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Posted in: Western Japan rain disaster causes ¥120 bil in agricultural damage See in context

Could it not be more a case of agricultural damage causes rain disaster? Massive efforts are expended in re-shaping the country at the risk of creating unstable landscapes.

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Posted in: No. of births in Japan to hit record low in 2017 See in context

Over population is the biggest problem the planet faces. Humans are like the frog in the saucepan, getting used to it, doing nothing, until it's too late. Most Japanese already live like sardines, other countries too, many people don't know what the countryside looks like, never hear a bird sing, live in little boxes. No wonder we get so many illnesses. We are not procreating because, subconsciously or consciously, we know there are enough of us already. More and more people means less and less of nature which means a dying planet.

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"Sending a group of five ships, headed by the 8,145-ton mother ship" is not a traditional source of food.

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