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Posted in: New app predicts water-related conflict up to year in advance See in context

Puzzled why it's an "app". Is it for everyone to use?

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Posted in: Hot water: Pressure to move Olympic open-water venue from Tokyo Bay See in context

How do they plan on moving all that water from Tokyo Bay to another location?

I know where there are many large tanks full of water, a couple of hours north of Tokyo, and probably with nothing bacterial living in them.

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Posted in: Privacy concerns pushing people to change online behavior, poll shows See in context

It's not just tech firms that are collecting personal data. I read my local supermarket's online privacy statement and discovered that my shopping habits would be analysed, my religion and other attributes inferred, and sold to third parties.

No thanks. I'll do my shopping there in person and pay by cash.

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Posted in: Brand-new Pokemon manhole covers coming to Hokkaido See in context

Adorable. But a heck of a journey if you want to 'collect them all'.

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Posted in: ANA opens world's 1st shop with avatar robot in Tokyo See in context

Just weird.

Shoplifting problems solved, at least.

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Posted in: Sentinel’s new geometric Pokemon statues will add a new dimension to your collection See in context

Oh dear. Plastic, I presume.

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Posted in: Abe slammed for revealing operator of document shredder was disabled See in context

I guess there wasn't a copy of the guest list on a PC, either.

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Posted in: 62-year-old man turns himself in after robbing post office See in context

Presumably he is hoping for a free comfy bed and hot meals while incarcerated.

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Posted in: For banks, data on your spending habits could be a gold mine See in context

Wouldn't it be nice if the banks asked each customer whether they would like to opt in for these services. Maybe if they offered a financial inducement, some people would accept to have their data analysed and traded.

What I use my cards for, should I think be between me and the bank.

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Posted in: 80-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, killed in head-on collision See in context

At most interchanges it's very difficult to enter the wrong way. But at service areas, such as the one north of the accident site, a driver only has to ignore a couple of white arrows on the road and one small no-entry sign to be driving against the flow. Maybe put up more signs saying Stop, Wrong Way, Turn Round. Wouldn't cost that much.

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Posted in: Ultimate way to treat otaku ashes: Cremation into a pencil? See in context

carbon is carbon

But cremation will have turned the carbon into CO2. The ashes will be minerals from the bones, presumably from calcium and other elements, that don't combust in the process.

I expect they could be used towards making the lead in harder (2H- 9H) pencils though.

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Posted in: JR East eyes introduction of walk-through ticket gates in few years See in context

I hope those without a smartphone will still be able to travel.

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Posted in: Uber loses license in London over safety See in context

Strange that Uber operates in 18 other UK cities. Maybe London's black cab lobby doesn't like the competition.

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Posted in: Ultra-luxurious breakfast bus will give Tokyo commuters a break from the hell of rush-hour trains See in context

From the picture on their website, it seems the dress code is diamonds and pearls for the ladies. That might be a tad overdressed for eating sausage and baked beans, I would have thought.

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Posted in: Get moving! Four in five adolescents don't exercise enough: WHO See in context

Being obese and physically inactive doesn't seem to have stopped a certain 73 yr old American male. Yet.

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Posted in: Japan grapples with serving Fukushima food at 2020 Olympics See in context

It surprises me that cities like Soma haven't asked to be moved into an adjacent prefecture.

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Posted in: Airlines' fuel practices feed doubts over climate commitment See in context

Motorists do it too, by filling their tank to the top rather than just putting in a few litres every time the low fuel light comes on.

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Posted in: Harajuku Station will be demolished after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics See in context

Move it to Meiji-Mura open air buildings museum near Inuyama.

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Posted in: Japan grapples with serving Fukushima food at 2020 Olympics See in context

Only river fish and wild mushrooms have on just six occasions been found to exceed the limits

OK, but how many were tested? Six or six million, it makes a big difference.

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Posted in: Olympic marathon could start, finish at Sapporo’s Odori Park See in context

It's just the right marathon distance to run from Odori Park to New Chitose Airport.

First three onboard get to fly to the medal ceremony in Tokyo?

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Posted in: One year after arrest, Ghosn seeks to throw out case against him See in context

Er, finger's in front of camera lens. Artistic, though.

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Posted in: Boy in Japan uses his high voice to impersonate a schoolgirl in prostitution scam See in context

Put them in the stocks and pelt them with rotten vegetables. Not enough humiliation these days.

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Posted in: More young Japanese men romantically involved with older female coworkers than younger ones: survey See in context

It's perhaps no surprise that the concept of gay relationships is not mentioned at all.

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Posted in: WHO prequalifies first Ebola vaccine See in context

Let's hope this gets rolled out before the affected populace reads the anti-vaxxer twaddle on social media.

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Posted in: SoftBank considers tie-up with messaging app Line See in context

I wonder what the guy in the photo is thinking / doing.

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Posted in: Top of Tokyo: Observation decks offer panoramic city views See in context

My vote goes for the open air views from the roof of the Mori tower in Roppongi Hills

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Posted in: What changes would you like to see in Japan's English education system? See in context



I must add that word to my vocab!

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Posted in: New York City beats Tokyo to become world's most innovative city See in context

The index looked at more than 100 indicators including transport

Do I prefer the Tokyo subway or the New York....? Hmmm

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Posted in: Lawson to open no-checkout store on trial basis in 2020 See in context

A trial of a similar no-checkout store failed in the uk.

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Posted in: 'Wearable kotatsu' lets you walk around in Japan’s favorite heating furniture See in context

Doesn't it need to be plugged in? How long is the cable?

And 55 Celsius - is that to help train for next year's Olympics?

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