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jonnydesu comments

Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

Why does everyone think when it's reported the perpetrators were drunk that they are using this as an excused justify their actions? It's just part of the facts. I highly doubt the conversation went as such: Police - What happened? Victim - He groped me! Perp - it wasn't my fault, I was drunk.

More like - Police - what happened? Victim - he groped me! Police - were your drunk at the time? Perp - very.

I've never seen any JT story that quoted the perp as saying "I was drunk so it's not my fault."

It's just part of the facts of the case.

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Posted in: 7 teens arrested for pelting police car with eggs, tofu, potatoes after false 110 call See in context

I can7t believe the amount of harsh criticism for these teens and their parents. This is simply just teens being teens. In the states, we would go "toilet papering" not because we were raised poorly, but because that is what teens did. If this is the kind of trouble teens cause, I'm all for it! better than the gun violence, drug abuse, and date rape the is all too common in the states. Give them some community service and let them live the rest of their lives. If you never did a stupid thing as a teen, you missed out!

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Posted in: Hiroshima unhappy atomic bomb park is Pokemon Go site See in context

Debucho - The park itself is free, and th museum is not out for "profit" making. Have you been there? It's a solemn reminder of the atrocities man have commited on each other. It is not meant to be a place of games and anime characters. Any player of this game that goes there will not stop to reflect upon the images and feelings that the park invokes, nor will they take time to actually walk through the museum. This is pure disrespect by the game maker and the players.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl falls to death from 43rd floor balcony in Osaka See in context

Stop with all the persecution saying that this is probably not an accident and that the parents meant to do this. There is absolutely no proof, and your witch hunting does nothing. And I also agree that there is no difference from falling from the 3 floor or the 43rd. You're probably going die either way, so again, stop raving about Japan created laws about windows and not allowing families certain apartments. Yes, at this height, there should have been more safety measures in place put up by the parents. However, that is not a crime. Just like all things, I know for a fact there are thousands of families in high rise apartments where the children live perfectly safe without 24/7 supervision. This is sad, tragic accident. Just offer your sympathies and move on. Save your self righteous, self erecting judgments for your faults.

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Posted in: Patient dies after ambulance delayed due to dispatcher getting address wrong See in context

All you self entitled spoiled people are acting like emergency services are a right, but they are not. Just because you have an accident or a medical emergency doesn't mean that you deserve immediate medical attention. Yes, it is wonderful that we live in a place where emergency medical services are available, but this doesn't mean you can put demands on them. There is no evidence that if the ambulance arrived 14 minutes earlier, that this man would have survived. I get so tired of people throwing around blame for things millions of people in other countries would be incredibly thankful for having.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of 87-year-old mother in suitcase See in context

Yes, let's jump to conclusions and condemn this man having absolutely no information about the situation. Nothing about keeping moms pensions, nothing about playing pachinko. 30,000 for cremation, show me a source for that figure. The reason this happens so often at an "alarming rate" as people like to exaggerate, is the fact that death in Japan is expensive. This man isn't unemployed. He has a tough job that he does at age 49 for low wages. Where's the outrage at the mother, why didn't she take out a life insurance plan that covered funeral costs. I would really hate to live in the worlds of you unsympathetic poor souls.

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Posted in: U.N. chief Ban defends China parade trip after Japanese concern See in context

Abe should attend. If he wants to push a non-apologetic future for Japan, he should attend events such as these and explain why. By not going he shows that what happened during the war is still causing tension now. Attend, show a bit of remorse, and create new ties to the future. Also, that way, when he wants to visit the war memorials here, other countries won't be able to complain.

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Posted in: Yamada was questioned by police in Tokyo 2 days before Osaka child murders See in context

All of you who are posting that the police should have detained this man simply because of his past record and the legal possessions he had, should really consider the type of world you are promoting. The system is by no means perfect, and tragedies happen, but to allow police that much power is ludicrous. It's a dangerous slope to go down when you push for that much preemptive measures. The police did their job. Try blaming the courts for allowing this man to walk free, that's where all of your righteous indignation should be aimed.

