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Posted in: Transport ministry employee arrested for filming up girl’s skirt on train See in context

Kudos to the man grabbing him. Disgusting behavior.

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

Good luck to these couples! I hope they'll be able to make a change and the government will realize that homosexual couples are just as deserving as any other.

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

Besides the skincolor, another thing that kinda annoys me is how she just doesn't look like a professional athlete. All muscle, tone and strength seems to have been sacrificed to make her pretty and feminine. Some anime-artists are really one trick ponies.

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Posted in: Honesty question: Have you ever peeked at your partner's email or cell phone to see who they have been in touch with? And has the reverse happened to you? See in context

If he's had a conversation open on his computer and I've walked past, I've peeked out of curiosity. But I've never actively sought out his conversations, that's dirty.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

I honestly cannot believe how many people in here think it's okay to hit a student like that! Sure, he was being a bratty loud-mouth, but getting physical like that is assault and absolutely unacceptable. If I was the kid's parents, I'd do anything to get him fired. You can't have a violent maniac like that teaching.

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Posted in: Gov't cuts subsidies to Tokyo Medical University over unfair entrance exams See in context

I'm glad and surprised to see some consequence, though it could be harder.

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Posted in: 'Boys’ love,' the genre that liberates Japanese women to create a world of their own See in context


Sure, porn come in many shapes and sizes, and there is definitely loads of it in the BL-world. It just wanted to point out that that isn't all there is to it - I didn't read it for the lusty parts, I just liked the romance-stuff. Didn't have to have anything to do with lust or eroticism.

I definitely understand where your friend comes from. I don't know how it is specifically in Japan, but I've seen it a lot in my own country too, and it most be sooo annoying as a gay man.

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Posted in: 'Boys’ love,' the genre that liberates Japanese women to create a world of their own See in context

In my teen-years, I was quite the consumer of anything BL. And first of all, it's not always comparable to lesbian porn, or porn at all. Often it's just a love story without all the naughty parts, so it isn't just about getting off.

In hindsight, a lot of BL actually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Many of the portrayed relationships are extremely volatile and toxic, but played off in a "im just so desperate, I'd do anything to have you!"-way. As an adult, it's kinda horrifying. Also the extreme sexualization and fetishization of gay men - I've seen it spill over into reality, where girls squeal when they see gay couples, shipping people they know... It's pretty tasteless. But if done right, it can definitely be a vehicle for acceptance and understanding.

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a high school girl on what she should do if a teacher makes unwanted romantic overtures toward her? See in context

Make a big stink about it to everyone you can. Make sure that person will never teach again.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context


Also, looking at your comments, this seems to be the only time you're in the negative. That's hardly evidence people dislike you because of your nationality and gender.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man who hasn’t had license for 20 years arrested in hit-and-run See in context


I'm sorry you feel that way, but I truly don't think that's why you've been voted down. Lots of men get voted down to pieces here, and as a woman, I've experienced both sides. I think people probably just do not agree with you, that's all there is to it.

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes single men or women make on their first date which usually torpedo any chance of a relationship? See in context

If we're out for dinner and you're rude to the staff, there won't be a second date.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

Asking a person to go on the same trip once a year for the rest of their life is a big commitment, and I don't think it's one you really can agree to, because I don't think you can really predict how it'll be for you. He shouldn't have asked that of her and she shouldn't have agreed.

I think it's completely fair the husband wants to visit his parents every year, especially at that age. However, it is a bit unreasonable to expect wifey to follow him every single time - I imagine being bored out of my mind after going the same place again and again and again. I think it'd be very fair if she went on her own travels every other year and with him every other year. That way everyone will have to give up something, but also gain something. Besides, I can't imagine it being very fun travelling with someone who'd rather be somewhere else.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

Best thing was finishing my bachelor degree and moving on to my masters.

Worst thing was my exchange-stay in Japan being cancelled because of messy bureaucracy.

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Posted in: Former Japanese porn star Sola Aoi announces pregnancy; hits back at trolls See in context

Every family have their challenges. She and her child will too, but it can be worked through and she's clearly put a lot of thought into having a child. I say good on her and congratulations.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

@Jonathan Prin

Or you could stop being so rude and get better at formulating your opinion? You just said "exact same rights," of course I'd think that includes legal.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

@Jonathan Prin

You don't want gays to have the same rights as everyone else, yet you dislike people being intolerant? That's exactly what intolerance is.

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Posted in: Survey shows more Japanese married men, single Japanese women cheating on their romantic partners See in context

I think it's weird to categorize people who aren't married but in a relationship as 'single'. The headline had me puzzled for a moment - didn't think someone who's single could cheat.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone? See in context

I don't mind too much if they just check it once or twice. I guess it also depends on the nature of the conversation. If I'm just hanging out with people from school between classes, being on your phone is no biggie. But if I'm having a one-on-one with someone and they have a separate conversation going on their phone I'd be annoyed.

I could imagine these responses might vary depending on different generations...

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Posted in: Cybersecurity minister contradicts comment he 'has never used a computer' See in context

...but he said he had employees to do the computer-stuff for him? If you have to backtrack and make up an excuse, at least make it a good one.

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana? See in context


That's such an outdated and narrowminded point of view. Regular, working people who contribute to society, who do well by their family and friends smoke sometimes without it affecting their lives or inhibiting them. Drop the stereotype.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

Jesus christ Trump, chill out

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Posted in: Trump says he wants to end right of citizenship for U.S.-born children of non-citizens, illegal immigrants See in context

Does he not realize this would affect his own children? Ivana wasn't an American citizen before they were born.

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Posted in: Forbidden from moving or making noise, Japanese hostage recounts Syrian torment See in context

I'm so glad this man is back home. What he's gone through has been horrible and it will probably take some time before he can cope with it.

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Posted in: Trump says Saudis staged 'worst cover-up ever' on Khashoggi; U.S. revokes visas of some Saudis See in context

Didn't he just the other day say their explanation was 'credible'? And now it's a bad cover-up? You never know with this man.

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Posted in: 65 injured as typhoon hits Japan's mainland See in context

Well the guy in the pic looks like he's having a grand ol' time...

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Posted in: Odd man out See in context

I guess the obvious question would be why?

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Posted in: Do patients feel more comfortable with male doctors? See in context


Spot on! There is absolutely no "natural" reason this should be the case.

Women leaving their profession and patients feeling less comfortable problems are valid issues, but the solution surely isn't fewer female doctors. There are symptoms of large societal issues in Japan, where gender equality is horribly far behind.

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Posted in: Petition demands lawmaker apologize for LGBT remark See in context

@Concerned Citizen

If it all boils down to who makes babies, then LGBT people should actually receive more support from the government. In our modern society homosexual couples have many opportunities for procreation, even without talking about adoption. The problem is, people like Sugita stigmatize them, making it hard for them to make use of all these options. I don't think she wants to help, I don't think this statement truly reflects a concern for the future. I really think it's only a product of ignorance and prejudice.

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