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Jonny G comments

Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

The racist and sexist discrimination that is DEI is finally getting called out. Shame it took the anti-semitism protests and the subsequent Harvard Gay plagiarism scandal to bring it out into the open and pull quite a hefty amount of wool from some heavy eyelids.

The grift has been going on for years and bizarrely went into overdrive in recent years. No wonder many who stand to lose so much are pushing back - they know how lucrative and beneficial it has been and will not give all that up easily.

Just such a shame all the damage such discriminatory treatment has done and continues to do. Opportunities denied because someone is not the right color or sex. Or just scored too well and was too Asian. Have a look at university admission data for places like Harvard - it's absolutely shocking that has gone on.

Remember this is not just in the US, but it has spread globally (sadly America is the world in some many spheres, e.g. international education).

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Posted in: Djokovic top of the world after sinking Rune at ATP Finals See in context

Greatest tennis player of all time and greatest athlete competing today. Much to the annoyance of many.

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Posted in: Djokovic reaches his 10th U.S. Open final by beating Ben Shelton in straight sets See in context

The GOAT and a man who stuck to his principles even if it cost him even more certain glory. Respect.

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Posted in: Muslim mobs attack churches in Pakistan after accusing Christians of desecrating Koran See in context

Lot of comments trying to suggest religion is and always is the problem (except when it isn't of course - plenty of non-religious wars - take the big 2 in the 20th century or the current war in Ukraine for instance).

Odd then that when one considers the nations with the best human rights scores they are overwhelmingly 'Christian' nations. Even if now many may be homes to mostly non-religious populations, the core values that influenced such respect for the individual and sanctity of life are inescapably shaped by those Christian histories and values. Whether we like that or not those be the facts. Indeed, the fight against slavery was on the basis and to the appeal of Christian values.

Needless to say, most of he nations with the worst human rights records have something else in common.

Also do not confuse people using religion to appeal to tribalism/unify one people against another. These are examples of people being the problem - and in any conflict there will need to be something to unite one side against the other. Most religions speak of nothing but peace, forgiveness and respect for humanity. See the anti-slavery point above.

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Posted in: Spending by foreign visitors to Japan jumps sevenfold in 2022 See in context

@kurisupisu you sound surprised that you noticed a large group of Thais in Japan. Not sure where you are in Japan but Thais have been coming to Japan en masse, and spending plenty, for many years now (outside of the border restrictions).

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Posted in: Japan reports 2,770 new coronavirus cases See in context

Fewer masks. Fewer cases. Unsurprising.

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Posted in: Gelmisa leads Ethiopian trifecta at Tokyo Marathon See in context

Super spreader! How is this allowed?!

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Posted in: Japan reports 11,506 new coronavirus cases See in context

Notice the generic report doesn't even bother reporting the serious hospital cases in Tokyo anymore. Presume there aren't any. It's 1 in a million for the country. So many there would be 1.5? Surely healthcare is about to collapse!

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Posted in: Japan reports 12,399 new coronavirus cases See in context

Fewer masks and fewer cases. There's a surprise. It's almost as if all the ridiculous measures (that scientifically can't be proven to have done anything but harm) are being confirmed to us by the actual data once again.

But let's keep masking - just in case. Especially the kids.

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Posted in: Japan reports 6,512 new coronavirus cases See in context

Shocking to know 0.0001pc of population suffering from severe covid (or having it while suffering with countless other complications in advanced age).

We must keep masking outside for eternity to protect ourselves and those at risk from this most dangerous of viruses. More plastic dividers needed too! And fgs - sanitize and keep the paper towel holders empty and hand dryers off!!

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Posted in: Japan reports 19,202 new coronavirus cases See in context

So 12 people in a city of 15 million are seriously ill with (likely not "of") covid. Be easy to provide details (age/underlying conditions) to help those who still living in fear and walking around outside masked to the eyeballs some context.

