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Posted in: University student robs convenience store hoping to be sent to prison See in context

I dont know if there are this places in Japan ... but he needs to be sent to a psyco sanatory ...

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo design ruffles feathers abroad See in context

Change the logo Japan !

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Posted in: Japan posts photos of Chinese platforms in East China Sea See in context

Japan needs gas too. Desperately . With the population getting so old fast . And olds need more warm than the youngs in autumn and winter and cooler on the summer ...

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for fatally stabbing man on street in Aichi See in context

strange story

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Posted in: What Chinese tourists are buying in Japan See in context


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Posted in: What Chinese tourists are buying in Japan See in context

Probably tourists number will increase even more ...year by year in Japan ... because : Japan is one of few first world countries ... where the tradition is still intact since centuries ... and chinese tourists are tired of being distract in Paris and Europe ...and today , Japan is much cheaper than Europe for the chinese people ...

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Posted in: Sake is latest artisan beverage trend brewing in U.S. See in context

At Brazil , sake is a now trend too ...

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Posted in: Another Japanese celebrity claims discrimination in France; netizens not so sympathetic See in context

For sure thiss was discrimination ...probably the waiter thought she was one more chinese tourist ... Even chinese are tired of all that ... And now the chinese tourists are preffering to come to Japan at theirs holidays ... than France ... where they have discrimination ...

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea mark 50 years of diplomatic ties See in context

If South Korea and Japan doesn t tie the relationship VERY FAST ... China will increase his power over Asia ... with that Bank Fund for Asian countries ... and countries with territories issues with China ... like Phillipines , Taiwan , Indonesia and others ... even Korea and Japan ... will have big problems in the future ...

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