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Great.. tax rises to pay for public debt.. But where's this debt really going? In all the sea walls, dams, tetrapods, bridges to nowhere they are building non stop and at a record pace since Taro Aso and his minion Abe took office? No doubt that is the case! They basically hijacked public funds into private enterprises, mainly in the construction sector and Aso's own conglomerate, Aso-Lafarge. Wake up Japan! Drive these looters out of office.

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"It's all about the cheapest way to handle a crisis as explained in Micheal Sandel's Justice. I am sure a team if Cost Anlyisis came in to assess the situation and they most likely teamed up with TEPCO, Government, and scientist." Yes, everything they did seems to indicate this is what happened. E.F Schumacher said it well: "economics as if people really didn't matter at all".

This is, as econimist E.F Schumacher pointed out about the nuclear industry, "economics as if people really didn't matter at all".

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This is a big victory for the people of Japan and if one looks at the picture at large, a big one for the world. The ripple affect will cascade down to the entire world and nuclear industry. No doubt there will be countless people like Graham DeShazo (above) who cannot see the big picture and who are only capable of thinking in terms of "me" and now. Phasing out all nuclear power plants now, whatever the short term cost to the economy or one's industry, is a sacrifice well worth doing for all future generations and preserving a habitable planet for the next few million years.

Let's not forget the nuclear industry has never found a plan to get rid of nuclear waste properly, and hence the spent fuel pool in reactor 4, and hundreds of other similar setups around the world just waiting for the worst case scenario to unfold. Also let's not overlook the fact dismantling a nuclear reactor is a magnitude of times more costly than building one, hence the extended licenses granted to 40 years old reactors that should be shut down. There are many more catastrophic accidents just waiting to happen around the world with most reactors pushing their designed lifespan limit!

If Chernobyl wasn't enough to raise awareness and consciousness of people around the world, and was quickly forgotten and dismissed as a Russian issue (despite the fact its consequences on children health are increasingly felt in Belarus and the Ukraine), let's hope Fukushima will be different. Today with the world wide web, people voice can be heard despite all the efforts by pro nuke government and lobbies to shut them down and portray them as fringe people talking nonsense.

What a joke that the nuclear lobby had almost succeeded in making us associate nuclear energy with clean and renewable energy! What a scandalous, outrageous revolting joke! Let's get our fact straights once and for all and bury this myth way down where it belongs, with all the nuclear waste waiting to be stored somewhere where it won't leak and kill us all for at least 300 years. That's the best they can do (and haven't done yet)... how much more short sighted and irresponsible can the nuclear industry and pro nuke people get?!

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"Japanese whalers under new attack by Sea Shepherd" could have been retitled "Sea Shepherd attempts to save Antarctic whales from Japanese killing spree". This title would have helped expend the mind of some easily influenced readers like Grouchy Gaijin who fall for the Institute of Cetacean Research propaganda.

Come on! Who call themselves the Institute of Cetacean Research when their only aim is to kill 1000s of whales per year and sell the meat in various forms? A more appropriate name would be the Japan Whaling Administration, specialised in hightech whaling, distribution, and best practices for monetizing the meat.

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To make it clear, I dislike all drugs, even mild ones like marijuana for recreational use. However in defense of this Japanese guy, I would like to point out that a lot of commentators have missed the point by condemning Kazuya Yokoyama by calling him an "idiot" who "should thank god they aren't imposing the death penalty".

Unfortunately for this Japanese guy, he should have watched Midnight Express and realize that Islamic countries are very intolerant and harsh when it comes to condemning people for breaking the law. Laws set-out in the first place to enforce a religious morality that takes no prisoners. (btw Christianity fares no better in that regard) .

The irony is, Bali is the only Indonesian island that is mostly Hindu (92+%) as far as religion goes. It was found to be "an enchanted land of aesthetes at peace with themselves and nature" by anthropologists Margaret Mead in the 1930s. Too bad the law of this island is dictated NOT by "aesthetes at peace with themselves and nature" but by fearful and controlling religious fundamentalists.

This poor Japanese guy will not just become a victim of his stupidity, but of "insane" man made laws that have no frontier and no regard for true justice. Hopefully his lawyer can defend him by singling out Bali as an island of aesthetes, where originally, intellectuals and artists came and gathered to flee the oppressing and thus intellectually and artistically sterile landscape that the rest of Indonesia had become.

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