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Posted in: Comedian apologizes for not helping mother get off welfare See in context

we cant blame them....the benefits ....what are these? how much? I think its not enough specially for the elders. For the healthy elders it may be just enough to afford an airconditioner?..not enough...!!! DOES anyone wonder? ITS A SOCIAL PROBLEM,!!! Government is using more money on institutions and hi tech machines....hire someone who is not a BOCHAN..!!!Hate seeing the BOCHANGS on tv playing politics!!!!! so are the advisers!!! So Domoto san you dont have to say your sorry coz the government staff in okayama are the one to blame for not reviewing the case......return the money..if the shiyakuso say it so...its your mothers right! right ?

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Posted in: Housewives seeking part-time work squeezed out by surge in jobless See in context

working mothers:::::: especially with young children..beware.. foreigners are here to take over ....no offense but its true.....but if you are consistent with your work the co. wont let you go.....i think there is a lot of reason reason.....why!!! still there are lots of works that only japanese can do ...

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Posted in: 3-yr-old boy, left home alone, falls to death from 11th-floor balcony See in context

I cant blame the mother please pray for her..beeing a mother in this country is unimaginable....no excuse but.....its a social problem and the government must do something about it. Know lots of mothers who let their children tend for themselves while out working.. good children has no problem but hyperactive kids ....oh !!!!!! Hope it wont happen again and mothers be a good neighbor so you can exchange favors with them.....

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