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Posted in: Japan’s edible insect vending machines dish out luxury bug bits See in context

There’s also one in Kumamoto, or, at least there was last time I checked a few years ago. Though it claimed to have been the only one in Japan.

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Posted in: Downloads of Japan's COVID-19 tracing app slow to 7.7 mil See in context

I downloaded it in my phone and hubs’ phone, but like others have said, the 15 minute limit is toooooo long. All it takes is one cough, one sneeze, one weirdo jiichan standing close enough behind you to feel his breathing on you, to get it. I want the app to ding whenever I am by anyone who has been diagnosed with it the second my phone registers the other person’s info. Is it some sort of filtering of potentially unnecessary testing? Like, “hey, if they’re by someone who has it for at least 15 min then they DEFINITELY have it so we will have to test them”, but anything less and then it’s an “eh, maybe, but not 100% so no test for you” kind of situation?

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 14 missing after floods in southwestern Japan See in context

It’s now up to 21 dead, 18 missing. Hitoyoshi, Ashikita, Tsunagi, Yatsushiro, all are suffering from flooding, overflow, and landslides. My kids’ school has already prepared for more rain that is supposed to come tonight and tomorrow by preemptively canceling school for tomorrow. These rivers rarely flood this bad, so many areas are just not built up enough to stop the overflow. So many hatakes ruined, many just barely finished planting their rice, too. The main road is closed off between Tsunagi and Ashikita because of a huge landslide right at the entrance of one of the tunnels down here. It’s a mess.

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Posted in: Many prefectures fear coronavirus influx from big cities during Golden Week See in context

Went out to do some grocery shopping and during our short time out we saw quite a few cars from other prefectures including Osaka, Tokyo, and Chiba. It might not seem like anything but I’m down in southern Kyushu.... not exactly a day trip.

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

I live in a podunk town in southern Kyushu that claims to have no cases of infection. Our only hospital has people stationed outside each entrance with thermometers. If you have any sign of a fever, they won’t let you in and ask you to leave immediately. So... sure, if you can’t or won’t test for infection, then no infection exists, right? Meanwhile, they require our kids to go to school one day every two weeks for more homework.

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Posted in: Japan begins distributing cash handouts for virus relief See in context

The money we get will be going to bills and the last bit of a loan. Maybe some of you don’t need it, but it’s going to be of a great help to us and many other families in need.

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Posted in: Woman conned out of ¥14.2 mil in coronavirus scam See in context

My Japanese mother-in-law received two phone calls like that last month. Each time, the male caller said it’s me, mom, I need help. They also knew my husband’s name and other personal things as well. If she didn’t live next door, she might have actually thought it was from him.

I don’t know how they can have so much personal information about people, or why they would feel completely fine with taking advantage of the elderly.

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Posted in: Man held for extorting money from woman he met on matchmaking site See in context

5SpeedRacer5: I completely agree. When my husband asked why she didn't go to the police, she said she couldn't afford to lose her job. And apparently, this isn't the first time for that coworker to do such a thing.

What I meant by the stories I could tell, was not only about that coworker, but about the way the city we are in allows abuse to go on through their city hall controlled nursing home. But that seems to be part of the nationwide problem with nursing homes here. My husband has tried speaking up before and was told to not cause trouble. When he was transferred there a few years ago, he was told going in to do his job, keep his head down and not get mixed up with any of the staff there, and that he'll get out when his time there was done. But that doesn't have anything to do with this article, so my thoughts just came out wrong.

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Posted in: Man held for extorting money from woman he met on matchmaking site See in context

I've been seeing this a lot lately. One example is one of my husband's coworkers. He is married, with a permanent girlfriend on the side, he has kids with both. Then a new girl got transferred in April and she became his third. After promising marriage and a new life -even going as far as telling the third's parents, he told her that he would never divorce his wife because the wife wouldn't let him, and the second wouldn't leave him because she also believes that at some point he will marry her, so number 3 tries to break it off. He got furious and demanded 200,000¥ from her or he'll show naked pics he took of her to everyone at work. She went crying to the boss, saying that she had to quit because of him and the only thing that happened was a renewed policy against employees dating. My husband works in a nursing home for the sick, elderly and disabled. Oh the stories I could tell.

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