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Posted in: English education to start for 3rd graders from FY 2018 See in context

Ridiculous to force learning one same language, i.e. English.

There must be a need for the speaking, writing of language.

So to open Japanese mindset, offer of several languages should exist to cling it to real life.

USA and English speaking countries are far from Japan. Japan should start with closer languages that would ease a lot the learning of another when a momentum is created.

I reckon that nearly all my Japanese acquaintances remain 100% Japanese self-centered, even my close family after having come many times in France.

Good luck Japan !

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Posted in: Thank Hugh See in context


"In truth, he's not a tough guy. He plays one in the movies."

Fortunately for us !

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Posted in: Newlywed Rei Kikukawa’s husband in hot water over multiple affairs, out-of-wedlock children See in context

Age of consent for girls in Japan is 13, enjoy !

(At least in some remote part of Japan).

Please check.

Then, 100% sure leg spreading relationship for money is very conventional in Japan

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Posted in: What do you think about people's manners on trains in Japan? See in context

I have taken train and especialy shinkansen hundreds ot times.

I can only compare to France.

If anyone complain about Japanese habits, France is light years behind.

Japanese know how to behave. All comments above point out to special cases, which are after all rather funny, the only very wrong habit is not to leave priority seats to the disabled.

I smell twice only stench because of tramps, never had an issue with bags except when overcrowded (so this is normal since bag takes space!), never have had difficulty because of school kids some seem to spit on (they are by definition kids so don't expect most wise behaviour from them), people never fight physicaly (elbow vs elbow is natural and is simple way to show your presence, people don't have yet 360 eye sight...)

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Posted in: Man dies during helicopter rescue attempt in Yamanashi See in context

Totally uneccessary and wrong assessment of situation.

Due to lack of rescue staff ?

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Posted in: Japan eyes introduction of cruise missiles amid N Korea threat See in context

So Japan wants to fight ?

They did not learn their lesson during WWII?

There is no preventive war outside USA, Europe or Russia. Or else it goes havoc.

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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 36th year to new record low See in context


Get money, you'll need plenty later indeed.

Anyway, my writing was just a picture to make it easy to understand. Apparently, it didn't work that well.

Please do not care about what people with more insight and probably wisdom can tell like Yubaru or Strangerland and more.

And know I have persons in my family who did not wish to have kids so needless to say experience speaks.

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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 36th year to new record low See in context


Apparently you gained wisdom through your wife.

One saying not to have kids is like saying one doesn't care about his parents to me.

I am more proud of myself each second my kids take more of my time. I laugh at those egotistical people who will have rather sooner than later to find somebody to wipe their ass, but will not find that person...

It is already happening.

Payback will be harsh alas for those who do not dedicate time for their future which is not money.

Not saying either to have plenty but just let nature and feelings get through your heart.

Going to join one of ly daughter for breakfast sorry !

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Posted in: Music label Avex failed to pay hundreds of millions of yen in overtime See in context

I need slaves for my enjoyable life where I can decide what I want during my holidays.

I met plenty of Japanese thinking this way.

If willing to be slaves, so be it !

For me Japan is paradise for tourists, ie super high quality of services and low prices outside GW/Obon/End of year.

For work, it is hell but they don't know.

Check the allegory of the cavern, from Plato.

Education is all !

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Posted in: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications See in context

Dont' make me wrong: I think multiculturism is good; if it goes against peace or customs assets, it gets wrong.

I still have no way to see how people from further country than neighbouring ones can claim to reach a rich country and telling you right in the eyes that they fled because of life threats. Economic greed would be the coherent and honest answer in 99,999% of the cases.

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Posted in: A psychological question: What causes some kids to bully others at school? See in context

Difference in Japan is snowball effect is gruesome by group effect.

Either you are in the bully group or get bullied. No in between. No parent nor teacher supposed to be in either group to stop it or be asare of it. Worse is when a teacher is willing to get into bully group and parents closing eyes and get deaf to their kid's situation.

If ever I knew something wrong was going on about one of my kid, the bully would get harsh "reward" at the level of his deeds.

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Posted in: Train delayed twice in Saitama after rock, brick placed on tracks in two places See in context

Kidd's play.

I must have done it with small rocks when kid.

If driver could not notice before crushing things while on duty, then either he is incompetent or the obstacles put on rails are of no consequence to match a train's weight at normal speed.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

There are two heavy obstacles faced by Japan to reach limitation of the demographics catastrophe now happening:

  • roles of parents for kids' education: it is sensible to let your kids learn by themselves going out on theit own in the nature or by having physical social experiences. With 2 months summer holidays each year when kid, I never felt I was behind intellectually.
  • romance: talking about love and living it by showing/expressing it is essential. It leads to sex and kids.

Other topics are futile since once you get kids, instinct gives you power to make it happen one cannot imagine.

No one needs money to live the rich life the urban Japanese has. Food, love, a shelter, that is it.

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Posted in: YKK starts serving halal meals at cafeteria in Japan See in context

YKK is planning the future. Good for them. Debate is essential.

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Posted in: Stakes high as Abe eyes labor reform to boost economy See in context

As I see it, anything economically driven is a failure. Most Japznrse won't change even if offered holidays. They work during holidays ! Education is all. Abe has no strong life reforms to propose yet. Personal entitlement is key. It will need a generation to get around.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

Any poloticial advantage from businesses should be taken away like farmers' in Japan. Sorry to say, but choice for food is indeed limited in Japan and price crazy sometimes (200 yens for 3 medium potatoes lol in konbini sometimes). Of course Japanese food is good quality for that price but you moust leave it to consumer what he wants to eat and what price, not be forced to be on diet. Having a family to feed in Japan is a rip off. Japan win win situation is a lure. I would like Trump to force the change. USA decides, not a one third in population country which has its demography dropping like a stone and going on a forced diet everyday. True that Japanese cars are just better in quality/price, that is a fact.