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Posted in: Yamada was questioned by police in Tokyo 2 days before Osaka child murders See in context

While those items added up equal a nefarious intention, they are all legal items. There was nothing the police could do legally. They questioned and brought him in, even asked him to leave the stun gun behind. What else could they have done?

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Posted in: Japanese designer refutes plagiarism claims in Olympic logo See in context

Would have been smart move to remove the bottom right gray portion. That gives the emblem the image of "L". What does that part have to do with Tokyo, team, or tomorrow? If that section is removed, then the designers original idea stands, and it would be different enough from the Belgium emblem.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed on street in Aichi See in context

@baroque Everyday millions residents of Japan quietly and safely go about their business. These "random" attacks are just that random. Japan by far is one of the safest countries to live in. Just because you don't read about the salaryman or hostess girl that safely made it home doesn't mean Japan is lost. Don't look to JapanTimes to gauge your ideas on Japan. Do some research and look at factual statistics. Japan is still the safest country regarding crime. http://apecsec.org/japan-crime-statistics/

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Posted in: Ex-Aum cult member Kikuchi appeals 5-year jail sentence See in context

Rather than jail time, maybe sentence her to five years of counseling. She was duped by the cult, and probably truly did not know the real purpose of the tasks she was asked to do. Jail time is not the answer, but psyche evil is definitely needed.

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Posted in: 93-year-old Chiba man on trial for killing wife at her request See in context

So a woman who beats her cheating husband to death gets a suspended sentence, but this poor man is facing 5 years in jail for doing what is wife wanted! Sad, just sad. This man has suffered more than any jail sentence could ever give him. I hope they drop the case immediately.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Fukuoka parking lot See in context

Steven Mcarthy- "If ones actions are illegal... The result is not an accident..." So can you explain exactly how the woman pulling out of the parking space was doing something illegal?

And besides, laws and rules aren't invisible barriers that protect people. When it comes to people vs. cars, people should always be the ones being more aware than the other. Create all the laws you want, enforce them to the fullest extent after the incident happens, but they won't stop something like this from happening. This was a sad, tragic accident. On all sides. There is no blame here. Simply state your condolences about it and nothing more.

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Posted in: Japan Tourism Agency surveys onsens over tattoo policy See in context

I have many tattoos, and they can't be covered by a sticker. I have been banned from my local gym, and refused access to several onsens. However, I do not feel that the ban should be lifted. Look at it from a business stand point. Who are mostly going to onsens? Older Japanese and Japanese families. That is where the onsen makes money. Not from the handful of foreign tourists. If the onsens main customer base feels uncomfortable around tattoos, and stop coming because of it (even if it is an incredibly outdated mode of thinking) the onsen might possibly go out of business. If there is such a high demand for onsens that allow tatttoos, then there should be no problem with opening new ones. They will be highly successful. But you should not ask the established ones to change their business for the few.

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Posted in: Half of live dolphins caught in Japan exported despite outcry See in context

The hipocracy of these organizations are incredible. While the "drive hunt" is considered cruel, it's perfectly acceptable to keep these animals in small tanks and parade them around for a profit. Who cares how the dolphins are captured. Start with demanding that zoos and aquariums stop caging them and then maybe you will see this kind of activity stop.

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

Wish this man was in charge of all the countries. A voice of reason can truly sound amazing.

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Posted in: Teacher reprimanded for taking fingerprints of 6th grade class See in context

Furgy, come on! This teacher wasn't "playing" cop, he was trying to be one, which is out of his legal authority. I applaud him for trying to take a stance against bullying, but I condemn him on his approach. What would have been better was to have actuall police come into the classroom and question students. That is true legal procedure. That would be the correct way to teach children about the consequences of their wrong doings.

