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The Japanese also does the “Takeshima Day” as well, they just don't repeat Dokdo over and over again like Korea does but Japan does plenty of Takeshima, Takeshima, Takeshima rantings. So don't make irrelevant arguments. They are essentially arguing over a rich territory which will establish border as well. Fishing is rich, natural gas, and mineral deposits. And yes, nationalistic pride that comes to not wanting another thing taken away from them from the Korean perspective. But really, it's about the potential of the island and the economic significance. Dokdo brings a lot of tourism. Don't just wonder why they are fighting over it... go visit it one day soon OK? Before it becomes some demilitarized zone or something. Japanese do have one very peculiar national trait... they never apologize to anyone for their past atrocities. Ever. Nor do they ever financially compensate any nation over their wartime atrocities. In fact, they don't even acknowledge to this day they did anything wrong. You should see what they still say about the atomic bombs being dropped on them. It's truly bizarre how most Japanese think. They still vehemently feel that they did no wrong. Really. Japan ran around seizing lands that belonged to others and then colonized it through their Nippon form of imperialism. Those lands never belonged to Japan. This also is not acknowledged by Japan. And as others mentioned, Japan has more pressing issues. The politicians and lawmakers should not even be thinking of Takeshima. Korea can just stop sending Kpop groups over to Japan to do concerts. ha ha.

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Ya, that was a rather pointless stunt wasn't it? But let's say in Southern California in Orange County, it actually makes a lot of sense to get all electric car because there are just so many charge stations... even at the beach parking lots. Clearly, UK is not ready.

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I laugh at people with really bizarre definition of what "music" is. Well, then it's pretty damn sad that Kpop is catching on like wildfire eh? Man, that must really burn you up. ha ha. Only thing you presented with your argument is your superiority complex and nothing more. So music has to address social and real life issues? pu ha ha ha ha. You gotta be kidding me such bullshit.

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