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Posted in: Scientists unveil magnetic cure for bad blood See in context

Wow, the implications of this is enormous and could possibly lead to other cures. I wonder if they would be able bind to proteins and viruses.

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Posted in: 19-year-old youth stabs parents; mother dies See in context

Wow, either there is something definitely wrong with this boy, or his parents didn't raise him properly. I have to wonder why the parents didn't notice something amiss with him. I wouldn't think that a homicidal child just spontaneously happens.

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Posted in: USB frustration vanquished by reversible plugs & cables See in context

I'm not sure there was ever a problem. If you tried to plug a USB plug the wrong way, it just wouldn't go. Simply turn it over and try again, presto, it works. The only people that would have problems are those who don't realize that they only plug in one way so they try and force the connection thereby breaking the plastic tab inside. I've never seen that happen though, so I doubt it is a problem.

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Posted in: Japan OKs use of smartphones, tablets during plane takeoffs, landings See in context

I wonder if that means that they will allow you to listen to music. They always had me shut off my mp3 player even though it didn't produce any radio waves.

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Posted in: Mimicking the airlines, hotels get fee-happy See in context

That's the one nice thing I love about Japan. When you see a price, that's the price you pay. No hidden fees on top of that. Well, that is until the 3% tax raise. Now, the supermarkets are showing the pre-tax price of goods. Not so happy with that tactic.

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Posted in: What to do when your kids get you in trouble See in context

Whatever happened to having the children apologize to each other?

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Posted in: Ahead of Emmys, Netflix already winning online See in context

I only want to know if and when Netflix is coming to Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese train seats for the elderly: To sit or not to sit? See in context

Where I come from, EVERY seat is a priority seat. That is, if someone needs it more than you, you should get up and offer it to them.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 22 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

Tessa, anyone you meet for the first time is a complete stranger. I don't think that social media had much to do with this case. I think you would have more of an argument if they had met only once and he decided to stalk her, but they dated for about 5 months, it appears.

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Posted in: University evicts over 100 students for breaching no-drinking rules See in context

It seems quite unfair to those students who didn't 'flout' the rules. Are they supposed to police the other students?

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Posted in: Residents within 5 km of Kyushu nuclear plant given iodine tablets See in context

I don't understand. Why are they distributing iodine tablets? Kagoshima is thousands of kilometers away from Fukushima and I haven't heard of other problems in that area. It seems like an unnecessary risk to ingest iodine in this case.

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Posted in: New rechargeable cell has 7 times higher energy density than lithium-ion cells See in context

They don't really state how fast the charge would be, but just say 'quickly'. If they can manage to find a way to charge a large battery within a few minutes, I think that it would give electric cars a BIG boost. I'm also wondering what the life cycle of this type of battery would be and it has a reduced capacity like the current batteries when it gets older.

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Posted in: Medical advances turn science fiction into science fact See in context

This is great news and encouraging to hear that things will get better in the future ... hopefully.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after 5-month-old son dies in car while she plays pachinko See in context

We all know that common sense is not a strong point among Japanese people.

No, "we" certainly do NOT know that. Please don't lump the whole race in with a few stupid people. Would you like it if you were classed along with the low lifes and criminals from your own country? I didn't think so.

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Posted in: Man pleads guilty to killing ex-girlfriend after stalking her See in context

It's a really difficult case, in my opinion. It's easy to blame the system or the police but without trashing the rights of the accused, what else could they have done? Even if the police were authorized to place accused stalkers in jail, it wouldn't have mattered if they have no address or information on his whereabouts.

I think the people being stalked need to take more drastic measures such as staying with friends or family until the matter is resolved. Of course it wouldn't help if the stalker is really determined, but I'm sure it would help most other cases. This is such as disturbing and sad story.

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Posted in: Inflation vs deflation: Which is right for Japan? See in context

All I know is that the cost of everything has gone up and my salary has remained the same. In fact, my boss is thinking about a reduction because business isn't so great anymore.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

I really doubt that Micky Ds will pull out, but then again, Wendy's did.

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Posted in: Shoe cooler See in context

This is beyond ridiculous. If it's that hot, wear the appropriate shoes.

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for kidnapping 12-year-old girl for ransom See in context

Yes, 2 years seems like a relatively short time for the severity of the crime.

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Posted in: Why does Europe hate GM food and is it about to change its mind? See in context

It has NOT been warmly embraced by people, but perhaps it has by the government. No one really knows how safe or unsafe GM food is. Basically, the population is now undergoing an involuntary lab 'experiment'.

However, GM food aside, there are many other things to consier about this type of farming. First, the variety is quite narrow. Once the growers find a strain that suits their need, it is the only crop grown. Farmers are being forced to grow the crop or go out of business.

Monsanto is a monster that is getting out of control and they want to expand their contol into Europe was well. I hope that Europe fights it if for no other reason than to see what the differences will be between the people from Europe and countries that consume GM. Perhaps we'll find out in a generation if there are any significant problems.

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Posted in: Body of cat with both eyes gouged out found in Kobe apartment building See in context

I definitely think something is wrong with the person who did that. They need to be caught and evaluated, otherwise I fear it will escalate into something worse.

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Posted in: Weakened typhoon leaves 2 dead as it churns past Okinawa See in context

It still hasn't reached Fukuoka yet. Some reports suggest that it will cut down across Kumamoto.

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Posted in: Ninja restaurant designer creates tiny villages in bonsai trees See in context

AMAZING! I'd love to get one of those, but I'm sure I couldn't afford one...

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Posted in: Grapes fetch record Y550,000 a bunch See in context

When the prices are this high, it's my belief that the fruit in question is purchased soley because of the high price. Part of the mentality is to show how wealthy they are, especially if it's a gift. The receiver tends to know the high cost of the fruit and is supposed to be suitably impressed about how much money was spent on them.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for calling 110 more than 900 times in 14 hours See in context

I would have thought that if someone called the line but didn't speak that someone would go to that location to check up on the person since it COULD be someone in dire need of assistance but can't speak or talk. I'm just wondering how this could have gone on for such a long time. Were they unable to trace the calls?

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of woman at Yokosuka hotel refuses to talk to police See in context

What I find interesting is that many people seem to complain about the use of a 'forced' confession yet there are many here who are demanding just that. While this case seems pretty straightforward as to who the guilty party is, It's a slippery slope if you allow these tactics to stand. I say that they should investigate every possible angle and not just rely on a confession.

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Posted in: Hire a gorgeous virtual receptionist via iPad app See in context

I agree with your sentiment, but the article suggests that instead of having just a phone in the company lobby, you would have this app. They are not talking about replacing someone but rather replacing the phone.

I think given the choice, companies would rather have a person at the front than an iPad.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese beauty fads Westerners just don’t understand See in context

I disagree about the snaggletooth. When I first heard of that, I started asking around and most of my Japanese friends told me that they thought it was stupid and were not interested in that. I see a lot of children with braces designed to straighten their teeth, so this seems like a 'fad' for a select few and shouldn't be classified as something Japanese people aspire to.

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Posted in: Scientists explain stress-heart attack link See in context

Time to take up meditation then, I guess.

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Posted in: Flexible arm for smartphones See in context

They do have flexible arms like that for tablets, but they are pretty expensive and I'm guessing that this one might not be sturdy enough to support the weight of a tablet.

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