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Hostage Justice is right! I was disappeared for 8 days, and everyone knew I was innocent. No Phone calls, no visitors, just straight bagged and tagged. I’ve wandered the streets of Kabul and Djibouti without regard for my own safety, and I’m lucky it was recent times, I often reflected on my fate under Unit 731. Japanese detainment was not always so Cush. I did get a shower every couple days, and 5 minutes of sunlight a day, (not on weekends though) and the food wasn’t bad. The floor was plywood covered in tatami colored paper and the lights were on all the time. I didn’t sleep the whole 8 days. The checks and balances were a total joke. The DA and the judge just rubber stamped my continued confinement even though it was obvious I was innocent. They searched my cell every day at all hours of the night sirens blazing and wouldn’t let me talk to anyone in English because I didn’t have a translator. The asked me details of my life and kids which they turned around and twisted and published in the paper in a sick, false way. They even made me volunteer for dna testing even though they new I was to be released (I didn’t know). After a week I finally requested a lawyer (seemed like a total scam although he did get me out) He worked a total of about 2 hours and shook me down for 5000$. Everyone, especially my lawyer, wanted me to confess and they would let me out in a day, or keep being innocent and spend 2 years in jail for crazy charges. They kept saying, the hardest thing in the world is to be innocent in the Japanese hostage justice system. I rate the Japanese justice system 0 stars.

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I have to agree with Porn critic Manzo Karita. Daring locations are a plus!

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