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Posted in: Sharp's humanoid robot to guide tourists in taxis in Kyoto See in context

The cost doesn't make any sense. Why is it so much more expensive if several people use it? According to this, if one person uses the robot, it will cost 7000 yen for that person. If that person is joined by 2 of his/her friends, that price will jump up to 12000-18000 yen. Unless that means that each person gets their own robot.

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Posted in: Needles found in bread on two days in same Fukuoka supermarket See in context

Oh, that is scary. I don't go to that particular store, but it's not far from where I live. I hope that the culprit is caught soon!

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Posted in: Police arrest graduate students for Kyoto intersection 'kotatsu' stunt See in context

What I don't understand is why are they trying to figure out their identities now. If the police were there originally and they determined that the post graduates were in violation of traffic ordinances, why were they not detained and fined at that time? I don't understand this business of waiting several months to try and figure out what crimes they committed at such a late date. Do the police not know the law?

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Posted in: Parents sue funeral firm over use of plastic shopping bag on 5-month-old son's remains See in context

I'm confused. Has the article been re-written since the last comments? Some people are saying that the plastic bag was not from a convenience store, but the following line:

At home, after they removed the bandages around the head, they discovered that a plastic shopping bag from a convenience store was used in wrapping the head.

would indicate otherwise. Am I missing something?

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Posted in: Elementary school principal suspended for sexually harassing teacher See in context

I'm not sure I understand the way sexual harassment works here.

I mean, this guy was totally inappropriate but what he did was closer to sexual assault than harassment in my view. I would think that harassment would be something that was either ongoing or perhaps putting pressure on subordinates for sexual favours.

All that said, he grabbed her inappropriately and asked for a kiss. It's not clear whether or not his previous behaviour was lewd or suggestive. At his age, he should definitely know better, especially if he is married. However, I would think that if this were a single incident and he had not acted inappropriately before that a 3 month suspension is unwarranted. I guess it's too difficult to say without more information.

I guess my concern is that it would be easy for someone to call harassment if even a single incident is considered worthy of a 3 month suspension. I would think that the embarrassment of being rejected would be warning enough for most people.

But, then again, he did GRAB her. Maybe the article was not clear, as it doesn't sound like her persisted. I can easily imagine two different scenarios. 1) He tries to ask for a kiss and is rebuffed which causes him to move away and feel embarrassed or 2) He grabs a hold of her forcibly and demands a kiss while she struggles to get away.

It would be nice if they included more details!

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

Trump has suggested giving guns to the teachers to fight back in situations like this. However, in this real scenario, it was a someone with training who had a gun and was there but failed to engage. Given this situation how likely would it be that untrained teachers or teachers with very minimal training would be able to thwart an attack in the future. I'm afraid this solution is non-viable as it's already proven to fail. Plus I can see a LOT of drawbacks to this sort of plan.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy dies after getting locked in washer dryer See in context

I own a front loading washing machine and I can assure you that it can and does swing shut on it's own. It's somewhat annoying when I'm trying to load the machine sometimes as I turn to get more laundry I find the door has swung shut. I never thought about it but these machines are indeed airtight since they do fill up with water and slosh the clothes around quite a bit. You don't want water spilling out all over the place.

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Posted in: Stars 'shocked' at gender pay disparity in Hollywood See in context

I am all for equality. People should be paid for what they are worth. I can't really comment on the example that was given except that I have heard of Mark Wahlberg, but I have never heard of Michelle Williams. I don't even recognize her face. I would pay money to see Mark in a movie because I know his style, and like his acting. I wouldn't be swayed either way with Michelle since I have no idea who she is.

So, perhaps in this case, the movie studio got it right?

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Posted in: Foldable vehicle See in context

Certainly is interesting. Would like to know a bit more about this vehicle. I found this on Youtube...

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Posted in: Top court finds charging subscription fee for NHK broadcasts constitutional See in context

TV broadcasting is a dying beast. If they truly want NHK to be supported, then have it government sponsored and take it out of everyone's taxes. It seems like a huge waste of money and resources to have bill collectors bothering everyone.

I was going to sell my TV as I only use it for streaming anyway, but I was told that if I take out the receiver part of the TV, I can claim it's a monitor. I think I'll look into that!

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Posted in: Tokyo taking a stand on walking up and down escalators See in context

I don't really understand why they are trying to fix something that isn't broken. Everyone seems to be happy with the way things are and the only people it will benefit are people who don't really care about it. People who are in a rush will not be happy with this at all.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands advised to evacuate as powerful typhoon drenches Japan See in context

I was out tonight and fortunately in Fukuoka, the typhoon seems to have missed us. The wind is strong but not "typhoon strong". I would say it was only about 20km/hr. No rain either. However, I hope that the rest of Japan stays safe! Don't take any unnecessary chances if the typhoon hits your area.

