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FYI - Here's how I've gotten away with NOT showing my identification to police in Tokyo.

I've been in Tokyo for 9 years and have been stopped literally 5 times at my station within the past 4 years of living in my current neighborhood. It never happened to me at my prior station. The last few times, I actually questioned the officers about the law and refused to present ID after learning of this...


However, I must admit that each time that I got away with not showing ID, it was more stressful than just showing my ID and being on my way. The most recent incident was last month while I was out with my toddler!

That was a first, and it made me realize it's just not worth the trouble anymore if I have nothing to hide. I was able to argue a bit and be on my way without showing my ID, but next time I'm just taking the easy route... You never know what kind of cop you're dealing with, and nobody wants their pride hurt.

They're courteous and polite each time, so I do appreciate that, but it's an embarrassing scene to be stopped and questioned by them. I figure now, why make that scene last longer than it needs to?

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Posted in: Principal, another man arrested for allegedly paying for sex with teenage boy See in context

Pedophile principal and prostitute teenager, a sad and sobering reality for parents.

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