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Posted in: Kishida vows 'ceaseless' aid as snow hampers quake relief See in context

On the news last night, I saw people sleeping inside a plastic greenhouse in one of the affected areas. There was a woman who looked to be over 90. It’s been a week.

It was pretty disturbing.

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Posted in: Kyoto wants to add extra charges for tourists to use city buses See in context

Buses are 230 yen now, prob raise to 250 soon.

Maybe what… 100 yen more for non-Kansai people?

I just don’t see how this makes more space on the buses. Do you?

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Posted in: Gov't considers lifting anti-COVID recommendation to wear masks indoors See in context

I think this will take a long time.

Last week I was walking down a street when three 70 somethings walked past me in the opposite direction. I had my mask down since I was by myself and the street was practically deserted. This street is in a town with no tourist attractions. One of the ladies turned her head away from me while cupping her hand to block her nose and mouth from my direction. Did I mention she had a mask on!!??

unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. In the past year, I’ve been to a few super sentos that have outside baths. No problems there, but once I tried to use an indoor bath. The amount of people arm to arm is surprising. But, you should have seen how fast the bath emptied when I got in.

If you’re not Japanese, you need pretty thick skin when not wearing a mask. Good luck.

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Posted in: Kumamoto marks 6th anniversary of deadly quakes See in context

@laguna sorry you went through that.

Anything to put in the bag that one wouldn’t normally think of?

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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 death toll tops 20,000 See in context

Is omicron killing more people in Japan than the original strain and delta? It’s so sad to see those numbers.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan agree to keep troops on base to curb COVID spread See in context

To those who are not going outside:

everything is crowded. Japanese people are eating, drinking, talking, laughing, and shouting in closed spaces without their masks.

the numbers would have grown regardless.

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Posted in: Record 235 COVID-19 cases reported among U.S. forces in Okinawa See in context

I just read that there are 80,000 Americans (service members and their families) in Okinawa.

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Posted in: Record 235 COVID-19 cases reported among U.S. forces in Okinawa See in context

I’d like to know the frequency of testing for the military right now. Also, are they currently blanket testing every service member?

what if they did that for your workplace? How many positives would there be?

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman arrested in Okinawa for riding minibike while under influence of alcohol See in context

Legal limit in Japan is 0. So, they had a 0.03?

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako, husband leave for New York See in context

I'm so excited for them!

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Posted in: World's 1st operational bus-train dual-mode vehicle to start service in Shikoku See in context

Just wait until they turn it into the “catbus” from Ghibli’s Totoro!

Pie in the sky = instabai

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

Hello, New York!

I'm so excited for them.

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

According to the news, Chiba had one bed for pregnant covid-positive women, but unfortunately, there were two were 2 patients.

don’t worry though, Chiba has allocated ONE more bed, which will be available next week.

so grim.

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

I’m curious. Where else in the world can you be refused to be admitted to the hospital in an emergency even if you have insurance?

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Posted in: 7,943 taken to hospital to be treated for heatstroke from Aug 2-8 See in context

Watch out, it can sneak up on you!

I was out for a bike ride (40 minutes or so) the other day when it was cloudy and only 60% humidity. Bike ride was fine, not even sweating. Parked and went on a 20 minute leisurely walk with an umbrella. Got back to my bike and started to feel nauseous. Thought it was my lunch. Then I started feeling really clammy and fought like hell not to pass out. I was hunched over my parked bike by myself when I remembered I had freezer packs in case I found any food on my travels.

I fumbled through my bike basket like a crazy person to get them and used two on my neck and head.

I crouched down in case I did pass out so I’d be lower to the ground.

It was incredibly scary. I am not elderly and had (what I thought to be) enough water during breakfast and lunch.

According to the internet, I had heat exhaustion, which comes before heatstroke.

I was humbled, for sure. Take care everyone.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

I am often appalled at club activities/gym class taking place in this heat. Hours in the blazing sun and humidity. It’s like torture.

I find it incredibly sad that they just ganbarre through it.

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Posted in: Olympic medalists get OK to pose for mask-less photos See in context

All of the group photos for school yearbooks have been maskless since the start of this pandemic. I always shake my head. They laugh and talk etc.

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Posted in: Workers express frustration as Tokyo enters 4th COVID-19 emergency See in context

@ashley shiba

i had the same experience at the mall this weekend. I was grocery shopping in the basement and saw four restaurants full of people with their masks off. I’m talking all ages, from babies to 80+ years old.

my prefecture has a very low number of corona cases right now. How can that possibly continue though when people have just given up.

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Posted in: VIPs allowed at Olympic opening ceremony, but no fans: report See in context

Aren’t people attending baseball games right now?

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Posted in: As Olympics loom, Japan's health care in turmoil See in context

Can someone tell me what is really happening here?

It has been public knowledge that only a small fraction of the total hospital beds available are being used for coronavirus patients.

That means that if your grandmother falls ill, she may have to wait hours and hours for a hospital, if she gets into one at all.

Japan had time.

They had an entire year+ to prepare, improve, and create systems that provide first-world care to its people.

Why aren’t the people crying foul?

Where is the outrage?

Are we really to believe that it’s all to be blamed on gross government negligence combined with the cliché “it cannot be helped” attitude?

If it’s purely a “cultural” issue (bureaucracy, top-down thinking, etc etc) it’s time to see this for what it really is.

If the sacrifice of your own people is a byproduct of protecting your own culture, it might be time to rethink what is important for Japan to move into the future.

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Posted in: Osaka’s remote-learning policy strains teachers; forces students to go to school for lunch See in context

It’s so cringy to walk past the homerooms when it’s lunchtime. Forty kids packed into a small room eating together.

To be honest though, there have been no (known) outbreaks at my school.


I think making the kids go in for lunch only is insane—but somehow, it makes sense in Japan.

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Posted in: Packed trains, drinking: Japanese impatient over anti-virus measures See in context


When the holiday ended, many workplaces defied requests to allow their employees to work from home. It left them no choice but to return to their offices on packed trains.

When the holiday ended, many defied requests for remote work and returned to their offices on packed trains.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

If people were advised not to travel... why are the trains so busy? Why aren't people complying and staying at home?

They are going to/from work, hence the suits.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

Of course we all saw this coming.

I’m guessing the meetings went like this:

One person: Here is an idea! (Bad idea)

Everyone: OK! Yes!

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Posted in: Osaka governor eyes asking for extension of virus state of emergency See in context

That Washington Post article is quite a read.


back to JT:

Suga recognized the number of cases is not decreasing as fast as earlier expected, according to Okabe.

As fast as expected?! Everyone is working, shopping etc etc.

It’s going to take a while. It’s not a magic button. smh

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Posted in: 6 torch relay staff in southwestern Japan test positive for COVID-19 See in context

From what I have personally witnessed, there is no “social distancing” happening.

In schools, there are small classrooms with 40 students, teachers sitting almost shoulder to shoulder in rooms with 50-100 people, club activities, sports, etc. etc.

Also, students and teachers eat lunch together on a daily basis in these rooms.

Known clusters are few and far between in schools.

I believe the people in this article were infected some other way.

Actually, I hope they were infected some other way, because if wearing masks and directing traffic outside can give you (possibly) the newer strains, we are all in deep trouble.

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

i was speechless last night seeing this story on the news.

literally speechless.

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

Surely you meant 2032.

thank you. I needed a good laugh this morning. :)

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

please postpone til 2022!!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers defend request for 500 nurses as virus spikes See in context

They should have postponed the Games until summer 2022. Then, everyone gets to go, everyone gets the money, the vaccine and everyone is happy.

why they became so stubborn about holding them without spectators I will never understand.

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