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Posted in: Trump gets Buckingham Palace dinner date See in context

Prime Minister Theresa May invited Trump just days after he took office in January 2017

I don’t know which is more depressing: that Donald Trump is still in office, or that Mrs May is.

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Posted in: New technology might realize wireless power supply from solar plants See in context

I wonder how efficient this can be. What percentage of the energy consumed by the transmitter will arrive in the receiver? Particularly if the two aren’t within inches of each other.

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Posted in: Democrats make legal bid for all Russia probe evidence; Trump poll numbers drop See in context

I just do not understand what the 37 percent see in him.

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Posted in: Ticket sales: The least understood side of the Olympics See in context

I think I’ll just watch the highlights on TV.

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Posted in: Japanese museum show tries to clean up poop's image See in context

Apparently the museum has a cafe where the customers sit on stools.

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Posted in: Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole See in context

If they could prove that black holes emit Hawking radiation, that would be interesting. Regrettably it would be too tardy for the late physicist to get the Nobel prize.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' author to discover TV ending to his saga See in context

So when GRR Martin brings our the last two books, David Benioff and Dan Weiss could sue him for copying their plot details!

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Posted in: Trump says he made Golan Heights decision after a quick history lesson See in context

Why am I not surprised?

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Posted in: Clever kitty: Cats know their names See in context

The UK House of Commons Speaker (Bercow) has a cat called Order.


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Posted in: Japanese space probe drops explosive on asteroid to make crater See in context


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Posted in: Making a dent: Japanese probe prepares to blast asteroid See in context

4.5 hours to explosion and counting. What an amazing bit of science. Hope it all works.

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Posted in: Swedish superstars ABBA: New song later this year See in context

Here we go again.

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Posted in: Bloom times See in context

Nothing says blossom-time like a sea of blue tarps.

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Posted in: Ricoh launches high-end compact digital camera See in context

Not appealing to me -

It doesn’t zoom!!

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Posted in: Back to the future: Cassettes launch comeback See in context


That report is dated 2008. Hard drive storage is a lot cheaper now.

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Posted in: Back to the future: Cassettes launch comeback See in context


Tape still the cheapest way for DATA backup.

I would be suprised. A terabyte usb drive is under 10000 yen, but it would take an awful lot of tape to hold that much data, methinks.

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Posted in: Electronic mirror helps manage health See in context

You know things are getting too far when you have to watch a commercial before the mirror shows you own reflection.

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

Lack of leg room coupled with the seat in front being reclined into my face.

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Posted in: Electronic mirror helps manage health See in context

when the mirror is used as a washstand mirror of a bathroom in the office, it becomes easier to manage the physical conditions of each employee

So they’re spying on me taking a leak? Jeez.

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Posted in: Japan eyes 2020 Olympics to retake place on tech podium See in context

The man in the photo unfortunately seems to have very different sized arms.

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Posted in: Snowy jump See in context

Yuki. Apt name?

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Posted in: Naked man arrested for public nudity denies charges; says he was doing spiritual training See in context

Not afraid of us seeing his short-comings.

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Posted in: Volvo unveils driverless electric bus in Singapore See in context

Looks like the dummy on the scooter is about to be marmalised.

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Posted in: New emperor to greet public earlier than planned See in context

meet the new emperor on May 4

And May the 4th be with him.

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Posted in: Ricoh GR III high-end digital compact camera See in context

Text on lens says f=18.3mm

Pretty useless if it doesn’t zoom at all, imho.

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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context

If Japan's so smart, how do you account for its work-life balance?

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Posted in: Asahi buys Fuller's beer business for $327 million See in context

And this is in spite of Brexit. I wonder what WTO tariffs will be on beer exported to the EU in the event of a no-deal. Presumably 'small beer' to the lovers of London Pride.

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Posted in: Japan’s first do-it-yourself keyboard specialist shop opens in Akihabara See in context


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Posted in: YouTube demotes flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists See in context

A slippery slope indeed. And before you know it, a moderator will have deleted your upload.

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