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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

@Jonathan Prin

Or you could stop being so rude and get better at formulating your opinion? You just said "exact same rights," of course I'd think that includes legal.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

@Jonathan Prin

You don't want gays to have the same rights as everyone else, yet you dislike people being intolerant? That's exactly what intolerance is.

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Posted in: Survey shows more Japanese married men, single Japanese women cheating on their romantic partners See in context

I think it's weird to categorize people who aren't married but in a relationship as 'single'. The headline had me puzzled for a moment - didn't think someone who's single could cheat.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone? See in context

I don't mind too much if they just check it once or twice. I guess it also depends on the nature of the conversation. If I'm just hanging out with people from school between classes, being on your phone is no biggie. But if I'm having a one-on-one with someone and they have a separate conversation going on their phone I'd be annoyed.

I could imagine these responses might vary depending on different generations...

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Posted in: Cybersecurity minister contradicts comment he 'has never used a computer' See in context

...but he said he had employees to do the computer-stuff for him? If you have to backtrack and make up an excuse, at least make it a good one.

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana? See in context


That's such an outdated and narrowminded point of view. Regular, working people who contribute to society, who do well by their family and friends smoke sometimes without it affecting their lives or inhibiting them. Drop the stereotype.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

Jesus christ Trump, chill out

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Posted in: Trump says he wants to end right of citizenship for U.S.-born children of non-citizens, illegal immigrants See in context

Does he not realize this would affect his own children? Ivana wasn't an American citizen before they were born.

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Posted in: Forbidden from moving or making noise, Japanese hostage recounts Syrian torment See in context

I'm so glad this man is back home. What he's gone through has been horrible and it will probably take some time before he can cope with it.

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Posted in: Trump says Saudis staged 'worst cover-up ever' on Khashoggi; U.S. revokes visas of some Saudis See in context

Didn't he just the other day say their explanation was 'credible'? And now it's a bad cover-up? You never know with this man.

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Posted in: 65 injured as typhoon hits Japan's mainland See in context

Well the guy in the pic looks like he's having a grand ol' time...

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Posted in: Odd man out See in context

I guess the obvious question would be why?

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Posted in: Do patients feel more comfortable with male doctors? See in context


Spot on! There is absolutely no "natural" reason this should be the case.

Women leaving their profession and patients feeling less comfortable problems are valid issues, but the solution surely isn't fewer female doctors. There are symptoms of large societal issues in Japan, where gender equality is horribly far behind.

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Posted in: Petition demands lawmaker apologize for LGBT remark See in context

@Concerned Citizen

If it all boils down to who makes babies, then LGBT people should actually receive more support from the government. In our modern society homosexual couples have many opportunities for procreation, even without talking about adoption. The problem is, people like Sugita stigmatize them, making it hard for them to make use of all these options. I don't think she wants to help, I don't think this statement truly reflects a concern for the future. I really think it's only a product of ignorance and prejudice.

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Posted in: Going to an 'onsen' while on your period: Cultural taboo or well-prepared OK experience? See in context

@Sandie Gripper

Period isn't "dirty" the same way the other things you mention are, and they can't really be compared. Period blood is actually very clean, and you won't get sick from it like you will by someone sneezing or pooping on you (however that would work). Of course I can understand not wanting to touch other people's period - I don't exactly want to myself. But comparing it to poop or sneezing is just not reasonable.

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Posted in: Petition demands lawmaker apologize for LGBT remark See in context

@Concerned Citizen

How are you supposed to do that? What does productivity mean? It's a ridiculous statement with an implied value-judgment of a certain group of people. Besides, why should people be judged on their "productivity" (whatever that means)? Don't they have an inherent value as people, no matter who they choose to spend their life with?

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Posted in: Petition demands lawmaker apologize for LGBT remark See in context

This isn't the only time Mio Sugita has said something despicable. In a documentary called Japan's Secret Shame concerning rape and sexual harassment in Japan, she says that kind of thing is normal, every woman experiences it, and they should just learn to live with it - with a smile and laughter. She is an enemy of women, of minorities, of everyone who questions the worrying aspects of current Japan.

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Posted in: Apparently enough people watched the American 'Death Note' that Netflix is making a sequel See in context

And this is why you shouldn't watch things ironically - it just makes people think you like it.

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Posted in: Global backlash against gay conversion therapy gathers pace See in context

Religious freedom should never override people's right to be safe, respected and not tortured. Many times conversion therapy is just that, torture. It's not voluntary and it's deeply hurtful to the people undergoing it. And yes, by faaaar most of those people are forced to it, it's not voluntary.

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Posted in: Trump says it is 'dangerous' for Twitter, Facebook to ban accounts See in context

because that could be you tomorrow

Well yeah, if you break the rules on that forum. It's really quite simple. When you sign up to use Social Media, there are rules to follow. If you break them, you're out.

Not that Twitter will ever actually ban Alex Jones, tho. That company cares waaay to much about all the sweet money he brings in for them.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 8-month-old daughter in freezing bathroom in January See in context


What do you mean "as if they read JT"? I thought most people had figured out that there are actually females on the internet.

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Posted in: May urges Boris Johnson to apologize for burqa comments See in context

In the time leading up to face-covering veils being banned here in Denmark, I've gotten a clear impression that many of the (few) women wearing coverings like that are independent, intelligent and very much capable of deciding these things for themselves. I've been following it closely, reading interviews and watching clips, and to say these women are brainwashed and forced to wear veils... It's super close-minded and in many cases, just plain wrong.

Anyone is allowed to feel how they want about burqas and the like. But I don't see why they have to be rude like Boris here, or why they get to decide what women should wear. The few women who are forced by very religious men will have to stay home, being even less able to integrate into society. No one wins from this, except for scared, close-minded xenophobes.

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Posted in: Facebook, Apple, YouTube remove most of U.S. conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' content See in context

Setting aside ethics, politics and everything else, my goblin-heart sings with joy. Alex Jones is a complete and utter moron. I don't know how he got so unhinged. I've seen old clips with him where he's actually coherent. Something went very wrong.

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University also manipulated male applicants' scores: sources See in context

@Alex Einz

Just because you're honest about it doesn't mean it isn't discrimination. Discrimination is being treated different for reasons you can't control, honesty or not.

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Posted in: Japan, it’s time to end your love affair with cash See in context

I don't mind cash being popular in Japan, don't see a big problem with it. The only problem is lack of flexibility. I'm going as an exchange student, and they expect me to pay for the entire stay in cash, on arrival. That's a lot of money to be travelling with, I'd prefer some other way.

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Posted in: Russia tasks Hollywood actor Seagal with improving U.S. ties See in context

By now Steven Seagal is largely considered a joke. It's especially unlikely he'll improve these so-called "youth ties" - if young people aren't laughing at him, they just don't care about him. Strange choice.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' creators bring feminism, young talent to new show See in context

Since Eric Andre is in it, I have to check it out. The man is absolutely insane, it'll be interesting seeing him like this haha.

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Posted in: China's former internet czar charged with taking bribes See in context

This guy must have peed off the wrong people.

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Posted in: 48-year-old Niigata man uses teen’s family debts to force her into having sex with him See in context

so the authorities can now arrest us if they suspect we knew about something and failed to act or report? 

Well, is this a new thing? I was under the impression that this was standard in many countries.

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