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Posted in: Japan looking at steps against cyber-bullying after death of 'Terrace House' cast member See in context

you know, if you're being bullied online, the best thing to do is...not be online. you don't need to create any special task force to deal with this "problem" because the solution is so simple it beggars belief. i have no sympathy for anyone who takes their own life because they are glued to twitter and actually care about what a stranger says about them. smgdfh twice.

Well said .. agreed.

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Posted in: Is it a good idea to wear a mask while jogging? See in context

I wear one ... sports type, restricts air .... help elevate cardio.

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Posted in: Trump says he does not believe polls that show Biden ahead in presidential race; slams China See in context

I still cant believe he won!

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Posted in: Game on: Group offers retro consoles to cooped-up kids See in context

Brings back some old memories ....

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested after killing eldest son See in context

How does this happen? He must be able to over power her ... even if he wanted to die, at some point you have some reflex action to not die. Something is very fishy ....

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Posted in: Plenty of room at the inn See in context

YR, congrats to your daughter.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Yokohama See in context

Rot in jail !!

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Posted in: Woman awoken by naked intruder in her apartment See in context

Bet the suspect will plead .... the drunk and can't remember defense.

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Posted in: Wanted Chinese man arrested after re-entering Japan to buy face masks See in context

And the 2020 Darwin Award goes to ....

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Posted in: Two 16-year-old boys arrested for marijuana possession See in context

snitches get stitches ....

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Posted in: 'A floating prison': Cruise of Asia ends in virus quarantine See in context

Hank ... feel sorry for your family for not taking them on holiday.

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Posted in: 8-year-old-boy dies after being hit by car on crossing See in context

My office is just around the corner from Toranomon Hills crossing ..... its very commercial, lots of people around especially at 7.55am. condolences, sad.

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Posted in: Koizumi, wife have baby boy See in context

Congrats!! Very happy news. Hope mother and baby are well. Lead by example, take more time off - PLEASE.

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Posted in: Court orders journalist to pay damages to reporter Shiori Ito in rape lawsuit See in context


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Posted in: We try a Japanese bread named after a calligraphy ink stick See in context

We try a Japanese bread named after a calligraphy ink stick

Nice grammar :(

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Posted in: 62-year-old man turns himself in after robbing post office See in context

Three hots and a cot .....

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Posted in: Japanese men developing more interest in anti-aging skin-care products See in context

It's interesting to see recently see Japanese men using parasols during summer.

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

I cycle everywhere .... to/from work .... gym, super market ect .... I have a go-pro on just in case, is ALWAYS see drivers that text/drive. Is there some system where I could submit video to police of drivers using phones will on road?

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Posted in: 15 tons of sweet potatoes stolen in Ibaraki See in context

Brings new meaning to, "HOT POTATO"

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Posted in: What is your impression of executive recruiting companies? Have you had any bad experiences with them? See in context

For finance ... The Option Group in Japan are solid.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean

Ocean wildlife will disagree .... And, If you believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you !!

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Posted in: Gov't survey shows most convenience store owners overworked See in context

the joys and pains of business ownership. I think the margins are too lean for the work/hassle and chances of theft too high for the reward.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Let's protest!!

Their phone numbers: 045 - 515 - 6476 and 080 - 3444 - 0296

Let help her!!

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Posted in: Dutch inventor unveils device to scoop plastic out of rivers See in context

Next big question, what happens to the collected trash? Send to some poor farming village and stored?

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Posted in: Kanye West claims he will be U.S. president one day See in context


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Posted in: Paralympian Marieke Vervoort fulfills wish to take own life See in context

Rest in peace ....

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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

What caught my attention: "the 27-year-old used on luxuries such as going to restaurants."

Are the police that poorly paid that eating at a restaurant is a luxury?

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Posted in: Abe promises action after 2 homeless men denied typhoon refuge See in context

What would they have done if a family showed up with a cousin who was actually from Hokkaido? Would they have allowed the family to stay but refused the cousin?

ohhhhh, good question ..

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Posted in: School lunches keep Japan's kids topping nutrition lists See in context

It is ASSUMED that they are mandatory. While just about everyone plays the game, and in reality it does save quite a bit of money and time for families, they are NOT mandatory!

You are incorrect, they cater to those kids with allergies, pls get your FACTS, "about your friends kids" correct.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll rises to 66 as hopes for 15 missing fade See in context

condolences to those who lost loved ones.

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