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Jonathan Prin comments

Posted in: Attacking birth control pills, U.S. influencers push misinformation See in context

I don't know but my wife took monthly birth control pills for a few months and realized it was doing no good to hear (and less harmful ones were much pricier).

Then we did it the natural way and condoms with hardly no issue : 3 wished kids exactly when we wanted and no abortion. We are not like rabbits but still good sex over some 15 years.

So my suggestion is to avoid the pill and be respectful of women.

Medication has always side effects, and shall not be considered outside to cure you, not just bring comfort.

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Posted in: Japan’s wedding gift etiquette rule too expensive, young people in survey say See in context

I assume Self Defense Force.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

Guess what, when you have so few children, one or none, and social distance is high because you cared about work only, nothing surprising.

My grandparents died not "alone".

And my parents will not die alone.

It is all about love and friendship you gave before.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in March for record 24th month See in context

Funny the downviting does not like hearing the truth. I was not judging anyone but stating the obvious.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bodies of 2 infants found in cardboard box in Nagoya apartment See in context

Sad reality.


Give babies and life in general its blessed meaning again, for Japan's sake.

Such stories is one of too many although of course reasons about their fate is unknown to this date.

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Posted in: Japan's military needs more women, but it's still failing on harassment See in context

More women so they don't stay at home ?

Why the more women ? Men like women decide to join or not.

There is no point in charming women to enroll in the military.

Moreover, more women in the military, less children for sure. It is a demanding job.

A drop in demography is the reason why they are looking by all means to get more military personnel.

It won't make any difference and rather the opposite effect in the long term.

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Posted in: More Japanese workers turning to job resignation services See in context

How weak can you be to use such resignation services ?

... or who had their resignation refused when going through other firms.

I always compare some Japanese work environments/companies as slavery.

Problem is many Japanese have not passed the stage of their life to be 'adults", ie fully in charge of their life.

I remember my Japanese boss once told that he felt every worker under his command is incompetent and if could fire everyone he would. I was laughing heavily within my mind, viewing that situation. I did not care to reply to him because I was already leaving the company under good expatriate conditions.

Japanese companies run the old way will disintegrate, not enough cannon fodder coming like in the old days before the bubble.

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Posted in: 77% of Japan's COVID-19 oral drugs set to be destroyed: estimate See in context

That money was not a loss for some.

We are talking of the equivalent of billions of dollars !

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Posted in: Japan city councilor quits over harassment of Australian mayor's daughter See in context

What a storm !

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Posted in: Private-sector advisers urge proper BOJ response to weak yen See in context

Japanese is doomed because national consumption is dropping and cannot be countered by tourists consumption.

Why ? Population rate decrease.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in March for record 24th month See in context

Yen still sinking so expect no better before long

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Posted in: 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' finds a new hero and will blow your mind See in context

Isn't that spoiler ?

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

Bad driving is killing, remember.

Even the lady will be shocked for life, surely having seen all the scene and the crushing of the 3 neighbours at that time. Horrific.

And it is strange the truck driver could not give a word about what happened even if severe injuries.

So sad a family was hit so hard.

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Posted in: Golden Week wraps up as travelers return home See in context

I always avoided Golden week for holidays.

Many yens saved for later standard holidays and more peaceful time.

Lucky price of shinkansen do not change during that week because I still had to go back home. The standing up was bearable for one half four in the train.

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Posted in: Japan child population shrinks for 43rd straight year See in context


Your stats are far from up-to-date : far less than 800 000, about 758 000 !

It is not decreasing, it is dropping from cliff.

Just imagine 8 years ago it was above a million. Nearly 25% fall. And call me if you see any possible rebound wit ladies having 3 kids for all of them, while you have women only staring in the mirror to see if they have wrinkles instead.

Hardly only Africa is up above replacement rate.

So future will be black, whatever you may wish or not ;)

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Posted in: Japanese companies urged to OK seated cashiers to spur job motivation See in context

Is that even a question ?

it depends the pain suffered while working.

