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Posted in: Fishmongers mourn closure of famous Tokyo fish market See in context

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' renewed through historic season 30 See in context

Mike H, this isn't People can generally express their own opinions as long as they don't violate Japan Today's user guidelines. It's a wonderful world with MANY opinions, and not all of them will agree with yours. So don't have a cow, man.

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Posted in: Trump's idea of a Muslim ban has legal experts divided See in context

Black people aren't terrorists. Muslim extremists are. The black argument is racist because you are equating blacks with terrorists.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

" is what it is." This may just be a southern thing in the states. I'm not sure. But it's damned annoying. Also the use of the word "literally" when someone is speaking figuratively.

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Posted in: Human roadblock for Japanese firms developing autonomous cars See in context

How many deaths are self driven cars responsible for? I guess none til they are actually on the road.

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Posted in: Why the U.S. military can't succeed in training foreign armies See in context

American soldiers don't fight and die FOR their government... they fight and die for their PEOPLE. Many soldiers don't have alot of faith in their government, but they keep fighting for their family... their friends... and their way of life. I don't think any successful military or militia in the world has soldiers who aren't on that same wavelength. Obviously these iraqi and afghani "soldiers" don't care about their own people enough to put their lives on the line.

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Posted in: Why do extremists drive Toyotas? asks U.S. See in context

This would make great fodder for one of their stupid commercials.

Dealer: Hi, I'm Joe Dealer here with Hammad Rashaad to talk about the new Toyota Tacoma!

Radhaad: I like room in bed. Many ammunitions can fit in. I also to be liking that my rocket launcher and the rpg to be easy mount to side of truck.

Dealer: There you have it! Toyota! (Insert catch phrase)

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Posted in: Companies learn to weed out false customer claims See in context

SenseNotSoCommon wtf are you talking about? Did you read the article? It's about companies trying to distinguish between legitimate and false claims of faulty or damaged products. I don't understand how a legitimate business making themselves tantalizing to "impressionable customers" is the same as fraudulent claims to scam a store. Making your services or goods more attractive and/or enjoyable is not fraudulence. Are you confused about what the article is about, or confused about what words mean? What was false about what the wig vendors claimed? Did they falsely advertise price? Did they falsely claim that their staff was ugly? If it's price gouging, that's an entirely different matter. That's not a falsehood.

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Posted in: U.S. 'Attack on Titan' fans left waiting as subtitles freeze during first screenings See in context

You're darn right I ignored the bad reviews. The subs at my theatre didn't freeze, so I was sitting there understanding just how crappy this movie was for that 20 min. But the Eren transformation scene was pretty good. And Sasha "potato girl" was funny.

Luckily for the rest of the movie there were plenty of people laughing inappropriately throughout. They didn't understand the baby titan and the almost-sex-scene were NOT supposed to be funny... or they were so bad they had to laugh?

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Posted in: Apple hack exposes flaws in building apps behind 'Great Firewall' See in context

Apple OS is not impervious to attacks. No system is. They have good security, but the majority of privately owned computers are Windows based, and the majority of company systems are Unix or Windows. What incentive have hackers had to hack Apple?

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Posted in: U.S. says more active role for Japan's military no threat to China See in context

Obama doesn't care about our own constitution... why would he care about Japan's?

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Posted in: Japan takes step toward having a 'normal' military See in context

Japan was ahead of it's time with only a self defense force. Why go backwards, Japan? Why?

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Posted in: Automakers commit to put automatic brakes in all cars See in context

It doesn't say in the article that the system is connected to the internet, or has any kind of wireless data or signal receivers. How are they going to over ride a closed system? Alien technology? Magic? People are jumping to conclusions. #Paranoia

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Posted in: M5.2 earthquake jolts Tokyo; no tsunami risk See in context

Someone should really do something about those earthquakes

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Posted in: Muslim man accidentally served bacon while being detained at immigration center See in context

If Allah will allow muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol to deceive the infedels, im sure he will forgive them for unknowingly eating pork... unless he knew it was pork and ate it just to be an upstart and get back at his captors. Allah will be ok with that too... anything to persecute people with different beliefs.