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Posted in: Japan reports 27,371 new coronavirus cases See in context

I did predict on here back in Dec, the cases would fall from about mid Jan onwards as most now have the natural immunity from getting the thankfully milder omicron. The useless masks also will fall, albeit more slowly sadly.

Noticed many more not wearing them today - still v much the minority - but about 15-20pc which is something. Shame it takes govt advice that they are no longer needed for that to happen when everyone saw that no one, including the hordes of Japanese fans, were wearing them at the World Cup.

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Posted in: Japan reports 45,299 new coronavirus cases See in context

We're seeing (slightly) less masking now and cases falling. This will continue as predicted.

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Posted in: Japan reports 55,537 new coronavirus case See in context

High cases still but downward trend as was always going to happen as spring approaches and the fact so many of the population have been infected the antibodies and natural immunity level is high. Good times.

As for the mask thing - c'mon - even the most ardent supporters have to give it up now as it's embarrassing on all levels. Not just because the latest comprehensive study - looking at many studies - all show no effectiveness, but the case numbers in East Asia - esp. Japan, tell us this. Masks are solely about collective conformity, social anxiety and, in some cases, sheer vanity.

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Posted in: How long can a healthy human live? See in context

RIP Lucile. Recall she got covid back prior to vaccines and didn't even know she had it...though she was a spring chicken at 115 then.

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Posted in: Japan reports 79,354 new coronavirus cases See in context

Plenty of studies to show the ineffectiveness of mask masking. Today's report showing cases and covid-related deaths in mass-masked Japan alone is one such 'ongoing mass study'. Indeed, the findings have been staring us directly in the face daily now for the past year. Problem is many refuse to see it - largely because they can't remove the useless masks they sheepishly hide behind as that would be to admit they were wrong. And who wants to do that?

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Posted in: Japan reports 64,450 new coronavirus cases See in context

So it's still not a flu despite having a lower IFR than the flu and not being anywhere as nearly dangerous to young children? However, it will be a flu at a later unconfirmed time when the govt waves a wand and magically changes it into one? And this is more science?

Meanwhile, from tomorrow speakers in the Diet can speak unmasked as that's not a risk anymore. Yes it was on Friday but not from Monday. At the same time, children still cannot see their classmates or teachers faces (now going on for 3 years), while toddlers can't see their carers faces. And all this is scientific and because of their safety? And no, the many harms are fine as the children don't complain (even if speech and language development is just one of the certain harms).

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Posted in: Japan to lower COVID-19 to flu status in spring See in context

Way too late. Obviously.

Remove them from kids asap.

Far more unmasked inside that outside. Ridiculously.

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

To see a frown here is a rare treat so great to see everyone there looking so happy and smiley.

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Posted in: Djokovic resigned to missing more U.S. tournaments over vaccination status See in context

A very bad look for Australia. Yes they have since gone back and lifted his 3yr ban and welcomed him but what a disgrace. He's right that he will never forget.

Great to have such a public figure having such strong principles and not bowing down to the mob. Definitely a role model for future generations.

As for the USA not letting in unvaxxed foreigners despite everything we now know (and knew a year ago) about the ineffectiveness of vaccines, especially against the milder varians - well if you can't see it's nothing to do with genuine health concerns you never will.

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Posted in: Japan reports 89,643 new coronavirus cases See in context

Deaths by age will be fairly obv. We know statistically, while the risk to all is very, very small, by far the most vulnerable are the very elderly (more so male) with numerous underlying health conditions.

The IFR for over 80s was/is still lower than the flu however as acknowledged last week when official figures regarding the globally record-breaking summer wave here were revealed.

So again, why is it not downgraded? This would not only ease pressure on healthcare, but would allow children (who have suffered for 3 years with useless cloth masking despite not being at risk and the masks having zero proven benefit but numerous certain harms) to have a sense of normalcy back. Something some of them have never even experienced in their young lives.

