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Jolyon comments

Posted in: Earth Day: How one grocery shopper takes steps to avoid 'pointless plastic' See in context

I have seen shoppers remove all the plastic packaging at the bag packing area and leaving it for the shop to deal with. I am not sure of the legality of this practice? If it is possible and many people did so, it would send a clear message to the retailer about customer preferences.

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Posted in: Electric wire damage may be behind big fire following Japan quake See in context

I wonder if underground power supplies are safer in these situations than overhead ones?

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Posted in: A mini-kotatsu to keep you warm See in context

Now that is what I call innovation! This could really see the Japanese economy start to boom again. More of the same please!

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Posted in: Social media firms bolster monitoring of Japan quake misinformation See in context

What sort of misinformation are we dealing with? What information is not being shared by regulated news outlets?

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Posted in: Swarms of tourists causing crisis for Mount Fuji See in context

What a pathetic piece of journalism. Instead of fostering xenophobic sentiments, it should question the assumptions lamely trotted out here. There are so many holes in the story. Bullet climbing is criticised, but no reasons given, for example. These climbers may not pay for accommodation, but they might also have the least impact. Please use some critical thinking when writing articles rather than meekly repeating others.

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Posted in: Japanese rock festival cracks down on mosh pits after multiple fans injured See in context

Mosh pits?

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Posted in: Japan assemblyman, Taiwanese spouse urge Tokyo to OK same-sex marriage See in context

Japan is destined to become a museum of the past if it cannot look forward.

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Posted in: Half of bus drivers in Japan greet each other via hand wave, defying rules See in context

Robots will take over the world!

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Posted in: Female detainee dies after being found unconscious in cell See in context

Was she held nearly 40 days without any charge being brought?

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Posted in: U.S. author of WWII-related book urges youth to learn war history See in context

It is regrettable, of course, and should not be forgotten. So to other camps, where survival rates were deliberately much worse, and treatment far more cruel.

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Posted in: UK court request rules against extraditing suspect in 2015 Tokyo jewelry heist See in context

Is true that there is 99% conviction rate in Japan?

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Posted in: Japan 'Barbie' distributor regrets reactions to A-bomb-related images See in context

It’s a film. I can’t judge the content of the film because I have been prevented seeing it. Let’s be able to watch the film and have an informed discussion about how it represents the history and the biases and falsehoods it offers.

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Posted in: Japanese high school kids average 12% correct answers in English oral test See in context

What motivates high-school students to want to be able to speak English? Is it something real for them? Is there an international outlook that they buy in to?

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Posted in: Japan 'Barbie' distributor regrets reactions to A-bomb-related images See in context

So perhaps the newspaper needs to ask some questions to those who make these decisions to find out if Oppenheimer is being censored or not? If so, can we have a clear statement to explain that choice? Surely that is what journalism means, not just repeating content from other second-hand sources. Raise your game, please

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Posted in: Why vending machines are so popular in Japan See in context

Sometimes they are the only friendly face I see all day. I would miss the interaction if they were removed.

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Posted in: Chirori is a compact traditional Japanese cooking hearth for your modern home See in context

Great for boosting the carbon monoxide levels in your home and filling the air with cancer causing particulates. The old days sure were the best as it keeps you warm too until you turn stone cold.

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Posted in: The easiest way to wash a curry pot is also the most delicious See in context

Take a 20 metre length of string and simply throw your dirty pot into the ocean. Tie it to a nearby tree and leave overnight. In the morning it will be sparkling clean, or even better. Saves on detergent too.

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Posted in: Chef’s super easy and delicious 'omuraisu' recipe is an omelette cooking life-saver See in context

These recipe articles are really weak! There was one a while back described as a life hack for cooking edamame in a microwave, instead of a pan. It was no simpler, as cooking edamame is a simple as it is possible to get anyway. This omelette is similar, it is just fried rice, no omelette at all. If it is not possible to do better than this, please do not bother.

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

If the hospital system in a country of this size is under strain by 20 admissions, building greater capacity in the system is surely needed.

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Posted in: London's Heathrow airport caps departing passengers at 100,000 a day See in context

I have been through Heathrow four times this last month and no evidence of issues. However, all four of my flights were cancelled by BA! As for staffing, there are no ticket counters in the airport any more. It is all online.

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Posted in: Japan to prioritize students heading abroad for vaccinations See in context

The US should refuse entry to Japanese students until American students and all other nations are allowed entry to Japan to study here.

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Posted in: Yes. Tokyo Olympics are still on, despite opposition, pandemic See in context

The government is stuck - help it. If enough volunteers dropped out, then it would be impossible to hold the games.

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Posted in: Negative COVID tests, vaccinations may be required for domestic Olympic fans See in context

Oh, classic!

Over 65s will be logging on to get those tickets - and of course health care workers who have such a lot a free time. It couldn’t be more laughable.

At the same time give visas for 90,000 ATHLETES, and deny visas to every other non-Japanese.

Don’t go, don’t watch. Let them run in the silence of the dead.

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Posted in: Athletes should travel to Tokyo with full confidence: Bach See in context

Enough complaining. Take some action!

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Posted in: Tokyo Games cancelation likely to cost Japan ¥1.81 tril: Nomura See in context

If the population of Japan doesn’t want the games to take place, isn’t it quite able to take direct action to make it impossible to hold them?

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Posted in: Japan opens mass vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

Minister Kono has the responsibility, and the power, to achieve high rates of vaccination. The question is whether he has the personal capacity or will to do so? When I see a minister in a government trying to blame others, or circumstances, I feel it is incredibly weak. Make it happen. Go kick some a... Vaccinating is not rocket science. Every other developed country could be used as an example of how to do it better. It would be hard to think of how it could be done worse. In Japan, aged 60, I will, in the next few weeks see my son, 18, in the UK get his vaccinations before me. At the present rate of vaccination, it will be decades before Japan has a safe level of vaccination in its population and Covid-19 will be a historic event we talk to our children about. But how many unnecessary deaths will there have been because of this enormous failure to act with decisive vision, creativity and energy, and how mutilated will the economy be, how restricted and limited everyone's lives.

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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

Who would think that being unchanged for 2000 years is a good thing?

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward wants to ban drinking on the streets and parks near Shibuya station during Halloween to prevent pranks, vandalism and other trouble. What's your view on this? See in context

it would be good to control these anti-social 'funs'. Much more significant than the millions of drivers who go through red lights and pay little attention to the roads while watching tv in their cars.

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