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Posted in: Parents who chained 8-year-old son inside house get suspended sentences See in context

Katsu78 and Kazuki-

While I agree that most people on JT set out to be judge and jury simply based on incomplete news articles, you can't truly believe that this was the right sentencing. Your head in the sand arguments that sentencing is the best is ridiculous. Yes, the child would be better if separated from the parents until they can show a reasonable aptitude for raising said child. This isn't a case of a heavy spanking with a belt or a stern slap across the face, they chained up a child and left for over four hours. What if there had been a fire or an earthquake (I know highly unlikely but still possibilities), what could the child have done? Clearly thee parents are not fit for raising a child. The Japanese justice system relies heavily on the idea that shame will put wrong doers back on the right path. This is a a grossly outdated concept. Especially coming from the 30 and under generation. I very much doubt that this sentencing will affect the parents in a positive way. If anything, they will simply learn to be more secretive about their abuse so as to not get into trouble again. I understand arguing against quick judgements from untrained peers, but this is not difficult to comprehend.

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Posted in: School principal arrested for breaking into woman's apartment See in context

Very curious, all of you saying he won't get punished for this, how do you know? I don't ever seem to read about the sentencings in stories like this. Where do you get your information about the sentences from?

And when some days "they were drunk" they are stating the reason why they committed the action. They are not using it as an excuse to say "I'm not at fault."

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Posted in: Man keeps father's dead body at home for 3 years to keep collecting pension See in context

Why do people assume that this guy was "living at home" with his father? Could be the other way around. Maybe this guy was taking care of his father. I don't feel this problem is the government's fault. Japan has one the largest (if not the largest) percentages of pensioners to general population. It would honestly be a logistical nightmare to have all pensioner come in once a year, or to send out employees to check. The costs would be more than the fraudulent collections currently happening. This is purely greed. People see any easy way to free cash and take it. Don't put the onus on the government for trying to help people.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 15-month-old grandson to death See in context

Agree with you Dadude. Yes, this is a horrible, horrible tragedy, but it is no where near the norm. If the papers reported on all the loving and caring parents in Japan, it would run out of space to report on anything else. Of course the death of one child/parent/so blue my is too much. But there is no overwhelming problem as so many over dramatic poster state.

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Posted in: Amnesty Int'l criticizes Japan in 2014/15 human rights report See in context

CH3CHO- The difference is in Florida, after the arrest, they won't detain you for 23 days without some kind of criminal charges being brought up. In Japan, they take such liberties with the idea of "probable cause". Anything to them applies, in order to get a person isolated and alone. During which time they do their very best to either force a confession or trick the person into signing something admitting to something they didn't really do. I am speaking from personal experience in, not hearsay. Something was sent to me without my knowledge. I hadn't requested it, wasn't expecting it. When they came to my apartment, they had told me that they just wanted me to come with them to the station for some questioning. Upon arrival, I was processed and put in Jail without even knowing what the hell was going on. They took my computer, passport, alien registration card, and my phone. Over the next 3 days they proceeded to lie to me, telling me they had an air tight case against me, complete with a ton of evidence and witnesses. Immediately I asked for my day in court. After 3 days, I was put in front of a judge who claimed that they had to keep me incarcerated because they felt I was a flight risk. They had my passport, they had my bank card, they had my alien registration card. How was I a flight risk? For the next ten days they did their best good cop bad cop routines. Everyday I was brought to the questioning room in full shackles, ankles to wrists. At first I cooperated, answering all their questions. Until I noticed their traps, asking questions like "Is this the first time you have committed a crime like this?"At this point I turned to silence. After 10 days, when it was time to decide to charge or continue investigating, I thought the nightmare would be over. But of course, they said they still wanted to investigate me. Thus another 10 days of the same BS. Even to the last day, when they knew they were going to release me, they put me in front of a prosecutor, who told me that this was such a minor offense that it wouldn't really matter and I should make things easier and just sign a confession. I refused, and they prosecutor said she would have no other choice but to charge me. I was depressed beyond belief. When I got back to the jail, they told me to change back into my regular clothes, gave me all my goods, had me sign some paperwork, and walked me to the front of the station. Without a word, not a sorry or even your free to go, they just turned around and went back in. I was totally confused. Due to this 23 day incarceration, I lost my jobs, lost many contacts, lost a lot of respect in the community. Even though I had done nothing wrong, and was released, I never had a chance to defend myself because of this system. Don't fool yourself with your wannabe legal knowledge. What's written on the books and what happens in practice are two completely different things. I hope you never have to go through this experience yourself., or maybe I do so that you can understand how inhuman this system is.