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

So i guess having two atomic bombs dropped on major cities with mass casualties resulting isn't enough? You gotta make em kneel and grovel? I dunno about all of America, but most people ive come across still think Germany was the biggest agressor and committer of atrocities. Japan is more of an after thought. But when you say "japan", most people won't think "terrible war criminals". Theyll think "godzilla" and anime. I dont think anyone but the oldest generations of Americans and families of those at pearl harbor hold negative war time views of Japan. But then again, alot of us dont even know about their war time "crimes", so there is that.

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Posted in: US regulator approves first drug made with 3-D printer See in context

Why do you need a 3d printer to make a tablet? Aren't normal methods much faster and more convenient than building a tablet line by line and layer by layer?

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Posted in: U.N. commissioner urges Abe to meet 'comfort women' See in context

Japan already made reperations in the form of payment with the 1965 treaty. South Korea has promised not to demand anymore money from Japan. But S Korea spent that money already, without giving much to the victims. The people of S Korea seem to think their government should pay up, but we all kbow they wont. So now the victims appeal to the UN... and the UN, with their heads up the backend as usual, are going after Japan for a public apology instead of going after S.Korea for not paying out reperations. Im pretty sure Japan paid out money instead of having to lose face and publicly apologize, but if they have to publicly apologize now and admit fault, itll have to take responsibility back into its own hands and pay AGAIN since S Korea squandered the reperations.

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Posted in: 'Back to the Future' hoverboard comes to life from Lexus See in context

Not legit. And, Dissillusioned, Hendo's does NOT hover over everything. It's the same mag lev like system. You need to hover this overglorified magnet over the proper magnetic material. The two magnets repel each other with enough force to float a human

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Posted in: The gun control debate: Do you support the right of citizens to own and bear firearms? See in context

Ummm... your safety is YOUR responsibility... not the copd... not the burglar alarm company's. God himself has never descended to save the life of a believer.

Of coarse i believe in my right to bear arms. Why is this even a question? If you dont wanna protect yourself, just die. Its really that simple. Even neanderthals understood that. You can laden it with every moral high ground stance, every statistic, and every beuracratic legislation you want... but when you're in danger, you will either kill or be killed. Guess which one I'd rather do? The police arent gonna save you, they will just scrape your and your family's cold carcasses off the ground. Gun laws won't save you from black market guns. The security guards from the burglar alarm place sure wont save you at the risk of their life for $17/hr.

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Posted in: Ireland says big 'Yes' to gay marriage in world first See in context

If marriage is "...between two people, and not two people and the government...", then why do I care if they get their marriages recognized by the government or not? The fact is, marriage is all about legal contracts, unions made in front of witnesses, and the government. They obviously aren't fighting to get PEOPLE to recognize their union because people seem to be in favor of it (at least in Ireland). This absolutely is about the people vs the state. My only issue with gay relationships is that it's not what nature intended. The evolution of gender and sexual reproduction developed to further genetic diversity, greater opportunity for favorable genetic combinations in the next generation, and the survival and advancement of the species. But Kore wa kore. sore wa sore. In the world of human society, we can't force people to do what we want, and we have to let everyone be who they want to be. A very mild, but valid, argument can be made that at least some gay couples raise adopted babies (that may never otherwise have been raised by loving parents, and could hold great evolutionary potential if taken out of the foster system and allowed to flourish). I'm just surprised America wasn't the first. We parade our freedom around like a religious rosary worn around our necks, saying things like "I may not agree with it, but I'd die to protect it.". But in the end, this is their fight, not mine.

