS, In that sense, I don't like at all the Android in Samsung, but i'm more comfortable with Android in Motorola, I was able to notice the difference because there is too many iterations of the Android software that it doesn't make it friendly. On the opposite side, IOS is much more intuitive with the user and they focus in increase the experience, so you don't have to worry about programming stuff, simple users like me, my mom or my sister, just have to use the phone and looks for apps that make it easier but not exhausting the use of the phone. Common users don't need to take panoramic pictures, apply filters, create stuff on the phone constantly, sure there are a lot of people that like to use a phone to its full potential, (like make online payments, create fabulous ringtones, personalize office documents, etc) but as the initial fever goes down, it is back to use the phone for communication, by the common user.

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context

At least, the kid went to school and was feed and cared for.

Well it sounds like he was at least fed so you got 1 out of 3. He wasn't going to school which is why the teacher repeatedly tried to contact her.

What I meant, is that the mother provided him with food, care (under a roof) and was able to go to school, other neglecting mothers, simply don't provide, make their kids work, and ignore their child.

And as for being cared for: She said that Ryota never let on that anything was wrong and that he was the kind of boy who didn't want to worry her. I dare anyone to look at the pictures of him beaten and bruised and tell me they couldn't figure out something was wrong.

I did not have that piece of information, however, it seems that you don't know very much about bullying, a bullied boy/girl will conceal as much as she/he can injuries or bruises, specially from their parents, it really takes a while for parents to notice, even if it is obvious to other people to see, it is the same with domestic violence, some close friends of a battered woman will not notice anything strange, parents even less, it is a similar pattern with a bullied boy/girl. It is also the same with those recluse people that stay at home and don't get out, with the wide spread of this phenomenon, are parents responsible too?

All I say, don't judge so harshly on parents, you are not in their shoes, nor do you live their situation, anything can happen, event to the most careful parent, and the reverse is true too, there are some times that an absent and neglecting parent makes a child a nice adult. I do not have children, but I do know and I am close to single mothers with different backgrounds, some of them are over protective, others are relaxed, some with money, others working, other that suffered domestic violence and others that always relied in the grandparents and others that are doing their best to be a "full mom",but nowadays it is very difficult, even if you have money and all you can do is to stay-at-home, that age is really tricky and your child can be bullied and you will not notice after a few months (it happened to a nice married couple i knew that were actively participating in the school board).

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Posted in: Mazda bets on diesel-only car for Japan See in context

Interesting move.

I'm not a fan a of diesel engines, since they are more contaminant and stinkier than gasoline engines, but if Mazda can fix that with filters or some other technology i'm up for it, right now I'll buy a Mazda 6 in my country, so maybe when it is time to renovate (we'll see in 6-8 years) that technology would reach overseas

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Posted in: Kawasaki murder victim's mother releases statement to media See in context


Maybe, she should have been more a part of the kid's life and this would not have happened.

Maybe, but I don't think you realize how hard is to raise a kid as a single mom working, not only in Japan but all over the world, as a woman, your salary is considerably lower than a man, so you have to work harder or for more hours to barely ends meet. At least, the kid went to school and was feed and cared for.

And even if the mom was there for him, youths today are more rebellious, they can lie to their parents if they want to, there´s no guarantee that the kid would go straight, just because the mom was there, I've seen cases of children falling into drugs, gangs, and bad life even when the parents are present. I feel for this mother, because nothing is more painful than outlive your children

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Posted in: Harrison Ford to reprise role in 'Blade Runner' sequel See in context

I don't know what to say at this...

I mean I'd love for a "Blade Runner" sequel, but as I haven't read the book I'm not sure which direction it may take, as far as sequels, I'd rather have some that could be independent of the original movie, like Prometheus was for Alien (It was and wasn't at the same time a Prequel).

I don't doubt that Harrison Ford can pull it off, but the script is another thing, it will all comes down to the director (but please, don't leave it to MIchael Bay, though) I'm thinking some of the likes of Steven Spielberg... which incidentally directed "Minority Report" by Philip K. Dick

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? Is it mainly a language thing? See in context

Westerners seem to prefer manly men and sexy women rather than pretty boys and cutesy girls.

I agree to that, They are not accustomed to watch a man with lots of make up (like Yoshiki for example)

While Utada Hikaru & Yoshida Miwa can speak English & have great voices, when they sing in English it just isn't quite there........... and when your competing with top English singing pop stars sorry it would take a miracle to do reasonably well.

There is one thing to sing in another language and then there's also to put your message in your singing, so, people in the US that like L'Arc~en~Ciel like them because hyde is able to transmit a message in his singing, also, he does put effort in their English skills.

