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Posted in: McDonald's Japan ordered to pay ¥21 mil over improper labeling See in context

And when you buy it, can we see where the store sources their food?

Isn't it pretty common, and required by law most places, that the origin of the product is written on it?

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Posted in: Netflix announces fashion design competition series See in context

I used to love Project Runway, especially the earlier seasons. If it's anything like that, it might be worth a watch.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

I never understood the whole "if you're adult enough to have sex without contraception, you're adult enough to handle the consequences!" If you're not responsible enough to put on a condom or what have you, how are you responsible enough for a child? In any case I think the decision to have an abortion should be made by the woman it's affecting. Sometimes it feels like pro-lifers just want to punish people and feel morally superior.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like? See in context

There is tons of great Japanese music! Haruomi Hosono made magic with YMO and Happy End, Tatsurou Yamashita is a legend, but my all-time favorite groups are Mucc and lynch. Of course there's also a lot of average poppy junk, but I feel the Japanese music-scene is really large and varied.

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart celebrates young stars redefining sexuality See in context


Well, even if you don't think that's "many" I'd still call it sufficient. My point is, it is entirely possible to have children without being in a heterosexual relationship, so it shouldn't cause people to worry about the extinction of our species.

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart celebrates young stars redefining sexuality See in context

@Concerned Citizen

Your sexuality or gender has absolutely nothing to do with whether you have kids or not. Welcome to the future - there are many ways to have children which doesn't require a heterosexual relationship. I'm in one right now and I don't plan to have children. My sexuality has nothing to do with it.

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Posted in: American students pledge future salary to avoid debt See in context


Yes, it's payed by taxes, but I think you know exactly what I meant. Someone always says this, but it's so obvious it feels kinda pointless mentioning it.

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Posted in: American students pledge future salary to avoid debt See in context

I'm glad there are more options now, but the expenses for going to uni absolutely boggles the mind, especially coming from a country where education is completely free and you even get a monthly stipend. Something has gone completely wrong.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you during the Heisei Era? See in context

Getting born was a pretty big highlight.

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Posted in: Blasts kill more than 200, injure over 450 in churches, luxury hotels in Sri Lanka See in context

Where is this information from?

I'd like to know too, can't find this information anywhere.

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Posted in: What do you think about the habit of "manspreading" on trains? See in context

It can be really annoying. I get that men generally just take up more space than women, but the tendency I've observed is that women make more of an effort to take up less space in a crammed train. Men don't seem to be as mindful about spreading legs and elbows, even if it pokes the people sitting around them...

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Posted in: Japan bans fencing coach for bullying athletes See in context


I like how you say there isn't enough info, but nonetheless pass judgement.

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Posted in: Toyota robot can't slam dunk but throws a mean three-pointer See in context

Can't slam-dunk? Then WHAT is even the point

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Posted in: Gov't held secret meetings in 2005 about allowing females to ascend throne, documents show See in context

Just do it!

Just doooo iiiit

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Posted in: Trump downplays white nationalism threat after NZ mosque massacre See in context

Even if Trump truly doesn't intend to support the far-right extremists, it should encourage some soul-searching to hear so many of them being inspired by him. He doesn't seem to mind that fact to much tho.

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Posted in: Japanese man’s job too busy for strawberry-picking date, so his super-sweet girlfriend saves the day See in context

I always feel weird about these stories which are played off as cute and heart-warming, when they in actuality reflect some dystopian conditions...

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing pet dog of estranged wife See in context

That's messed up.

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Posted in: How strongly do you think cultural factors affect the way parents discipline their children? See in context

It's everything! Culture is all our everyday interactions, the things we take for granted and don't consider, it's imprinted upon us from we are born, while we are rarely aware of it.

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Posted in: Transport ministry employee arrested for filming up girl’s skirt on train See in context

Kudos to the man grabbing him. Disgusting behavior.

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

Good luck to these couples! I hope they'll be able to make a change and the government will realize that homosexual couples are just as deserving as any other.

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

Besides the skincolor, another thing that kinda annoys me is how she just doesn't look like a professional athlete. All muscle, tone and strength seems to have been sacrificed to make her pretty and feminine. Some anime-artists are really one trick ponies.

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Posted in: Honesty question: Have you ever peeked at your partner's email or cell phone to see who they have been in touch with? And has the reverse happened to you? See in context

If he's had a conversation open on his computer and I've walked past, I've peeked out of curiosity. But I've never actively sought out his conversations, that's dirty.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

I honestly cannot believe how many people in here think it's okay to hit a student like that! Sure, he was being a bratty loud-mouth, but getting physical like that is assault and absolutely unacceptable. If I was the kid's parents, I'd do anything to get him fired. You can't have a violent maniac like that teaching.

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Posted in: Gov't cuts subsidies to Tokyo Medical University over unfair entrance exams See in context

I'm glad and surprised to see some consequence, though it could be harder.

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Posted in: 'Boys’ love,' the genre that liberates Japanese women to create a world of their own See in context


Sure, porn come in many shapes and sizes, and there is definitely loads of it in the BL-world. It just wanted to point out that that isn't all there is to it - I didn't read it for the lusty parts, I just liked the romance-stuff. Didn't have to have anything to do with lust or eroticism.

I definitely understand where your friend comes from. I don't know how it is specifically in Japan, but I've seen it a lot in my own country too, and it most be sooo annoying as a gay man.

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Posted in: 'Boys’ love,' the genre that liberates Japanese women to create a world of their own See in context

In my teen-years, I was quite the consumer of anything BL. And first of all, it's not always comparable to lesbian porn, or porn at all. Often it's just a love story without all the naughty parts, so it isn't just about getting off.

In hindsight, a lot of BL actually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Many of the portrayed relationships are extremely volatile and toxic, but played off in a "im just so desperate, I'd do anything to have you!"-way. As an adult, it's kinda horrifying. Also the extreme sexualization and fetishization of gay men - I've seen it spill over into reality, where girls squeal when they see gay couples, shipping people they know... It's pretty tasteless. But if done right, it can definitely be a vehicle for acceptance and understanding.

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a high school girl on what she should do if a teacher makes unwanted romantic overtures toward her? See in context

Make a big stink about it to everyone you can. Make sure that person will never teach again.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context


Also, looking at your comments, this seems to be the only time you're in the negative. That's hardly evidence people dislike you because of your nationality and gender.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context


I'm sorry you feel that way, but I truly don't think that's why you've been voted down. Lots of men get voted down to pieces here, and as a woman, I've experienced both sides. I think people probably just do not agree with you, that's all there is to it.

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