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Posted in: If you don't want your food genetically modified, tell nature to stop it. See in context

I been saying this for years. Finally someone else can argue down the stubborn morons who will continue trying to slap this very basic fact down. People like to live in their little story book world where the earth and dna is somehow "pure" and the only factor that poisons that beautiful nature is bad filthy evil man and their insistence on "playing god". They love to imagine Nature as a Mother (thus the name "Mother Nature") who nurtures us all... a Mother Gaia who pours life water into our veins with some kind of magical spiritual process. But there is no magic godess. We are a prodcut of a very faulty (but like Democracy, the best we have) process that is akin to throwing speghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. People forget that nature is violent and brutal. We live today upon the corpses of billions of extinguished lineages because "nature" (if you TRULY want to personify it as an entity) is a mad, evil scientist that plays the Russian Roulette game with our genes, then the process of elimination game with our lives. Cancer didn't magically come on the scene when man started industrializing, people! It has been found as far back as ancient Egyptian mummies. If fossil records could show cancer, what you would see is a sea of animals who died from cancerous mutations so that a handful of lineages could be in the running for the genetic lottery. Of THAT handful of beings that didnt die from cancer, most will die because their mutation wasnt beneficial. The misiscule number of survivors get to live on and give rise to the next superior generation. If you could see with the eyes of a god, you would see a world in which plants wage chemical warfare, viruses insert their genes into other species' gene code, and random mutations give way to all manner of illness, disease, and the future of life. An educated person knows there is nothing magical about DNA... there is no spell broken when you change a gene to make a tomato riper. You don't break some mystical oath with the gods if you modify a plants DNA to make corn sweeter. You are changing one gear in the mechinations of a chemical machine to yield the results you want. Stop thinking like 16th century country bumpkins! Read a book instead of regurgitating religious dogmatic mumbo jumbo.

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Posted in: Iceland whale meat shipment to Japan sparks protests See in context

Back in Darwin's day, if an animal didn't adapt to the predators hunting it, it would go extinct. History and prehistory (before mankind) is littered with the corpses of animals unable to adapt to changing conditions. It's a story as old as life itself. Nature doesn't always balance the books through conservation. If whales are gonna be so easy to catch we should eat them all.

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Posted in: Chiba school apologizes after teacher buries kittens alive See in context

Unfortunately for anyone thinking he had any good intentions, anyone with even at least a middle school education, knows that being buried alive would be scary and painful; This was not an attempt at humane euthanasia. To anyone that actually believes he just didn't think it through: They did not find a hole that just happened to be there and tossed the kittens in, they DUG THE HOLE. That is premeditated. And the bit about feeling a "deep sense of remorse" after.... the time to feel remorse would have been during the burial, or shortly after. No question this was purely criminal. Three days after, it is not regret for the action, but regret for getting caught. Involving students in this venture is a crime unto itself. A lack of empathy, a disregaurd for life, and criminal intent. Criminal Psychopaths show these same qualities. Just sayin.

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Posted in: Boy held for trying to kill goat says he was inspired by IS video See in context

There are plenty of high functioning psychopaths and sociopaths in society who are not violent. In fact most successful businessmen (who are otherwise upstanding citizens) statistically show psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies. A lack of empathy for life is not a predictor for violence, and likewise, violent behavior is not an indicator of a psychopathy/sociopathy. The only lesson we can learn from this is that, like every other person on earth, this kid has violent tendencies. Unlike everyone else on earth, he has chosen to act on them. Are his tendenciestowards violence stronger than normal, or has everyone else found ways to pacify their violence (violent movies, indulgence in vices, or just letting the stress eat away at their health)?

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Posted in: Hawaiian-inspired loco moco and kalua pork burgers coming to McDonald’s Japan See in context

I live in Texas. We don't have a Texas burger (at least not at Mc Donalds). Though Houston, San Antonio, Dallas have lots of resturaunts of various types, i dont know that Texas itself has a type of food specific to it (unless you count Tex Mex. Alot of people consider it Mexican food but you dont see that food in Mexico really... so it probably originated here).we have our own style of bbq i guess, but everyone has their own style. Alot of resturaunts will slop chilli on a regular burger and call that Texas style, i guess under the impression that the cowboys and cattle ranchers eat tons of it in the range. And maybe they did. Back before cars existed. Im actually at a loss for what kind of food you could really call Texan.