And since they WONT actually tour to work up a following, just trying to use their fame in Japan & putting a CD out in the US .................aint going to go anywhere & then they simply give up, but the truth is they never really put in the proper effort if they REALLY wanted to go somewhere overseas. Lot of people around them egged them on in bad conscience IMO

I think so too, I've noticed that in the US you have to work hard, very hard, and not be discouraged, it also requires patience which seems Japanese are not able to do so, they are used to get instant gratification in the supersales of their CDs, If AKB48 or Arashi would sell their 1 million copies of their singles in 2 years instead of 1 month, they would not be where they are today

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Posted in: Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies at 83 See in context

As I 'm not fan of the Star Trek Series, I knew little of the character Spock, but I did know him through his character William Bell in the series "Fringe", still, you could feel Spock surfacing there too, LLAP Leonard Nimoy

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

Great, that's normal! Who wants to wallow in misery all day? Again, who LIKES to discuss these things? I'm quite in tune with world events but I never sit around and shoot the breeze about terrorism or war crimes with my friends. Who does this???

It is not about "Liking" stuff, it is about to be knowledgeable about current events, and to express your opinion when it does affect you, (like the case with PM and his policy concerning ISIS) didn't you vote recently?

Agreed. And high school students are not stupid, they know this.

Really? What about all those news about raping or abusing high school girls through ads on the newspapers being part of idol groups, a cast for a CM or clinical studies about "beauty products"?, it is not that they are stupid, it is just that they are ignorant, because all that sheltering.

You said it before: You can teach about sex without porn, which is true, but, what about all these idol magazines "Candy doll", which is not pornography legally although common sense tells you that it is... how would you teach that it is wrong?

Again, these are not small children. They KNOW this. They don't need to be SHOWN this. Nobody does. They are not small children, but they don't know about this, they don't know what terror it is, and about people being afraid all the time.

When I was little, I lived in a dictatorship period of my country, I didn't understand anything when certain people talked to each other in secrecy, and it was in code, why some protesters were arrested, still, even today, I'm unable to understand fully why these people who lost loved ones during that period of dictatorship are still mourning, not able of letting go... Their loved ones disappeared and never, ever they were found. Just recently there are movies that depict those darker times, and to think that it really happened it shudders my spine, but I was growing up very sheltered about that time (covered mostly because of the government) at that time all I "needed to know" is that I had to support the government of that time or bad things would happen to you.

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

How many of you when you were at school were shown a video or a film (depending on your age) of a person being killed? How many of you who DIDN'T see such a film or video don't know what's happening in the world?

We didn't have media on classrooms in my time, but when I was 14-15 I went to a real autopsy, I was warned of the nature of the procedure, the person died from cirrhosis, the only shocking thing was that it made me not to drink alcohol. I repeat, I don not believe the Teacher show the documentary or the gory parts of it for the sake of showing off, the purpose was to educate.

Take the movie "The Schindler´s list", just because it is a movie doesn't mean that it wasn't real, there are shocking scenes (and I'm not talking about shooting people, although those happened too) that are violent too (the burning for example, or the bathroom) and common sense rates the movie as PG 15 (official classification is R) so, you will not show it to youngsters? What method would you use to show the real scope of the holocaust? or any war? If the movie was an actual documentary (there are a lot of them) you'd reprimand the teacher? what if nobody fainted, distress, or had and anxiety or panic attack? would this be even news?

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

As shocking it might be the documentary, I'm with the teacher this time.

Sure, There should be some warning to the students, (at 17, you should legally warn the parents, but I think is common sense to ask the students directly), This was not some violent beheading or sniping shooting (which we know you can find - unfortunately - easily on the internet). It was a documentary, it is supposed to be illustrative of the reality.

It would be natural for the whole class to feel distressed, and a good teacher should be able to put in context the situation, in terms of educating. This is what he was supposed to do isn't it?, It is not "showing gory images to kids" for the sake of upsetting the students. What if some of the students want to be Journalists, photographers, tourist guides, doctors without borders, diplomats, or Idols touring the whole world, are you forever sheltering them?.

I refuse to tell them kids, they are one step for being adults, at 17, I was in my first year of the university, as many of my generation, and as for the girls that suffered a panic attack, I do not consider them weak or anything, but a sign that they have their limits, and the other students should realize their own limits too

As for the board of education, it seems they are against of "remember history correctly" (quoting Crown Prince) so it would be natural for them to react this way, as it is, they are a 0 to me.

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Posted in: Civil rights groups to protest Oscars over lack of diversity See in context

So, actors from ethnic minority groups would rather be nominated because they are from ethnic minority groups than if they had the talent and put forward a good enough performance to be nominated? I'm all for affirmative action, but there needs to be moments where you realize that there's a difference between keeping options limited to some is not the same as keeping the options open to all but only some making the cut.

I couldn't have said it better!

so let me get this right..........your protesting...because they want to hand you a award for just being black, make a great movie and you win, plenty of black movies have won, from precious.

Exactly, and more specific, for being black, so, now, the best director winner is not a minority (Latino; Hispanic), he's white!!!!

Pluh- ease!

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