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Posted in: Takarazuka - purity, honesty and beauty See in context

I've always really wanted to watch one of their shows, but I never knew the lifestyle was so harsh. Puts a dampener on it.

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Posted in: What to do about the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

Postpone them or cancel. Holding them this year seems pointless. The pandemic doesn't seem to have topped yet and many of the athletes are probably affected by it too. No one will be at the top of their game, I'm already hearing about many swimmers having a hard time finding water to train in. We really need to put the focus elsewhere than the Olympics globally.

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

To everyone saying it shouldn't be done because the athletes are in peak conditions now: do you really think so? There's a good chance a number of them will get sick and unable to train and perform. It's very plausible many of them will be at their worst this summer. Postpone it a year, then they can all get that much better or get worse together :)

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Posted in: Cat shot with crossbow bolt in Shiga Pref See in context

Pretty messed up. Glad the cat survived.

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Posted in: Gender gaps deeply ingrained in Japanese society: U.N. official See in context


I think you have some points, and I think it underlines how the entire labour-market in Japan has gone awry. Women reject work because they know they'll end up in dead-end careers, serving tea and make photocopies (although I know it's a bit cliche), while at the same time keeping up the home front. As it is now there are just more incentives to be a housewife with maybe a part-time job. Few people really want to work like a salaryman, probably also explains why women are happier. So yes, we have to question what women want, but also why they want it - is it personal desire or the most available lifestyle in the current society? I would also recommend anyone the book you've linked, it's a very informative read and talks about some of the points I've raised here.

I also think Abe has purposely selected conservative women for his government so he can look like he's working for equality while maintaining the status quo.

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Posted in: Increasingly desperate single women bear brunt of economic inequality See in context

There are many institutional factors making it harder for women than men getting a decent wage in Japan. But this article seems to sensationalize it by bringing stories of women turning to prostitution. Not sure why they chose that angle.

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Posted in: Gender gaps deeply ingrained in Japanese society: U.N. official See in context

Womenomics is a total joke. The problem is, Abe doesn't really care about equality - he cares about using women as workers to solve a crisis on that front, and as mothers to solve the population-crisis, plus appeasing his conservative voters. That way nothing will truly change for regular women.

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Posted in: 'Single women only,' say rules for anime voice actress auditions for new 'Love Live!' series See in context

Yikes :/

And the explanation that it all makes sense because they'll essentially become idols doesn't make it better, it just show how exploitative the whole industry is.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift takes on toxic masculinity as 'The Man' See in context

@Toasted Heretic let me grant you your wish :)

I think Swift has a point. With all the stories of lacking equality in various fields, as a woman you can't help but wonder if things would be different if you had something extra between your legs. At the same time, I very much agree with posters pointing out how hard it is to take it seriously when coming from an extremely privileged woman (although I'm sure she had her share of unfair treatment because of her gender).

Also, I like the term toxic masculinity when used right. It can be a very helpful tool to cast light on how certain ideals of masculinity hurts both men and women, although I admittedly rarely see it in academia compared to public discourse. As someone pointed out, it would be useful to also talk more about toxic femininity, but I think we already do - we just don't call it by that term. I can also understand why people are sick of it being used as a blanket-term for any bad behavior coincidentally shown by a man.

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Posted in: Idol group charges extra for photos with fans not wearing masks due to cornoavirus See in context

an official statement from the group's management says it's an effort to raise awareness regarding the shortage of sickness masks in Japan

... by making people buy them for unnecessary reasons like taking pictures with idols? How does this make sense at all??

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Posted in: Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences? See in context

Using the term 'political correctness' already influences the debate because of the many, often negative, connotations the term has acquired. I think there are some issues in anime, particularly regarding gender, which personally puts me off watching a bunch of shows. The question is probably whether anime-creators even want to expand the market - if so, they probably have to re-think some things. I don't think this means every anime has to be streamlined and do the same things, but I think there's room for anime which is more sensitive to some social issues. Make room for new genres and ideas without necessarily eliminating everything that used to characterize anime. I think a lot of people could benefit from that.

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Posted in: Trump scoffs at 'Parasite' Oscar win See in context


About your "no one reads a movie" - I know it's hard to remember, but a lot of people are from much smaller countries which therefore produces less domestic entertainment and therefore imports a lot with - you guessed it - subtitles! Somehow "reading a movie" isn't an issue for millions of people.

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Posted in: Trump scoffs at 'Parasite' Oscar win See in context

@Toasted Heretic I can link you an article about the study in Danish but I don't know if that'll help you any ;) There are divided opinions over why this is however - some say it's because democrats feel more powerless, others because they feel more responsible to do something about the world's problems.

