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Posted in: Sea Shepherd says it's ready for aggression from Japan whalers See in context

This is hillarious. If whales were carnivores, they wouldn't think twice about hunting and killing a human. Humans have got to be THE ONLY animal on the PLANET stupid enough to care more about another species than the sanctity of it's own species' lives. If whales can't adapt and survive despite the conditions threatening them, then Darwin says let them die. Kill, eat, and be merry.

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Posted in: China's parliament: Japan has no right to criticize air defense zone See in context

I think we Americans will absolutely have the common sense and decency to back our allies all the way to the front line and beyond. Weather "fearless leader" (Barack im-afraid-of-conflict-as-commander-and-chief-of-the-armed-forces Obama) allows us to, or not is anyone's guess. If someone walked into my house and said i wasn't allowed to have my TV cause they had dibs even though I BOUGHT IT LEGALLY (as did the jap govt) I'd shoot them in the face. Twice. Gotta double tap. This is idiocy on China's part.

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Posted in: Japanese cuisine added to world heritage list See in context

Who cares what the UN thinks? Japanese cuisine is their "traditional heritage" weather the UN says so or not. I guess since they are all but useless in the global-political arena, they have to stay "relevant" somehow.

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Posted in: All-you-can-eat Whoppers at Burger King Japan See in context

I love how people will turn a marketing gimmick into an illustration of grand scale global issues, like the obesity epidemic. Who cares? If your reading this message, and you think obesity is such a big problem, STOP READING and go jogging! You're probably part of the problem. Stop blaming companies for doing what they are supposed to do, and take personal responsibility for it. It's a HUMAN problem, not a company problem. No company bears responsibility for YOUR health.

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Posted in: 10 things Japan gets awesomely right See in context

You can go to the park and drink a beer?! Drink while walking down the street?! I'm moving to Japan!

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus smokes a joint at MTV Europe awards See in context

I guess when you lack true musical ability, you turn to shocking people and sexuality. Mileys a loser.

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Posted in: Japanese kids weigh in on the difficulties of the past See in context

Everyone bears a burden of equal weight. Kids have no real concept of what it was like in the "days without cell phones and internet", so they can't really feel bad for us old timers. And we shouldn't feel bad for them. They have an equal amount of addiction to technology, and opportunity because of it! I can feel bad for people who are addicted to their cell phones, but when my car breaks down halfway across town, I'd feel sorry for someone who didn't as I call for help. I sure can't walk home from where I work if my truck breaks down there! That's two days of walking with no sleep! Computers are helping to create more shut ins, but they also allow for amazing advances in science and medicine! You can't run an MRI machine without computers. You can't really run a modern car without the small computer chips in the control units. That may not seem as bad for those who live in cities where you can just walk and get around, but in Houston TX, you have to drive to get most places. There's no zoning, so few things are built in logical proximity to other places. Kids deal with the same social problems we all faced growing up. Bullies (only now it's some great national crisis! rolls eyes). Social awkwardness. Identity Crisis. Bringing home your first F! Saying things were better or worse than they were in the past is a dillusion created by the passage of what we perceive to be large amounts of time.

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Posted in: Obama defends health care law despite chaotic debut See in context

My mom's a nurse, and according to her, no one in the medical community wants this rediculous "obamacare". There are daily conversations about how this new system will hurt the medical system. For me, I have health care already... so all it does is make me pay to subsidize lazier people's healthcare. There used to be a time in American history where you got what you worked for... now people who work less, and are too lazy to strive for better jobs, can get whatever they want. Of coarse, that part doesn't refer to obamacare. Despite the subsidy, Obamacare is REALLY EXPENSIVE to the poor people it claims to help. I've heard tales of enormous deductibles... and people are being forced to either get private insurance, or get obamacare, or pay a fine. So basically, even if you were indigenous, and especially if you have a low risk sedentary life and don't need health care, they are still making you pay. It's like they are just taxing everyone and calling it "the next best thing to universal healthcare". I've seen this a million times... it's just a tax in another guise. You can't help people who don't want your help, but you can trick them into thinking you're helping them when you're not. I guess that their game.

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Posted in: Scientists power mobile phone using urine See in context

if this tech is gonna go to market, theyll probably make a home unit u pee into like a toilet, which will charge batteries in the unit, which can then be used to charge your cellphone, or other devices, with. No one's gonna take such a device on-the-go.

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Posted in: Review: Microsoft email better, not revolutionary See in context

I've had a hotmail account since 1998... That's 15yrs! I cant use anything else! Gmail is foreign and obscure to me... even yahoo mail wasn't good enough. I will be a hotmail user until I die, or it does... whichever comes first.

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Posted in: Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man See in context

Ummm... this isn't just Japanese pride. There's no way in hell you would get the average American male to do so either! I don't care if I make a mess every once in a while. It's a matter of manly pride. We're gruff. We're rugged. We're filthy. Deal with it, or live a lonely life with your 6 cats.

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