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Posted in: Do you think that constant use of abbreviations while texting messages or sending email is having an adverse effect on your spelling, grammar and punctuation? See in context

This reminds me of the question that was posed to figure out why driving ability in my city was declining. Accidents were at an all-time high and there were many bad habits such as running reds, going through pedestrian crosswalks, improper signals, lane changes, etc. Yet, when people answered the survey about their driving, almost everyone said that their driving was just fine, it was the other people on the road that was terrible.

Texting is like calling up your friends for a quick chat. No one speaks formally, and I can easily imagine the conversation may even have times when only close friends would understand them since they have a long history and only one word would suffice to bring back those thoughts. In texting, there is no real need to make certain that all your words are correctly spelled or that your grammar is perfect as it is only meant for friends. If this article is referring to online posting, I think that's a different matter entirely. For emails, the same applies when chatting with friends, but if you're writing to a business colleague or someone you don't know, I think there is a certain amount of formality that should be adhered to.

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Posted in: Electronic insect bite healer See in context

Pressing a spoon, heated up by hot tap water, onto the affected area does the same thing.

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Posted in: Ear speakers mountable onto cycling helmet’s strap See in context

I don't see the difference between listening to music while riding a bike or driving a car. In both cases you can either listen at a comfortable level while still able to hear ambient noise or blast away and only hear the music. How is it less dangerous for car drivers? If anything, I would think it's more dangerous since there is a couple of thousand kilograms of extra metal going at a much higher rate of speed.

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Posted in: Man held for abandoning body of woman he met on suicide site See in context

If anything, it sounds like this unfortunate man needs counselling for his own problems not blame for something the woman most likely did on her on.

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Posted in: Toyota exec in Japan resigns over drug arrest See in context

I call BS. She can't claim to have not known better when she was clearly trying to and conceal the drugs within the package. Then, mislabeling it. If her father had sent it to her, I have strong doubts that she didn't know about it. At the very least, she had to have been aware for taking a strong drug into another country was not allowed which is why she was trying to be sneaky. She got caught, and now she has to pay the very steep consequences.

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Posted in: Google acts to curb 'revenge porn' from search results See in context

Sounds like a good policy. What about photos that WERE taken with consent? I'm sure there are times when a photo was taken with the promise that it would only be seen by one person but that promise was not kept.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 22 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

I didn't give any thumbs down for that, but I do understand the feeling that all life is precious so by saying killing one person is worse is than another is, by default, saying that one life is worth more than the other.

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Posted in: 60-year-old man, 7-year-old girl drown in pond See in context

Although people can easily drown in shallow water, I wouldn't consider 3 metres shallow. Add to that a 1 metre embankment and it would be a challenge for a physically fit person. This is such sad news. I hope other people can at least learn from this. Be very vigilant around bodies of water and perhaps stay away from places where it may be difficult to escape from.

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Posted in: Beijing smokebusters to go on patrol See in context

In my opinion, the most effective way to reduce smoking is just to make it costly, coupled with education (especially towards children aged 8 and up). People will WANT to quit smoking on their own which will in turn lead to less smoking in public areas, etc.

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Posted in: Man says he stabbed girl on train to see if he had guts enough to kill someone See in context

This is guy was obviously out of his mind but yes, it took a degree of "bravery" to stab a poor innocent girl with an ice pick.

I'm afraid that you and I have different definitions of "bravery". If anything this was an act of cowardice. A solitary girl sleeping on the train does not seem like a difficult or dangerous target that would jump up and attack him.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing liquid on girl See in context

I always wonder what these creepy people are thinking..."Hey, I think that girl is cute! I'm gonna throw some coffee on her so she'll notice me and think I'm cute too..." ???

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Posted in: Flying has become more energy efficient than driving See in context

My bicycle is way more efficient than both of those!

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Posted in: Man, inspired by IS video, threatens to behead ex-girlfriend See in context

All that sweet talk about plucking her eyes out and decapitation, and he still can't figure out why she dumped him!

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Posted in: Pepper Robot to offer concierge service at Mizuho Bank See in context

How about speedy service so you don't need to wait around ... still, it would be entertaining ...

