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Posted in: Wales dominant as it beats Russia 3-0 to win group at Euro 2016 See in context

The dragon has awaken! Was delightful to see our boys in red put 3 into the Russian net but at the same time I was gutted to see Akinfeev concede as he's one of my favourite goalkeepers!

Nonetheless, the "no-hopers" won the group. Roll on to the next game!

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Posted in: Bosnia and Herzegovina beats Japan 2-1 to win Kirin Cup See in context

The problem with Japan is that they always try to walk the ball into the net and this is why they fell short today. Right before the final whistle, Kiyotake had a clear opportunity(and probably the best one of the game) to score a goal but instead he rather unselfishly passed the ball across the box for one of his team-mates to score a tap-in where there were a few Bosnian players already waiting to clear the ball. He should have just took the shot! That decision by Kiyotake was the difference in taking the game to extra time or losing.

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Posted in: 3 reasons Japanese movies today suck, according to distributor and producer Adam Torel See in context

American movies have been poor for the last few years as well, they are really scraping the barrel! The only American film I've watched in the recent past is that new Star Wars film.

Nevertheless, both in Japan and America, a gem occasionally appears! I've seen a couple of great Japanese films and dramas recently.

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Posted in: Chinese foreign minister accuses Japan of constantly seeking to make trouble See in context

How ironic.

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Posted in: Asahi offers $3.5 bil for lager brands Peroni, Grolsch See in context

Very interesting. I have tried Sapporo Premium and I do like it, very refreshing. I have tried Yebisu only once, I found that it's an acquired taste, not a fan of it myself but perhaps I should try it more than once before coming to that decision.

Never tried any of those microbrews that you mentioned as my choice is very limited since I'm not in Japan at the moment. However when not in Japan, I always buy the imported beers to be sure that I'm drinking the real thing.

Recently I'm enjoying a Thai lager "Chang", It's one of my favourites. I recommend it if you haven't tried it already.

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Posted in: Asahi offers $3.5 bil for lager brands Peroni, Grolsch See in context

Why doesn't Asahi just learn how to make a decent beer?

You can't just make a beer overnight. Besides, Asahi is a very nice, crisp and refreshing lager. It's among my top 5. What lager do you like? Would be interesting to know if you think Asahi isn't good.

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Posted in: Japanese airline profits jump on tourism surge See in context

Don't know why I got downvoted for saying that I'm interested in airlines and airliners. I guess I'll get downvoted for this too.

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Posted in: Japanese airline profits jump on tourism surge See in context

Great to see JAL doing well! I'm really interested in airliners and airlines, especially JAL! How are Skymark doing these days?

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

Haha, typical. It's never enough for these Koreans.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

Accepting refugees has already taken it's toll on my country and nearby countries. I don't want to see Japan suffer the same fate. Stand firm Japan!

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Posted in: Hong Kong Airlines to launch flights to Kumamoto See in context

I'm surprised to see an A320 being used on a journey of that distance!

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Posted in: Wales beat England 28-25; Springboks crush Samoa; Italy downs Canada at Rugby World Cup See in context

Many of the English thinking that they were going to rout the Welsh. Hahaha, what foolish thinking! Have a bit of that on your own soil!

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Posted in: 63% say Japan should stop apologizing over war: poll See in context

How fantastic to see this statistic when previously I'd be lashed by JT readers for thinking Japan doesn't need to keep apologising.

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

Many Chinese and Koreans, yes. The rest of the world has moved on.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against 'crippling regional peace' See in context

How do you regard other countries around the world who in your eyes didn't play a major role in defeating Japan commemorating VJ Day?

You're not understanding me. The point I'm making is that it's ridiculous that an entire country holds a public holiday merely for 1 single country's defeat. The fact that they played barely any part in defeating them was just an addition to that.

"Japan lost the war, let's have an annual holiday because of it!"

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Posted in: China warns Japan against 'crippling regional peace' See in context

How pathetic and bitter the Chinese are. Amazing how the defeat of Japan is a public holiday in China, it wasn't even them who ultimately defeated the Japanese. Most of the time they were crushed by the Japanese. As I read these articles often involving China and Japan, it makes me realise how pathetic China are that they are quick to pounce on any Japanese political move. Grow up.

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Posted in: In U.S., 'comfort woman' demands apology from Japan See in context

It seems to be becoming a Korean trend to demand an apology every time a different prime minister is in office. Ridiculous.

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Posted in: China media mock Japan's luxury lavatories See in context

Quite ironic considering most Chinese toilets are a mere hole in the ground.

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Posted in: Honda blasts Asian Cup schedule See in context

No browny. In past Asian Cups, Euro Cups, African Cups, American Cups, World Cups and other international cups, each team would have 4 days rest before playing another match. 2 days rest is not the norm for an international football tournament.

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Posted in: 2-year-old accidentally shoots his mother dead in Idaho Wal-Mart See in context

America. Why am I not surprised?

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Posted in: Japan lose fullback Uchida for Asian Cup See in context

How unfortunate! Hopefully Goku Sakai can fill in for him impressively.

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Yonekura announces marriage See in context

Congratultions to Ryoko! Sad that she's no longer available though. Well, not that I had a chance anyway!

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura's 'Doctor X' garners highest rating this year See in context

What are you expecting me to say , sighclops? What is there for me to enlighten you on?

My argument is simply that the only people who seem to say Japanese tv is terrible are a bunch of old foreigners.. Before you try to counteract this, refer to what I said to "Probie". The TV where you are from could be just as terrible to a Japanese person as Japanese TV is to you.

Besides, who are you to speak when you hate all commercial TV! Ridiculous.

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura's 'Doctor X' garners highest rating this year See in context

Well you are a westerner. To a Japanese person, American TV could be as bad as you think Japanese TV is . I'd agree with them too, yankee TV is a load of rubbish. I'd be much more entertained by what I see on Japanese TV than on American TV.

Also, don't you think it's abit immature to hate someone and label them the most annoying person on TV just because they can't act? You must hate a lot of people with that logic.

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura's 'Doctor X' garners highest rating this year See in context

A lot of you JT readers are the most cynical bunch of people I have ever witnessed. I don't think I have seen a post without some kind of belittling, criticism or just general negative comments. Lighten up and stop living in the past. Most of you who criticise what's on TV are all knocking on abit and can't seem to get to grips with modern TV.

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Posted in: China mourns death of Japanese actor Takakura See in context

Truly devastated. Loved his role as Major Yamaguchi in "Too late the Hero" as well as his other movies too. His English skills were fantastic.

A man known as "The man that never smiles" for his tough guy characters in movies but really he was kind, warm and humorous !

Rest in peace, Ken-san

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

R.I.P Major Yamaguchi as I knew him in Too late the Hero, a brilliant act in that movie and the others I have seen him in.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

Good on the Okinawans. Hurry and get those yanks out of there !

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Posted in: Swimmer Tomita suspended until March 31, 2016, for camera theft See in context

What an incredibly harsh bunch. Many say his suspension is not enough and some even saying that he should not be allowed to represent Japan ever again? Over this? Yes it is right that he should be suspended but one would think he'd have committed the crime of the century with the way some people are talking about it here.

Ban him for 1 year at the very most and let him know he won't be representing Japan if he does something like this again.

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Posted in: Milan fired up by the real Keisuke Honda See in context

It's great to see him in such fine form.

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