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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

I think ,like all of you guys, i love Japan. Thats why we spend our time reading this great website, called Japantoday

And also i think nowadays everyone can access to worldwide information through internet, and get different perspectives of any specific matter, and get his/her own conclusions

So it is quite easy to find that a majority of WWII historians from all over the world has the opinion that Japan's war crimes (massacres, experiments, massive rape/sexual slavery , cannibalism,...) were equal to those of Nazi in terms of atrocities and numbers

So we should ask ourselves

why nowadays Germany has not those problems with other countries?

Is it boz of the prime minister/chancelor Kneeling Apology, the Law against denial and Education?


China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and so on All their perspectives are wrong ? Only japanese perspective about this matter is truth or maybe the other countries still have some reasons to complain?

Just think about and find your own conclusions comparing information from different sources/countries


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