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JolienJM comments

Posted in: Zoo that lost 30 squirrels in typhoon 'recaptures' 38 See in context

Did JT update the article? If not: read, people:

and Tsushima said keepers would be checking that all of those taken into captivity had the microchips the zoo implanted into its own squirrels.

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Posted in: Active fault may run beneath Mount Fuji, say researchers See in context

Next conclusion will be that Mt Fuji is not a good place to built a nucleur power plant...?

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Posted in: Hello Kitty takes over food department at Tokyu Toyoko store See in context

Tokyu Toyoko Department Store = Tokyo Food Court? I just went there, there was no kitty to be found.

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Posted in: M5.8 quake jolts Kanto; no tsunami warning issued See in context

@Avigator: When I read your post I initially thought that the link you provided would have some sensationalist crap on it, but I was surprised that it didn't. It actually has some backing with scientific papers. I might check the papers when I am at work (they're not open access, but I have access at work). What makes me question the theory, though, is that the previous Tokai earthquake happened 34 days after the eclipse. I would think the increased pressure would have subsided by then?

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Posted in: Cleavage cover to keep prying eyes away See in context

Sometimes you just really like the fabric, the print, or some detail of the shirt. I have a dress that I really like, but I'm not too fond of the back. It has an opening, and some people have told me they originally thought the fabric had a rip in it. In the case of cleavage, yes, a shirt underneath it would do as well. However, this is an extra layer of clothing, so it's warmer. So, I can understand if women buy it. I also understand men not liking it. :P

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Posted in: No monkeying around for world's fastest man on four legs See in context

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66gMk7k7QgY

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Posted in: M5.9 quake jolts Fukushima, Kanto regions See in context


I'm not too concerned about frequent earthquakes. I'm more concerned about long periods without quakes, because in that time pressure can build up. I prefer regular release of pressure.

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Posted in: M5.9 quake jolts Fukushima, Kanto regions See in context

@ Farmboy: At what site did you get that information? I sometimes check if small vibrations I felt were actually earthquakes, but the site I look at doesn't report anything lower than 4M.

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

Yup, not very spectacular news. When I arrived in Japan, I was surprised to find out the rice was white, as I also learned that whole grain rice is better. The other thing that surprised me is that Japanese people eat rice without sauce. I'm out of saliva after pretty much one bite.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

@ Franchesca Miyara Yang

I have some camembert from Meiji and thought it wasn't too bad. However, the brand of camembert I had before that one (Snow brand?) was not camembert in my book (It tasted all right-ish when I did not compare it with camembert anymore), so maybe I'm biased by that one.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

Similar to the previous mentioned Aspirin: Paracetamol (also called Tylenol or Acetaminophen). Here I would pay, what was it?, 10 euros for 10 tablets? Whereas in the Netherlands I get 50 tablets for 1 euro. I use them to stop upcoming migraine attacks, which unfortunately I have very frequently. Luckily a friend is bringing me some when she comes to visit soon, which should bridge the period until I go back.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake jolts Chiba, surrounding areas See in context

Ah, wait. That does not make sense. Chiba is much much closer, so of course that one feels stronger. But still, I have no much clue on how strong the earthquakes are when it happens.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake jolts Chiba, surrounding areas See in context

A 3 in Tokyo? Apparently I don't have the Japanese earthquake scale down yet, it thought it felt stronger than the one that originated off the coast of Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Workers at Fukushima plant toil away in deadly conditions See in context

Isn't it possible to use robots to enter the insides of the reactor? Not the humanoid ones, just simple ones with wheels and a camera mounted on top.

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