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Sorry, but the Philippines would be the worst place to study English; they don't even speak English properly and their native accent horribly distorts English my opinion.

-So Americans are speaking English properly? (Insert spelling and grammar checks here.)

While some people in the Philippines may not be fluent (due to poverty, of course), MOST people are still. And most schools there have good English teachers.

If you’re an American, guess who answered your complaint when you called customer service.

Though Techinical support is a whole new story, have to agree on that. :-P

England, of course, by definition. The hint is in the name of the country and the language.

-While that is accurate, the article clearly stated the purpose of the Japanese students going to the Philippines so answering the rhetorical question was not necessary.

I see some Japanese people stuggle to keep a living here; and worrying that their children will not have the best education is adding to that. Learning English abroad is something that ordinary/middle-class parents have to think about, financially speaking.

I do agree however, security is an issue that the government is still working on.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving baby son at Tokyo restaurant at midnight See in context

So, somebody in the restaurant dumped him out on the street? WTF?

Maybe he got out by himself? Most restaurants here are only manned by a few server (1, even) and they may be busy that time.

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

I speak (and write) the Japanese language better than some Japanese I know; yet I have no Japanese lineage (that I'm aware of).

I do get looked down on some times only to prove them wrong afterwards. This country needs to improve on it's social sensitivity to the international community, if she's really keen on opening up to the world.

P.S. My country welcomes hundreds to thousands of Japanese citizens yearly with warmth, by the way.

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