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Posted in: Do you think Russia should have been banned from the Rio Olympics over allegations of state-sponsored doping? See in context

What was the deal? The athletics team ban to allow the others?

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Posted in: Gov't employees to start work early, finish early in July, August See in context

It is a kind of system that has been on in Spain for many years (jornada intensiva). I'm all for it!

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Posted in: Harrison Ford to reprise iconic 'Indiana Jones' role See in context

Will Sean Connery join as well?

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Posted in: Which form of renewable energy do you think is the best alternative to nuclear energy? See in context

No single source is enough. Should be a combination as no country / location is the same.

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Posted in: Should Japan stop identifying Buddhist temples on maps with the traditional "manji" symbol that is often confused with a Nazi swastika? See in context

Should European city maps stop using the "cross" to respect other religions such as Islam? There must be a way to show respect.

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Posted in: Do you think the names of minors convicted of violent crimes should be reported by the media? See in context

Basically no, as long as they are legally a minor.

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Posted in: Tokyo recommends 5 additional sports for 2020 Olympics See in context

The Olympic motto is made up of three Latin words : Citius - Altius - Fortius. These words mean Faster - Higher - Stronger. I prefer sports that can be measured, and not those that human beings judge and score.

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Posted in: Should permanent foreign residents in Japan have the right to vote? See in context

There are countries that allow legal non-national residents to vote at least in local elections.

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Posted in: Do you think lowering the voting age to 18 in Japan is a good idea? See in context

Laws relating to the "under aged" must also be reviewed, but the single largest issue is how to deal with voter apathy. Is it education? Should voting be compulsory as in some countries?

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Posted in: Aid for Nepal See in context

Well done! But still slow. Why news coverage from day two already showed rescue teams from nearby countries such as China, India, etc and even from further away countries such as France, Germany, Turkey, Israel, etc. Japan, as a country that has its own earthquakes, should be able to deploy aid even quicker.

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Posted in: Dane Laudrup linked to Japan soccer coach job See in context

Laudrup leading Japan would be a great move. Great player he was, and with experience as a coach. But rumours say that many European clubs want to hire him.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the Japanese government's decision to provide $200 million in non-military humanitarian aid for those displaced by conflict in the Middle East? See in context

NO! In a democracy, people should have the liberty as long as they are of adult-age. However, if you have looked for the risk, you (nor your close family) shouldn't expect the government to help you.

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Posted in: Brazil exit poll: Rousseff will face Neves See in context

Despite the heavy rain on Sunday, great participation by the Brazilian community in Japan.

And the vote results in Japan,

And back on the 26th.

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Posted in: J.League looks ahead with 100-year vision See in context

From a national side perspective, they must really consider finding consistency, and not changing coaches - Japanese, French, Brazilian, Italian, Mexican after every major tournament.

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Posted in: Lawson to buy supermarket chain Seijo Ishii See in context

Its becoming ever more difficult for smaller markets to survive. Just hope that under Lawson, Seijo Ishii mantains and hopefully expands their "imported" produce, as it is valued by the expatriate community.

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Posted in: Do you think Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) should be nationalized? See in context

Absolutely not. In the event that it is, it should be sold immediately.

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