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Posted in: Hi-res flagship Walkman NW-ZX2 See in context

Seriously? Wow, and they wonder why their company is struggling...

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Posted in: Scientists develop micro-fine adhesive sensors See in context

Wow, just ... wow.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

I watched Japanese TV for the first month of my stay (mostly at hotels) and I haven't watched it since. Everytime I turned it on, there was a 'variety' game show going on and little else. Occasionally I would stumble upon the news and an old drama that I would classify as the Japanese version of an old Western. A samurai hero would save the town from some evil dude. I never did see the anime, although I've watched them elsewhere. The only shows that were interesting for me were the old samurai shows as the variety shows just repeated the same stuff over and over. I was surprised to see the same people on different variety shows.

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Posted in: Mikan flavored potato chips sound gross, but may actually be genius marketing See in context

December 22, just in time for the kotatsu season

Er, hate to burst the author's bubble, but it's "been" kotatsu weather for a month already. I do agree that having a real mikan would be much better than a bag of chips, though.

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Posted in: Beijing bans smoking in public spaces See in context

Where's the Japanese spirit? Are you going to let China beat you on this??

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Posted in: Octagon-shaped 8-inch Windows tablet See in context

To be honest, I only clicked this link because I thought it sounded so bizarre to have a octagon shaped tablet. It reminded me of "The Office" where they were selling a triangular tablet.

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Posted in: Finally, an acceptable breakfast option at 7-Eleven: Eggs Benedict Sandwich See in context

I don't know anyone who ate a "typical North American" breakfast everyday. I'm sure there are a few people who do, but generally speaking I think that most people eat something easier to prepare such as oatmeal, cereal or toast. Those heavy breakfasts such as the ones described are generally for the weekends. I've also had the Japanese breakfasts, and while it may not suit the author, I would definitely not call them boring. I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast experiences both at ryokans and at a real Japanese family. Perhaps if they never changed from day to day, they would be boring, but they usually are varied.

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Posted in: Padlock-style device opens and closes via smartphone See in context

I wonder if there's a key back up for when the battery dies.

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Posted in: Christmas decorations and light displays are already up in some parts of Japan. Do you think it is too early? See in context

How to ruin a perfectly great holiday....commercialize the bejeezus out of it. Yes, it's way too early. I totally agree with Wanderlust. Late November would be nice, after Thanksgiving.

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Posted in: Host club employee arrested for threatening girlfriend See in context

So is 'boyfriend' just a euphanism for pimp?

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Posted in: Cost of making 'Hobbit' movies up to $745 million See in context

I read somewhere that movie productions also pad their bottom line, so that the actual costs are not as high as it seems. One of the reasons they do this is because the often offer people a cut of the "profits" and even when a movie does really well, it doesn't on paper because of the production costs. That way, they don't need to give the people a cut of the profits. A lot of the costs are actually paid to subsidiaries which are in turn owned by the same studios.

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Posted in: If you found a large sum of money in a secluded spot, would you keep it or hand it in to the police? See in context

I was raised with the saying, "Do unto others .... ", so yes, I would of course turn it in, and then go home and imagine all the things I COULD have bought....

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Posted in: Is end in sight of forgiveness for dopers? See in context

It's not just about cheating, it's also about health. Most people would agree that doping is not safe. Even if you decide that athletes should be allowed to destroy their own bodies if that is what they wish, many are often idols to young children and have a heavy influence on them.

Would you want your son or daughter or any loved one taking drugs to enhance their performance simply because they see their idol doing it and succeeding? I believe this is why most people are truly upset when they hear the news. I myself was quite upset about the Armstrong debacle.

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

I got my fill of Japanese TV in the first week in Japan while I was still in a hotel. My only saving point was that I had no Japanese knowledge at the time so it was a tiny bit entertaining.

Now, I only watch stuff on the internet.

I was once informed that smartphones, such as the iPhone are considered TV devices, but as far as I'm aware, iPhones are not capable of receiving a TV broadcast. How can they enforce that?

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Posted in: Driver talking on smartphone flees from police, hitting woman on bike See in context

What an idiot. He was facing a small fine at worst, but is now facing reckless endangerment.

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