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Posted in: Amnesty Int'l criticizes Japan in 2014/15 human rights report See in context


So what's your point? Regardless of where the jail is next to or not next to, regardless if the lawyer and defendant can appear before a judge, the government still has the right to detain someone without a criminal charge for 23 days. During that time, the attorneys are not allowed to be present for interrogations, it's only the "investigators", court appointed translators if needed, and the defendant. There's absolutely no regulation and no one to hold the investigation to be fair. What other countries have such a system? List them and you will be listing several countries that have horrible track records when it comes to human rights.

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Posted in: Man pleads guilty to killing ex-girlfriend after stalking her See in context

Most of the blame goes to the murderer, but none should go to the cops. On the day of the first time that she and her family went to the police, the stalker was already in her house. That means that the cops only had a few hours to do any kind of investigating. Even if from that point, the cops put her under protective custody (meaning cars parked outside the house, an officer to walk her home) he still would have attacked her. Why didn't the victim go to the police the first time she noticed this guy showing up at places where she hung out? There was a 3 month period where nothing was done. In that time this guy started to make his plan. I feel terrible for this girl and her family, and the guy should be hanged, but I have no ill feelings toward the police in this situation.

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context


Yes, the prevelant attitude inJapan about tattoos is negative. However, as long as she wasn't showing her tattoos while at work, then there should be no problem. I fully agree that if a company/institution doesn't want its employees having visable tattoos, they have the right to implement rules and workers should follow the rules or go elsewhere. But what goes on underneath clothing should be completely free. I bet the annonymous caller was some jealous worker, that heard about the tattoos second hand, and has complained becuase of their dislike for the woman, not her tattoos.

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Posted in: Colorado has legalized marijuana sales. Would you like to see Japan try something similar? See in context

For those of you who are against marijuana, why do deem this "drug" so bad while other more harmful drugs (tobacco, alcohol, food preservatives and additives, sugar......) you let slide and probably use on a daily basis. Whatever the reason people use marijuana, the same reasons exist for people who smoke or drink. The problem I see is that people who are anti-marijuana think that it affects everyone in the same way, but it doesn't. Like most things in life, some people should not use marijuana, but that doesn't mean that everyone else shouldn't as well. Let the individual decide what is good and bad for themselves.

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

So, if it is illegal to make back ups of my own personal stock of music and videos, does that mean when I upload the media into my ipod/ipad, I am commiting a criminal act? Also, how the hell can you tell if what you are streaming is legal or not. It would be like arreesting someone for driving the wrong way on a one way street that doesn't have any road signs. If the government is going to pass laws like this, they need to first put into place measures to help people understand the situation better.

And I agree with Yoyouser, this is simply a matter of money. It is not theft as no property is acutally taken. If someone is caught with illegal material, then sent to jail and fined, the record companies still do not receive the money, they still experience a loss.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Ok, so usually I would be the one in a story about AKB48 defending them and their actions, but what can I say about this. DAMN!!!

It is interesting to see that the big complaint is that it "may promote homosexuality". Who cares, get over it.

Yes this is tasteless, but there is always room in the world for tasteless. I would love to see the response though from the those in charge about how this is just being sweet and playing.

Can't wait for the first AKB48 full length feature porn! Hahahahaha!

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Posted in: Uniqlo steps up See in context

While I fully support this endeavor by Uniqlo, I wonder why when AKB48 donated their time and money, it was simply called a publicity stunt by some many posters. Yet here, everyone sings the praises. Same concept here, just that people don't have a personal grudge against Uniqlo, so all seems wonderful. My feeling is that, anyone who donates their time and money to the unfortunate deserve praise.

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