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Posted in: Japan reports 89,643 new coronavirus cases See in context

So serious case numbers remain less than miniscule (45 in pop of 15,000,000!) - mild is as mild does.

The mass masking continues to do nothing to stop transmission with months of world leading numbers of cases in the most masked nation on the planet (one of only a few who persist with them -China being another). Not sure how transmission is going there but presume it's all under control with the masks.

IFR is lower in Japan than the flu for over 80s. Lower!

Downgrading this then to the same level as the flu (despite the flu having a higher IFR) would alleviate strain (inc potential further strain) on both the healthcare system and society at large.

It would also allow children to live their lives and be educated without the many costs of masking them.

Why is simple common sense so uncommon here then?

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Posted in: Japan reports 168,491 new coronavirus cases See in context

Given those numbers masks and vaccines have failed miserably. We knew this in the summer but we all know this now..even if some still continue to bury their heads in the sand.

A year since a milder variant emerged Japan has seen by far the most cases and deaths related to covid. Yet vaxxed and masked to max. These are just the realities. Only consolation is the huge numbers getting covid now means massive natural immunity so numbers will likely fall quite sharply by about mid-Jan.

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Posted in: Japan reports 175,961 new coronavirus cases See in context

Nigh on 200k cases (reality will be much higher).

Masks still working then.

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Posted in: Japan reports 135,761 new coronavirus cases See in context

15 serious cases in a city of 5million people with 100k cases a week approx. Cases will be much higher than this figure of course.

Again we can conclude...

we have a thankfully v mild virus for overwhelming majority.

Risk to children minsicule at most. Is 3years masking them justified given all the negatives and their non existent risk? (Presuming masks do anything to stop spread)

Masks and vaccines not doing much (arguably nothing - look at those numbers!) to stop spread.

It was time to move on a long time ago.

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Posted in: Japan reports 47,621 new coronavirus cases See in context

The key is for covid to be downgraded to flu (it's IFR is lower) so with that the nonsensical close contact bs and quarantining for infinity can go. With that so can the masks. And then you have kids finally unmasked in schools and the many negative impacts that come with that are also gone.

How has this gone on for so long?! The UK stopped the nonsense a year ago. Even Australia followed not long after.

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Posted in: QAnon's Japan branch searched over obstructing COVID vaccinations See in context

Not really, they help reducing the risk that comes from covid even for children, there is a reason why pediatricians have been very vocal on the recommendation of vaccines for children.

Is this universal? Or were there just some places where pediatricians were vocal about vaccinating children? I'm pretty sure some countries were against it on basis of risk/benefit analysis. If so, why do you think those pediatricians were vocal enough to advise against children getting the vaccines? Seems odd they would have different opinions.

The efficacy from testing in kids (which was v limited) was v low and certainly below what would usually see a vaccine being approved I should add.

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Posted in: Good morning See in context

Great pic and no masks anywhere (ok there is one on a chin). A picture that reminds of the importance of being able to see faces, sing unmasked and enjoy the beautiful game! Lots of non-Japanese fans there too - nothing brings people together more than football.

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Posted in: Racism row erupts as William and Kate visit Boston See in context

The bar for what constitutes racism is at an all time low now. This just shows how far we have 'progressed.' I never knew I was such a race victim but given that I'm often asked where I'm from and have lost count of the number of times my name has been mispronounced I truly am a victim

Being overlooked for positions on the basis of skin colour however is fine as it's about "inclusivity and diversity." How could it possibly be racist if it's good?

What ridiculous times these are.

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Posted in: Japan reports 118,201 new coronavirus cases See in context

Miniscule serious cases.

Higher case numbers and related deaths this year than in previous years.

Milder variant since start of year.

Mass vaccine rollout since spring 2021.

Many boosted 1-2-3 times.

Masks still worn outside and on children.

Downgrade to flu makes sense now, esp given fact IFR for flu is likely higher.

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