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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context

If Japan's so smart, how do you account for its work-life balance?

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Posted in: Asahi buys Fuller's beer business for $327 million See in context

And this is in spite of Brexit. I wonder what WTO tariffs will be on beer exported to the EU in the event of a no-deal. Presumably 'small beer' to the lovers of London Pride.

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Posted in: Japan’s first do-it-yourself keyboard specialist shop opens in Akihabara See in context


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Posted in: YouTube demotes flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists See in context

A slippery slope indeed. And before you know it, a moderator will have deleted your upload.

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Posted in: Pope Francis announces Japan visit in November See in context

At least he's picked a sensible month to travel. Not too hot and not too cold.

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Posted in: BOJ lowers inflation forecasts again See in context

Does this mean they'll cut the interest on my checking account? Lol...

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Posted in: Aircraft cabin-style hotel to open in Tokyo Dome City on March 15 See in context

Interesting. I wonder what they charge per night, particularly during the rugby this year or olympics next.

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Posted in: 3 men jailed for theft of 160 kgs of gold in 2016 See in context


Where did the gold come from in the first place?

From cataclysmic celestial events such as neutron star collisions, or so I hear. ;)

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Posted in: First Thai cave rescue film due out on mission anniversary See in context

Given that one of the rescuers died, I find the rush to cash in to be somewhat unseemly.

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Posted in: Tunnel through an Australian mountain? No problem, says Elon Musk See in context

...and for Elon?

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a high school girl on what she should do if a teacher makes unwanted romantic overtures toward her? See in context

Collect evidence if safe to do so, before reporting.

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Posted in: Oscars: the show must go on... without a host See in context

most people have never even heard about any of those movies, much less seen them

Many of those voting, amongst them. So I heard.

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Posted in: Customize your own car keychain, with number plate for free See in context

I had to check it's not April 1!

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Posted in: There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48, claims ex-member See in context

Reminds me of the advice Noel Coward wrote in the song Mrs Worthington:

Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs. Worthington

Don't put your daughter on the stage 

The profession is overcrowded

And the struggle's pretty tough

And admitting the fact 

She's burning to act

That isn't quite enough

She has nice hands

Give the wretched girl her due

But don't you think her bust is too 

Developed for her age?

I repeat, Mrs. Worthington

Sweet Mrs. Worthington

Don't put your daughter on the stage

Regarding yours

Dear Mrs. Worthington

Of Wednesday the twenty-third

Although your baby 

May be keen on a stage career

How can I make it clear

This is not a good idea?

For her to hope

Dear Mrs. Worthington

Is, on the face of it, absurd

Her personality

Is not, in reality

Exciting enough

Inviting enough

For this particular sphere

Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs. Worthington

Don't put your daughter on the stage

She's a bit of an ugly duckling

You must honestly confess

And the width of her seat 

Would surely defeat

Her chances of success

It's a loud voice

And though it's not exactly flat

She'll need a little more than that

To earn a living wage

On my knees, Mrs. Worthington

Please, Mrs. Worthington

Don't put your daughter on the stage

Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs. Worthington

Don't put your daughter on the stage

Though they said at the school of acting

She was lovely as Peer Gynt

I fear on the whole 

An ingénue role

Would emphasize her squint

She's a big girl

And though her teeth are fairly good

She's not the type I ever would

Be eager to engage

No more buts, Mrs. Worthington

Nuts, Mrs. Worthington

Don't put your daughter on the stage

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Posted in: Icy bath See in context


Hyperthermia is the complete opposite of hypothermia ;-)

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Posted in: British PM warns of catastrophe if lawmakers don't back Brexit deal See in context

It is scarcely believable that such hapless incompetence could ever get near the levers of power.


It was either May or Corbyn at the last election. The dilemma from hell.

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Posted in: U.S. startup eyes next generation of burgers with relish See in context

I find the thought of tucking into something so artificial very unappealing. After all the warnings about eating 'processed' foods, a 'burger' that came out of a chemical factory can't for me replace the occasional small patty of fresh meat.

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Posted in: Tearful Murray says Australian Open could be his last tournament See in context

He ought to stop now. Better to think of his long-term health than winning a few more matches, at best. No one wants to see him grimacing with pain on court. He's achieved more than any other Brit in tennis, and doesn't need to prove anything by playing through the pain.

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Posted in: Buzz grows on 'flying cars' ahead of major tech show See in context

Unless they are a lot quieter than helicopters, they will be very antisocial indeed flying across cities. And where's all the energy coming from to recharge them?

Remember the jet-pack at the '84 LA Olympics? These are almost as impractical for day to day use, imho.

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Posted in: How much for a bite? See in context

I'm sure if you could add it up, you'd find over 2,000 kg of it on sale in the coming days.

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Posted in: Netflix's 'Bird Box' success gets Hollywood clucking See in context

I watched it. Meh. Two hours I won't get back.

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Posted in: Flying fireball seen over western Japan See in context

Just the right day of the year to catch the peak of the Quadrantids meteor shower.

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

The photo caption says the plane is getting ready to depart. I'd have expected to see a tug pushing the plane back from the stand in that case. Maybe the plane is arriving?

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Posted in: Historic UK music retailer HMV collapses for second time See in context

I'm surprised HMV has kept open as long as it has done. What with Amazon next day delivery for DVDs and downloads for immediate viewing, what's the point of their high-street shops? Apart from getting your hands on physical media today, not a lot.

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Posted in: New 2.5-D 'Sailor Moon' musical to be performed in New York, Washington See in context

What exactly does 2.5D mean?

Similar to 36D, but a lot smaller.

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Posted in: New 2.5-D 'Sailor Moon' musical to be performed in New York, Washington See in context

New York and Washington. I do hope DT will catch one of the shows. Perhaps he'll try to recruit them for his 'Space Force'.

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Posted in: Gatekeeper at Japan's 'Suicide Forest' hopes music can save lives See in context

Cutting all the trees down would be too drastic a solution, perhaps.

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Posted in: More men taking jobs in female-dominated profession of Japanese airline cabin crew See in context

has created various needs including those that can be met by male crew members


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Posted in: The mouthpiece is a breakthrough invention as just through a simple improvement it makes it easier for patients to swallow the endoscope. See in context

Some quotes of the day are quite bemusing. As corporal Jones of Dad's Army might have said, "they don't like it down them".

For a picture of the new device, see here

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