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Posted in: Australian far-right senator Hanson wears burqa to parliament in bid to ban them See in context

Funny action to show the real impact.

And for that action, it was not mockery.

Of course being extremist, she must have done useless and unpleasant speeches.

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Posted in: 'Outing' by teachers puts LGBT students at risk in Japan See in context

Daniel pointed out the issue: your difference is yours.

How do you know I am a woman or man, or what I am attracted to ? Why should other people care ?

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Posted in: Japanese shoppers open their wallets, raising hopes for sustained revival See in context

They are evoking young consumers.

When younger, If more money, it would go to house renovation and furniture, not clothes and jewellery.

Is that only bonus being spent from pocket money by young people on a periodical basis.

Building sector, IT development, Industry technologies are the domains to expand your economy (and tourism!)

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Posted in: Scientists gene-edit piglets, bringing transplants to humans closer See in context

Better go and read about the Carmat project, where real humzns have been able to survive with a prosthetic heart for months for some when they were supposed to die within days.

This news report is just informing about a breakthrough but really too far from the concrete act of saving persons in correct living conditions.

Immune reaction to foreign cells IS the real challenge.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift wins groping trial against radio DJ See in context

It would have been nice to know what the proofs were, otherwise itis just a word against another when both sides have mixed interest as it seems.

Asking simply a jury their belief is not satisfactory to me.

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Posted in: Peruvian family files lawsuit against deportation order See in context

Never ever forgive for one's crime, which using fake passport is.

Doing so would result in massive unlawful immigration with time jsing this trick.

By the way, Peru is no wrong country whefe to live.

In that case, even children should be deported. This against my personal wish though.

Dura lex sed lex. (Latin)

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Posted in: 'Outing' by teachers puts LGBT students at risk in Japan See in context

One alone will not get righr against the group. The student's request was to be answered by indeed a social or medical staff, not the teacher who lacked common sense.

Sexual identity is a normative status in society that you can't delete by simple wish.

It is a necessary rule to avoid recurrent issues like this one.

Change sex first then your request will be accepted.

One will learn that at the end, the reason of the strongest (the group) is always the right one (against the individual).

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Posted in: Japan to seek assurance of U.S. defense pledge, including nuclear deterrence See in context

I thought Japan was a pacifist country with the will to remove all nuclear capacity over the world and claiming that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war crimes.

And now you have the Japanese government asking for the use of nuclear nukes if necessary...

How hypocritical to say the least !

But indeed alk countries should have the right to be best protected.

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Posted in: Families worry about daycare shortage in Japan See in context

As if if it was an unsolvale problem: pay ALL mothers providing baby care with a salary.

Even in France, I always found it disgusting that women who stopped working would get a good part of their salary while women who were not before would get nothing.

It is too tiring to take care of babies for many so just pay the very benefitial social status of just new mother instead of spiting on them.

Then make it indeed totally unlawful to put age barrier to most jobs.

Personally, I believe the "social group" of women as mothers are not helping since they apply to themselves the rule of I have child so I need to forget about work. My Japanese sisters in law applied this stupid rule by their own will ! Ever never my French sister would have had this ludicrous idea.

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Posted in: It’s still very difficult for women to reenter the country’s workforce following the birth of a child. If you are a married woman over 35 in Japan, it’s hard to find even a temporary job. Prime Minister Abe’s government is far from serious about creating work-life balance for working mothers. See in context

Japanese deserve the politicians they vote for. No politics empowerement, no law improvement for their rights.

Since women in partucular don't want to criticize openly and shame the Abe's ruling party by calling him a liar, not an inch if change to expect.

"Far from serious" = she meant hopeless and untrustworthy.

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Posted in: Weak U.S. dollar means unexpected bargains for foreign tourists See in context

Hardly any significant change.

Euro for instance had reached 170 yens once if I remember well. That was a change.

Otherwise it is just standard fluctuations.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from bridge onto train tracks in Tokyo See in context

When I was younger and in charge of nothing except myself I would feel no pity for people committing suicide. Now that I have met difficulties of life, I understand the burden from work/family/society and bad luck people can accumulate.

Once thinking all is over, there is no point in assessing the consequences of your last action. Purely psychological.

It will continue this way forever and one has to accept it. Sad but that is part of life too.

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd-quarter GDP blows past expectations on robust domestic demand See in context

Tourism effect indeed. I can see it in the streets : 2013 was quiet, each additional year is seeing more activity with people wandering and they don't hzve Japanese face.

Then unfortunately for Japanese employees, no salary raise to ever happen. Debt burden is increasing faster than gdp...

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Posted in: Brain power: Would free university make Japan better? See in context

Persons who think paying to get educated is the best system don't understand that not everyone will have the chance to study enough in view of their capacity.

Truth is in Japan, like many wealthy countries , parents are not teaching enough first that it needs effort to deserve a position and second, many kids benefit from their parents' "purse" and will inherit enough to spend all their life what they want : no rent to pay, arubaito= pocket money, not an adult before 20 so no responsibilty (ex: not permitted to sign contracts on their own)

Last and in their defence, students know they are being screwed, with starting salary far too low and raising far too slow.

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Posted in: 'Meet a Muslim' events in U.S. hope to dispel misconceptions See in context

It seems like those events are pacific jihad, explaining how good the Islam religion is and that one should at least accept it if not embrace it.

Any attempt to convert someone to any religion is for me brainwashing.

There is no purpose to wear a hijab but freedom allows you to live as you please and that is the only reason that should be explained.

