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Posted in: Park employee didn’t collect admission fees from 160,000 foreigners over 2 1/2 years because one scared him See in context

what a jerkass foreigner for yelling at an old man....

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Posted in: Survey: Almost 40% of Japanese men reluctant to eat alone in public See in context

did anyone actually read the article? It's not out of embarrassment or lack of manliness, it's because of money. Read before you comment

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Posted in: The boys from Brazil See in context

A true champion is always gracious even in defeat. These arrogant bunch of boys dissing their fans like that just show how much a loser they really are....

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Posted in: Abe to push bigger global security role for Japan at Asian forum See in context

Ah... Abe ever the salesman... Guess who's gonna profit from a paranoid Asean? Japanenese high tech weapon makers like Mitsubishi heavy industries !!!

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Posted in: Marubeni fined for bribing Indonesia gov't officials See in context

Indonesia is corrupt to the bones. 99% of its elected officials have tsken bribe money one way or a other. It's crucial that Indonesia votes in Jokowi, a clean and anti corrup, humble politician that indonesis so desperstely needs...

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Posted in: Fake brand-name goods confiscation at all time high; 90% originate in China See in context

This is why China will never become a superpower in innovation. It is far too profitable to just copy others rather than innovating and go through all the expensive patent process...

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Posted in: Taxi drivers complain about entertainers See in context

Why is this not surpising ? Humility is not a natural human virtue. It takes a real character to rise above one's circumstances and maintain humility...

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Posted in: Russia's Sotnikova stuns Kim to win figure skating gold; Asada 6th See in context

Wonder how much the judges got paid by the russians....

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

That means NHK is no different from China's TV media companies, simply a mouthpiece of its government. Thank god i have never paid and will never pay for their rubbish....

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

When will China learn that nobody wants to listen to what they have to say, and that nobody in the world respects them ? (barring N Korea)...

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Posted in: Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw See in context

Throw away the key on this perp. We can do without people like him in our society...

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Posted in: Antics of 3 students at Universal Studios Japan result in charges See in context

These boys will never get jobs at major Japanese companies when they graduate... That's the way it goes in Japan, once you have a criminal record, you are done for second chance.

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Posted in: Defiant Ecuador drops U.S. trade deal over Snowden case See in context

Without a doubt, US is the biggest human rights abuser in the world...

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Posted in: Hashimoto regrets meeting cancelation; wants to apologize to U.S. See in context

Vote this scum out of politics !!!

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Posted in: Japan considers talks with N Korea, surprising allies See in context

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for beating 1-month-old son to death See in context

He can tweet all he wants. The only people following him and taking his tweets seriously are the right wingers... Sure that's 1 million right wingers, but that's also 1 million empty heads..

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Posted in: German resort island shaken over Japanese chef's murder See in context

My guess is that these two men tried to get free food by pretending to complain about the food... That happens a lotnin chinese restaurants in London...scums !!

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Posted in: Chinese general says Ryukyu islands do not belong to Japan See in context

Nobody should respect a country that bans a website as innocent as Facebook... When that country speaks, everybody should just walk away and laugh... China is a joke and should be treated as such.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he lacked sensitivity to U.S. perception of prostitution See in context

Everytime a gaffe like this comes out of a Japanese politcian's mouth, it resets the clock 70 years backwards with its neighbours... Move forward, Japan....not backwards !!!

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Posted in: China, S Korea envoys skip tsunami ceremony See in context

Communist China is so childish. In fact, a country which bans something as trivial as Facebook should get no respect from anyone!!

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Posted in: U.S. petty officer charged with two counts of molestation in Kanagawa See in context

What is wrong with American people?? Why can't they obey the law? Why does it always have to do with alcohol? DOGS should not be on the streets without a leash !

I am Japanese and I am sick and tired of this. I will NOT ever RESPECT any american person.

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Posted in: U.S. position on island dispute a betrayal: China See in context

Just as we "opened up" China with Deng, we can "close it down" at will.

@Iachance Your comments show your lack of understanding of 21st century world order, and it seems you are still stuck in the 1970's era. Let's get this straight, China is the creditor, USA is the debtor. Have you heard of a mortgage borrower "shutting down" a bank ? The bank "shuts down" the borrower, not the other way around. This analogy fits exactly with the China-US situation we have right now. Don't get stuck in the 1970's buddy !!

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