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Posted in: China nuclear plants released tritium above Fukushima level in 2022, document shows See in context


That's for a year, on the other hand Japan's crippled power plant there are time they discharged that same amount not in one year but in one hour.

Just check it here:


I just read the Reuters article. Unless if there is a typo in either JT's article or Reuters', then I think you misread the numbers

From Reuters:

Tepco said that the Daiichi reactors were emitting about 200 million becquerels of radiation per hour as of mid-September, about one four-millionths of the amount seen in the days after the March 11 disaster.

It's 200 million, not trillion. So in a year it should be: 200mil 24 (hour) 365 (day) = 1.752 trillions

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