If Islam is a problem in particular it is because it prevails over politics in its core value. See the live example of Turkey and its consequences.

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Posted in: 6 Keio University students face gang-rape charges See in context

I wonder how is proved she was gang-raped by 6 if she does not remember. Please give scientific explanations. Unless they admitted it and remember themselves of course.

Rape is horrible.

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Posted in: Japan on alert after report of N Korea's nuclear-tipped missile threat See in context

First, why NK should be forbidden to have nuclear military capacity ? Pakistan and India and Israel (and Iran) have done the same. Did we nuke them ?

Has Pakistan in particular be in love with America recently ?

Guess why it was not invaded after 9/11.

If you have a gun and tried it in front of public, don't wonder why your neighbour would like the same afterwards.

You need to accept it and stop thinking he is a stupid fool from the start.

Then, the real risk is not be able to steer that risk. Risk is everywhere in nuclearized countries (Fukushima anyone?) .

Stupid that NK leader may be, but not crazy.

Indeed Japan media is turning cameras away from dear Prime Minister asking for more military power himself while the constitution is saying no nuke weapons and no aggressive capacity.

By the way, retaliation to nuke bombing woukd not be nuke bombing.

Killing civilians who are innocent for most of them because you got hit is no solution.

Invasion would be near the right one. Fat boy knows it so he tries to eliminate US bases around.

Think twice everyone.

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Posted in: Toshiba reports Y965.7 bil loss but avoids delisting See in context

I concur with all the above, speaking from experience.

For long existing big (or not so big) J companies, management is more or less military style, with little to no possibility of quick change outside the box.

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Posted in: Kyoto eyes introducing lodging tax amid increasing tourist numbers See in context

If tax, more people to go "airbnb" but simply through the internet.

Why pay a tax if tou can easily avoid it.

What is laughable is that there is plenty of potential space improvement, yet no one starts with this idea.

Collecting tourist money won't help as Japan is already too expensive for accomodation in cities. It is just political money.

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Posted in: Female lawmakers in Japan still face 'maternity harassment' See in context

Value work over life is very Japanese.

Direct consequence to a dire demography evolution.

If Japanese accept (women and men) this attitude for despising maternity leave and in fact any type, don't expect any improvement in happiness.

How can a woman pregnant, especially a lawmaner, has to write that she is sorry for having to take leave.

Let it be. Each culture is own.

Good luck Japan.

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Posted in: Abe's cabinet reshuffle unlikely to give much-needed poll boost See in context

How old school photo !

"Embrace the past"

2 out 24 are women.

Remember a "No change" move is a change for Japan.

What do you want to happen from old people who have no kids, whose elders are nearly all politicians and stuck in Tokyo only ?

I feel pity for some Japanese I know for their career.

Let some new blood flow in from different and more open minded persons, like latest Tokyo Governor perhaps.

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Posted in: New sun protection mask becomes popular in Japan See in context

How horrible and egotistical anyway...

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Posted in: Have you ever been stopped by Japanese police, and if so, what for? See in context

Once only in Haneda international airport near check-in counterd, for no specific reason. Police officer did ask very politely why I was in Japan (LOL).

I showed my gaikokujin card at that time.

Likely he was in need for free English lessons ;)

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Posted in: Companies look to cash in on female sports fans See in context

Good news if women go with their own way to sports events.

What I am against is segregation of activities between genders and the commercial only aspects exploitation of people.

More women doing sports would bring more entertainmentto everyone.

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Posted in: Wanted: Housewives to beat staff crunch at FamilyMart See in context

Some easy caculations:

  • Wife can work avoiding most taxes up to 1.3 million yen

  • one hour of work paid between 800 to 1000, maybe more during nighshift but I doubt you see many housewives deciding that kind of life.

  • flexibility is one way, company decides for you sooner or later. This is part-time job principle, one fills the gap.

So you could end up working 1300 hours per year, with little decision upon your life schedule and probably more trouble to keep family together if kids.

That is not even considering all the efforts you need to make to learn all the work methods dedicated to the "ballooning" panel of services proposed in a conbini.

Screwed to the last hole.

I call that modern slavery.

Good luck to all part timers.

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Posted in: Mongolian Hakuho smashes sumo record with 1,048th win See in context

This is normal not to be able to have dual or triple...) nationality.

But noy being able to become oyakata is disgraceful. It is just a job which is not linked to Japan since you have also foreign rikishi...

Good luck to this amazing athlete !

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Posted in: Princess Kako to study at University of Leeds from Sept See in context

European education for intellectual fields is best ?

As a European, going to England as student is the easy choice when you are hopeless in languages.

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Posted in: Chiba teacher suspended for touching student’s breast See in context

If he does not know why he did it, he should be the one to go back to school.

I know why he instinctively did it. Nothing wrong if he gets a huge slap to tell him never to try again.

Strange she reported it to her teacher. I mean when you are normal, you tell that to your parents. Oh sorry, it's Japan.

If he assaulted her, he should be fired and sued. The way it is written, it seems a simple touch.

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Posted in: Abe to prioritize human resource development in FY2018 budget See in context

How can Japan economy grow that much with heavily shrinking demography (soon 1 million inhabitants per year !).

It is exactly about making workers as slaves who will give back more to government from taxes.

The 0. 2xx % taken from your salary for Fukishima crisis until 2030 (can't remember exact year sorry) is an example.

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Posted in: Ministry of Transport employee arrested for taking upskirt photo See in context

Upskirt photo. Crime. Lol

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