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The primitive savage and dishonorable mentality that justifies touching a female - any female - in a sexual manner without permission needs to be beaten out of far too many around the world. These scum are a disgrace to our gender and have no honor or self-discipline. And they are filthy hypocrites. Every man has female relatives - mothers, sisters, and daughters. How do you justify in your crap-filled head that is is ok to molest someone else's daughter when you sure as hell wouldn't want someone to do the same to yours.

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Posted in: American woman brings pistol, bullets onto Delta Air Lines flight to Japan See in context

The idea that transporting firearms and ammo is absolutely illegal is false. Having a firearm and ammo in carry-on baggage is illegal, but it is not illegal to transport firearms and ammunition on commercial US air carriers as long as the firearm and ammunition are declared and secured in checked baggage. The issue here is that she got through TSA with her pistol and ammo in carry-on bags and that she was flying to a foreign destination. And hate to break it to you, but TSA was making mistakes like this long before the shutdown. No system is perfect. While we Americans cherish our freedoms, including the right to self defense, we also need to respect the laws of other countries whose citizens don't have that right. Japan is one of those countries. But the same goes for foreigners who visit the US... your culture, society, and you yourself may not value the right to self defense or agree it should be a right, but if you come to the US you should respect our laws and culture as well.

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