If no standing moves, then better to remain seated.

With common sense, everyone should try to limit strain to the bodies.

I know Japan is "sadistic" in some ways, just gaman. Personal example I suffered : wearing a suit/necktie even if heat and humidity is high before cool days, because the date is more important than the weather !

A high stool is enough.

Just remember empathy is not a Japanese common trait, part of the culture.

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Posted in: Japan child population shrinks for 43rd straight year See in context

Sad reading.

Heading towards only 11.75 millions at most.

I wish Japan would help way more by giving a full salary to mothers who raise properly their children.

Sooner or later they'll have to resort to serious measures but so far hardly no perks being a parent rather "forced" work instead of pleasure of sharing a new life.

I am all for more children myself if possible.

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Posted in: Children’s Day in Japan: A guide to 'Kodomo no Hi' See in context

Love (and make ;) ) children, indeed they are the future.

I am happy for Japan to have those celebrations' days.

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Posted in: Sperm bank to be set up in Tokyo for donors ready to disclose identity See in context

I don't think merchandising humans is OK.

For example with Ito : just go and meet men you deem correct and have sex.

Otherwise, so many children to adopt.

Those frozen sperms, ovules and embryos are leading to huge issues, like after divorce fighting about their future or having hundreds or more kids from one guy, and so on. Lottery of life is existing to have among others avoidance of gene defects spreading.

And Japanese should speak about having sex as a bright thing instead of hiding/shaming it.

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Posted in: Non to English at Paris Olympics, say French MPs See in context

If you don't speak French, you are not part of the elite...

In Roma, do as the Romans do.

Just also know that English takes more than 30% from the French, not the other way around.

Languages, all of them are part of a culture and it's best to keep them all, whatever size of speakers.

And one rule of the Olympics is French as official language. So just need to respect that rule, nothing more.

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Posted in: Another suspected market intervention likely cost Japan ¥3 tril See in context

Japan is selling many dollars so it is not technically at all costing yen to Japan.

The amount is about 51 billion less dollars in the balance.

Since it is not unlimited, it weakens Japan's future currency stability. The trend will not stop and this is normal.

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Posted in: Foreign traveler caught trying to sneak into Japan by climbing down rope from cruise ship See in context

Can't the article say immediately if the man was a passenger of the boat.

If so, he would have a valid passport.

By the way, how do Japanese know if he is French if not having showed yet his passport ?

Last but not least, France has many many illegal immigrants to export. Would that be a new way ? (LOL)

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Posted in: G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility See in context

Flexibility = fifty more years enough ?

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context


That is exactly the Japanese no future mind spirit : no family, no positive driven, no idea about how to maintain a home place, retirement as a no life to expect even if in good health.

Gurumick has never said one should start maintaining a place from retirement or when reaching 80 over...and he's speaking as having done it.

My dad who is now 75 still does the work maintenance on his own with no help. He just pays for a gardener.

That is a huge difference between Japan (and many other countries) and westerners. I speak also by experience.

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context

"quoted him as saying he wanted to see the girl’s underwear."

Japanese are so honest.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on int'l student enrollment to tackle malpractice See in context

Now full of foreign combini "managers".

Some countries national to take over some business as Japanese have no clue about such illegal immigration, or better to say that international companies love developing countries cheap workforce.

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Posted in: 90% in Japan support idea of reigning empress: survey See in context

Emperor decides if his bloodline shall continue by male only. He may listen to his people but does not change the fact the imperial family is dwindling like the population. No one knows if Aiko is able to have children so problem remains.

Wishing them good luck.

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Posted in: 90% in Japan support idea of reigning empress: survey See in context

Wonder why they don't have several wives to ensure heirs.

Dressing as penguins does not help either.

Imperial family should show the way being dynamic and vigorous, not silent and out of touch to the commoners.

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Posted in: ANA enjoys record earnings on robust tourism growth See in context

Price goujing.

Why Chinese companies not allowed enough to get in?

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