It's pretty irrelevant anyways. Trump's crowd loves him for saying inane stuff like this. The appearance of a character like him has truly brought out the worst in people, made it acceptable, and I fear for how it will shape us in the future.

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Posted in: Over 50% of single Japanese women in their 20s struggle to make ends meet, survey says See in context

I don't know why @JJ Jetplane gets so many downvotes, as countless studies prove everything they are saying. Women just have a harder time providing for themselves in Japan because of societal attitudes. Of course there will always be those who are irresponsible with money, but that doesn't paint the whole picture. It is very likely that these women will never have as much income as their male counterparts.

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Posted in: Couple at center of Abe cronyism scandal found guilty over fraud See in context

Meanwhile, another couple at the center of the ABE cronyism scandal gets away with it completely. Business as usual.

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Posted in: If you have not yet retired, at what age would you like to retire (if at all)? Do you think you would get bored with retirement? See in context

As a student, I haven't even started my working life, so I guess it'll depend on how I find it. My grandparents both have fulfilling jobs that they love, with my grandfather still working at the age of 80. I'd like to find something like that, but I also like the thought of a longer, chill retirement to do with what I want :)

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Posted in: The South Korean film "Parasite" won four Academy Awards on Sunday, including best picture. Yet, foreign-language films with subtitles have a hard time drawing mainstream audiences in English-speaking countries. How do you feel about films whose dialogue is not your native language? Do you like watching such films with subtitles? See in context

Coming from a small country, I haven't had much choice about it haha. So I'm very used to subtitles and appreciate them. There are great movies from all over the world, and I definitely find subtitles preferable to dubs.

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Posted in: Top court upholds fine on designer for child porn computer images See in context

Soo... I guess he had actually pornographic images of children, but that's fine? Priorities....

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Posted in: The surprising truth about cheating on one's partner in Japan See in context

You're not single if you have a bf/gf! It's such a weird distinction and not the first time I've seen it from Japan.

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Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi to take 2 weeks paternity leave See in context

A bit weak, but it's better than nothing in Japan I guess. The flexible way of working is a bit of progress too.

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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

What a non-apology. Nothing new there.

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Posted in: What are your highest hopes for your life this year? See in context

Finishing my Masters and finding a good job.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

Luckily I've been having a pretty good year, so nothing really stands out as 'worst'. Some positive highlights are summer vacation in Japan and finding a new apartment.

Happy New Years everyone!

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Posted in: Fewer than 900,000 new Japanese babies this year for first time on record See in context

Many Japanese men and women want to change the status quo - men want to be more involved with their children and women want to do other things than being at home. The problem is mainly the way businesses are being allowed to control their employees, with tons of overwork and long working hours, usually for the man in the couple, since you almost can't run a household with two people working that way. There are also incentives to keep it this way from the government, like the tax-breaks someone mentioned further up. The people in charge seem like they don't wanna handle the real issues, Womenomics is a joke.

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Posted in: Asakusa: A guide to Tokyo’s traditional and spiritual downtown See in context

I stayed in Asakusa for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it. It's a great area.

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Posted in: Washington pulled apart by partisan divide over 'facts' See in context

I'm really impressed by how well this comment section proves the point of the article.

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Posted in: Japan to keep pushing coal in developing world despite criticism See in context


What's fake about it? That Japan is being criticized or that they are backing coal?

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Posted in: Rethinking of gender roles is a prerequisite for raising Japan’s birth rate, experts say See in context

@Burning Bush

Sorry, but that doesn't match Japan's history at all. In pre-industrial society, gender roles were less pronounced throughout most of the population, many children or not. You needed everyone helping as much as possible. Of course it was a different story for much of the rich elite, but they've always been a tiny percentage of the whole population.

With the Meiji restoration, the gender roles of the elite were being spread to other classes, and after WWII they solidified into what I guess you mean by traditional gender roles, meaning wife at home, husband at work. With this nuclear-family, fewer children became more common. However, for many this was still an ideal, a fairly large percentage of Japanese women still worked in some capacity.

It's a big mistake to think Japanese women have fewer children and work more because they're selfish and immature. Most women do want kids, but there isn't the time and money needed.

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Posted in: Zero-hour on climate, but U.N. talks in another time zone See in context

Just came from another article about one-day-delivery from companies like Amazon, which have bought jets to keep up. This kind of consumerism will need to stop, people will have to accept sacrifices like that.

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