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Posted in: Europe, Japan send spacecraft on 7-year journey to Mercury See in context

59-hour day and an 88-day week

Blimey. That's a long week. If there's ever a Japan outpost on Mercury, you can be sure they will still need to work a lot of overtime.

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Posted in: Postman, shopper, builder: In Japan, there's a robot for that See in context

Next step, a robot that can send and receive faxes.

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Posted in: Trump asked Abe to allow one of his top donors to open casino in Japan: report See in context

Trust Donald to embarrass Abe. Took a long while for this to be made public though.

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Posted in: Now boarding: Passengers ready for world's longest flight See in context

Legroom and seat width matter more to me than what's on the entertainment system.

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Posted in: Fewer sperm donors lead Tokyo hospital to end fertility treatment See in context

By this logic, would a kidney donor be liable to pay the recipient?

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Posted in: Space robots start asteroid survey See in context

staying in the air ...

Now you're just irritating me. Asteroids have NO atmosphere!

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Posted in: Japan space probe drops rovers towards asteroid See in context

...staying in the air...

This made my day!!

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Posted in: Why the EU should cut Brexit Britain a break See in context

It's so nice to read Japan Today's articles on Brexit. This is the second one in a row that doesn't use the word "warn" once. Most British press reports can't get past the first paragraph without someone warning of impending disaster. They've left me "warn out" (worn out).

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Posted in: DIY colonoscopy among weird science at Tokyo show See in context

Behold the do-it-yourself colonoscopy tube  Photo: AFP

I'd rather not!

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Posted in: Drone delivery of newspapers tested in Hokkaido See in context

Newspapers. I remember them: made out of paper with ink printed on it. Contained news that you knew would always be truthful and unbiased. ;)

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Posted in: Cebu Pacific to increase Japan flights See in context

I'm glad to see they can spell. Compare their plane with Cathay Pacific's:

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Posted in: Meet Ren and G See in context

As mascots go, they certainly hit the spot.

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Posted in: Abe re-elected LDP leader, setting stage to become Japan's longest-serving PM See in context

Not many WOMEN on the stage.

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Posted in: Too much screen time? New phone controls for you and kids See in context

Anything that reduces the amount of screen time I have must be worth tr

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Posted in: Japanese artist sues association over goldfish-filled phone box See in context

A lot of millenials probably won't know what a telephone box is.

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Posted in: Glad company: Trailer for Disney's 'Mary Poppins Returns' See in context

No, Saving Mr Banks was the prequel

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Posted in: Researchers turn to oysters as pollution-tracking sentinels See in context

And when the research is complete, it can be eaten.

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Posted in: Japan eager to be on board vertical-takeoff 'flying cars' See in context

Major carrier All Nippon Airways, electronics company NEC Corp and more than a dozen other companies and academic experts hope to have a road map for the plan ready by the year's end.

Roads? Where they're going they don't need Roads.

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Posted in: Machines will do more tasks than humans by 2025: World Economic Forum See in context

By 2025 more than half of all current workplace tasks will be performed by machines as opposed to 29 percent today

If a machine is doing something, then I would say that is no longer a task. Would you for example say that the clothes washing maching is doing the job of a human? To someone from the early 20th century, yes it is, but not today. My point is that saying 29 percent of workplace tasks are performed by machines today is an entirely baseless statistic.

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Posted in: New compact plastic umbrella See in context

If some of the panels were to be opaque, then it could also be used as a sun-shade.

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Posted in: When should kids start helping in the kitchen? See in context

And when they've graduated from university, explain how to convert between grams, ounces, cups, tablespoons etc.

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Posted in: Three different types of mystery meat fill the latest Cup Noodle flavor See in context

At least it's not been called soylent green.

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair hit, killed by train in Kobe See in context

Horrible that unassisted wheelchair users should face the danger of rail crossings.

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Posted in: Osaka blames U.S. Open tears on nerves See in context

I hope she wins many more trophies in the years to come. A lovely lady who deserves the rewards for her skill, hard work and graciousness.

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Posted in: ANA Travel Wellness Initiative to help passengers recharge while in-flight See in context

I think the window seats are noisiest, but still like to sit there for the chance of taking photos. My idea of hell though is the passenger in front deciding to fully recline.

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Posted in: Two people fall ill in restaurant in UK poison attack city See in context

I hope these latest two are suffering nothing more than regular food poisoning.

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Posted in: Russia trip keeps Abe in spotlight, but key issues remain unresolved See in context

Interesting photo with the posture copying. Not sure who copied whom or whether it's just difficult to sit any other way in those high-arm chairs.

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Posted in: Hamilton turns up the heat on Vettel after Singapore F1 win See in context

After today's race I would like to see Perez kicked out of F1. Abominable behaviour, twice.

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Posted in: London mayor calls for second referendum on Brexit See in context

A lot of young Londoners who would like to get their foot on the property ladder wouldn't mind a significant drop in house prices. Mark Carney has predicted this will happen with a no-deal Brexit. If 'generation rent' believe him, they might be more inclined to vote 'leave' in a second referendum.

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Posted in: Attention shifts to flood risks as heavy rains increase in Japan See in context

Let's not forget storm surges also. Many sea-walls don't look high enough for something like this month's Florence and Mangkhut storms.

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