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Posted in: Stem cell therapy used to treat damaged hearts See in context

Id be interested to know if the patient still requires anti rejection medications, since the stem cells are still from another person. When they differentiate, wouldn't they express the chemical markers that make them a target for the immune system? Do they differentiate into heart cells on their own, or are they treated beforehand?

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Posted in: McDonald's confronts its junk food image See in context

Mc Donald's business is modeled around cheap food at low prices. Yes, it's rubbish... but it's what the customers want. When I do go to Mc Donald's, I DO NOT go for a salad. If I wanted a salad, I would just go to a salad bar. There are tons of healthy choices out there, (Subway, My Fit Foods, Sweet Tomatoes, Panera, the produce section of the supermarket) so that is not why Mc Donald's exists. Mc Donald's is a cheap, bad for you thrill, like a $3 six pack on a Saturday night... you don't do it often, but when you are down to your last $5 and you want a buzz, you don't want to see all the store shelves stocked with premium organic microbrewery beers costing more than $10 for a four pack. And, yes, there will always be people who live off the stuff. But it turns out you can't save people from themselves. I do think there is a growing consumer awareness (mostly rooted in ignorance and shallow news reports) towards healthier eating, but it is not going to help Mc Donald's. No one wants to go to Mc Donald's for a $14 artisan organic beet burger. It's just not going to work. Keep peddling your rubbish, Ronald, and I'll make a better effort to visit you a little more often.

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Posted in: Are you old enough to remember a time when there were no cell phones, no email, no Internet and no way to keep you connected to the world 24 hours a day? If so, do you sometimes think back on that tim See in context

Back then was SO boring. When you were waiting in a doctor's office, you were uncomfortable and bored. You don't want to talk to the idiot that brought 5 children to the doctor, none of which seem sick as they run around your legs. And you didn't remember to bring a book. If your car broke down in the middle of nowhere you had to walk miles to get to the nearest pay phone to call for help. And if you suddenly thought of someone from your past you lost touch with, there was no internet or facebook to find them on. If you wanted a hard to find item, you couldn't just order it on amazon and have it shipped to your door... you had to ask around, look through catalogs, and sometimes, just give up. And snail mail... sending letters and bills by the us postal service was awful. First you had to go get a money order. Then you had to get envelopes, and stamps. Then you had to go to the post office and drop it off. Then when it was lost in the mail, you had to cancel the money order, buy a new one while waiting for a refund, and send it out with a late fee because now your payment is late. It was a terrible time.

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Posted in: Google: Driverless cars are mastering city streets See in context

I will never relinquish control of my vehicle to a computer, unless I'm drunk or injured. Which brings up a good point... no drunk drivers. I think if the technology is ever fully implemented, people will need to be able to switch in and out of autopilot at will. But then if they have an accident, they can always claim the computer was driving at the time. Does that mean alot of people will be suing car makers and google to try and get out of the responsibility of crashing? Cops of the future may have to download black box info from the computer to see who had control at the time of the crash. I imagine alot of car enthusiasts going to shady mechanics to get their computers turned off or hacking the system to turn features off the way they put chips in to tune them nowadays. Also, the navigation system has to work with satellite somehow to know where it is... what happens when it loses connection? Does it get lost? Does it keep driving? Will it ask strangers for directions for me? I wouldn't want to fall asleep in a car that could relinquish control to me at any time if it's own system fails or if it gets lost. On the plus side, if they are all effectively networked together, computers could work out algorithms for keeping traffic flowing. Will this end traffic jams? It'll be interesting to see how they deal with each problem faced by drivers on the road today. But they can't possibly match my instinct and intuition. Most of the time I know when someone is about to jump into the lane in front of me nearly taking out my front bumper, so I can react before that happens. Will a computer be able to understand the subtle nuances and cues of today's driver to predict such things?

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