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Posted in: Thermal camera-equipped smartphone to be released in Japan See in context

Still cheaper than the new iPhone X

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Posted in: 'All-Alone Tent' lets you easily set up a secret computer room inside your home See in context

I guess it's to get work done at home and not bother others, or have others bother you.

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Posted in: 32-year-old man arrested for setting fire to his apartment See in context

Mom must be proud.

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Posted in: Panasonic robot cleaner comes with camera, laser sensors See in context

I agree. A camera is not needed. Just keep the sensors. It would help to keep the price down as well. 150,000 yen? Wow.

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhone X See in context

Of course it's really nice to have the latest technology, but I'm usually quite happy with what I have. What annoys the crap out of me is when they upgrade the software, slowing down your phone until it's unusable. This basically forces you to either buy a new phone or have something that is practically useless.

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Posted in: Sapporo man arrested for posting URLs to 'obscene material' on website See in context

This is a sketchy area of law. What if someone posted a URL of a google search that pointed to the same things? Hmm.

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

I don't really understand why everyone is shouting racism for this article. First of all, it's optional. It's not meant for everyone who is a foreigner, just people who are new to the country, and perhaps driving in a strange city in a car that's not their own.

For those people that have been here for awhile, own their own car, this is obviously not meant for you. I think the problem is that so many people are looking at this from the wrong perspective. I doubt that a person driving in Japan for the first time will be offended by the sign. If they are, it doesn't look like they will have to use it.

In a way, people that are just visiting who don't know their way around and are driving an unfamiliar vehicle (possibly on the other side of the road than they are accustomed) are like learners. So, what's the problem?

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Posted in: Katy Perry promo slammed for 'cruel' koala joke See in context

When did Australia become so serious?

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up woman’s skirt at train station See in context

There have always been shops, books and videos where you could buy things of this nature. Now, you can have instant access via the internet. The only reason to film stuff yourself is for the thrill. Perhaps people enjoy doing something like this with the danger of being caught. It's the only reason I can think of to understand why people risk doing something like this when no risk is necessary. Personally, I can't see what the big deal is seeing a bit of panties.

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Posted in: Mako in Bhutan See in context

Is it normal to wear business shoes and black socks with that sort of robe? Looks a bit odd to me.

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Posted in: Trump order makes some preachers ecstatic, others cringe See in context

I believe that everyone has the right to free speech, first and foremost. If the church wishes to support one group over another, I'm not sure that it will matter if they are not technically allowed to espouse their views. If the people attending the sermons don't like it, they can complain to the head of the church, or stop going to that particular church.

However, this does lead to opening up the educational system to political views. I'm wondering what people think of that? Should teachers then be allowed to open up politics in the classroom? Maybe that's not a bad thing.

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Posted in: Some cling to landlines, but cell-only homes now dominate See in context

When I first came to Japan, I was required to get a cell phone for work and I found out that a landline would cost over 20,000 yen to install so I didn't bother since I didn't know how long I would stay and it seemed like a waste. I'm glade because I ended up moving a year later which means I would have lost that money. I found I didn't miss it since I had a keitai. Now, with my smartphone, I text just about everyone and can talk through LINE for free since I have WIFI. I find that no one wants to talk over the phone anymore, so I didn't bother getting proper phone service. My bills are low and I find that I don't miss it at all.

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Posted in: Microsoft takes aim at Google with laptop, slim Windows See in context

I don't like the idea of being restricted to only 'app' programs. It would just feel like an iPad at that point.

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Posted in: U.S. sees threat of N Korean nuclear attack on Japan, S Korea See in context

@ ThePBot, I had thought that you had made a mistake with 6-7 km/s because that's just insanely fast. I looked it up and did the calculations and that's exactly what I found as well. Apparently, Russia's missile can fly at 15,000mph or 6.7km/s.

We just better hope that NK never gets a hold of that technology!

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Posted in: Japanese museums abandoning no-photos policy See in context

Taking a photograph is a fairly benign process, so I'm wondering how any artwork could have been damaged if someone was only taking a photograph. I'm guessing that some people are not following rules such as "no touching" to take a selfie. In those cases, it's not from taking a photo, but rather from not following common sense rules.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

The only thing I like about it so far is that it is somewhat easier to read on my phone.

However, a link to my past posts is missing, so I can no longer revisit them easily. The editor doesn't accept the iPhone's auto-correct, or formatting options. The upvote and downvote sucks because it takes you to the top of the article and you lose your spot. Lastly, I would have liked to see a change in the way voting works, It would be nice to see the total votes, both positive and negative not just the final tally.

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Posted in: 23 taken to hospital after bus accident in Fukuoka See in context

That's pretty much in the countryside, so I wonder how heavy the traffic would have been.

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Posted in: Subway station target of malicious phone hoax See in context

If they know who the prankster is, send them a bill and then widely publish this to discourage other would be pranksters.

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