PS: Red suns remarks about J-girls. So true ! (My wife was so nicer with bumps, lost them while in Japan.. ;( )

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Posted in: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications See in context

I lived in Japan and know well the culture and Japanese. They just put themsleves a a country first altogether and wish to stay in control. It is not even about colour of skin, just the plain fact that a Nepali, a Turk or an Erytrean is not going to start magically to behave in the Japanese way. Japanese mind is a group mind, you are in or out. Either you follow all the general patterns (politeness, peace and calm stand, no commenting about others, respect of traditions, contribution to local society...) Or not. If you come with unknown customs and keep them alive, you will never ever be Japanese. Don't tell me you prefer multiculturism to peaceful country. I live in France now and hate to see what France has become culturally speaking, with ghettos all around and events from other countries or religions forced upon my ears or eyes. Do not judge for a group to take care of their own future where they live. I still think they could take more Koreans. Countries much closer than Japan for real refugees otherwise smells the pure greed of economical interest. Quality is better than quantity in a modern civilization.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in 2016 drops below 22,000 for first time since 1995 See in context

So some European countries (like France) would have same level of suicide rate as Japan ? Nice to hear. I still personally would take this info with a grain of salt since there is no explanation to it, except demography fall. I wish this trend would continue.

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Posted in: Hollywood's gender pay gap is crazy, says Natalie Portman See in context

Just negotiate is just a commercial contract like between goods. Men are more agressive and more ambitious hence the gender gap. By the way, as clever as Nathalie Portman may be, she failed to mention the life expectancy difference between sex. I am a man, should I ask to bridge that gap right away ?

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Posted in: No. of foreign tourists to Japan reaches record 24.04 mil in 2016 See in context

Good but reaching 40 millions is another level !

Tourist spots are already limited and congested. How are they going to reach this figure ?

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Posted in: Teacher grabs 3 students by their collars, causing them to faint See in context

All is based on direct assumptions but I bet that the teacher did not choke them at the same time and that they just claimed having fainted to be seen as victims. Except if teacher did it out of pure pleasure, it seems correct to physically punish them to save maybe a life of a girl. As like all who have been bullied, only this kind of punishment can be understood. Knowing that it can hurt to hurt someone else is natural deterrent. Hyperventilation is sign of cowardice by the way.

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Posted in: 3 killed, 2 injured after car falls from multi-story parking facility See in context

How possible that you build car parks with fence instead of walls in upper levels ? That is prone accident design ! RIP and good luck to kids for their recovery.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 sons found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

"rot in hell" I do agree. Even depressed, it is perverse to kill your offspring in an environment where kids are well treated and get a future. Not acceptable in a Christian civilization viewpoint objectively. In Japan, no one seems to care too much when unknown people die in fact.

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Posted in: Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families See in context

Sorry to say but you say yes tot his family, millions will come. India population: over a billion. Sikh: a few %. Learn maths and common sense.

And als o about comlon sense: do they look Japanese in their behaviour ? Vegetarian, religion fanatics,specific clothes. It seems to me they want all the cake.

My home country is flooded with those people. They have a home country, remember!

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Posted in: Father accidentally runs over 3-year-old son in Saga, killing him See in context

Life is full of deaths. RIP

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Posted in: Hakata street reopened after huge sinkhole filled in with sand, cement See in context

Awesome ! Great the works decided were done as fast as possible. But silly to express having caused trouble if it was an unforeseeable accident. If not by the way, who is to blame? No one knows what happened after all exactly or did I read wrong ?. Was it a simple rupture of a main water pipe ? I hope they are sure of their technical solution else such type of soil issue could get worse to a higher order of magnitude. Zangyou hours for many for sure. Good money not even sure...but I truly hope those workers get praised.

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Posted in: Young Japanese singles list organizations they’d most like a potential date to work for See in context

Pukey2, very right. Lazy Japanese to wish high standards for their hypothetical partner and propose nothing personal in return: only in dream This is having a sad end currently for the country: suicides, continuous raise in divorce rate, scary demography to say the least. I tried to open many Japanese eyes (sorry can't go into details) but it seems most of them are definitively brain dead.

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

Prostitution is everyone's possible easiest job. It should be taxed like any other job by the way.

What is heart killing to me is that Japanese men pay those ridiculous prices for sex that should be granted by love ! I am French so many may not understand but I 'd rather attract an ugly nice lady than pay an empty brain one for just sex. Most Japanese, especially ladies, are clueless about what life they could build themselves. Those two examples are self-explanatory.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct first major survey on racism: report See in context

If you know Japanese culture, you know that they behave differently among them, assuming a gaigokujin cannot be able to react the proper way. Like famous commentator here Yubaru (I hope please you don't mind taking you as example), even if you know nearly everything like a Japanese and have the Japanese nationality, you are not considered Japanese-able for understanding. Hence astonishment if you are Japanese language fluent, chopstick able, kimigayo singing able...but any little default to any Japanese etiquette makes you anyway a gaijin forever. Black or white. Grey does not exist, yet. I love my Japanese wife but I am still a full foreign guy to her eyes without consideration of my experience and knowledge acquired about that country and its wonderful people.

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