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Posted in: 1991 Gulf War trauma began Japan's retreat from pacifism See in context

And that's what the US do best, drag other countries to war, gringos and all its allied make war to sale weapons, as long they make HUGE profits, our world won't get peace, terrorist are those whom carry terror all over the world(Vietnam , Korea, Panama , El Salvador , Nicaragua , Middle East ) , all for the sake of sale weapons.

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Posted in: Indonesia favoring China over Japan in railway bid: gov't sources See in context

If anybody choose China instead of the very best of the world plus the 0.1% in 40 years instead of 2% in 50, well the bribe was better on the Chinese side, you couldn't have a better deal.

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Posted in: Civil servant suing Fukuoka for one yen over employee drinking ban See in context

I think it should be like don't drin'ndrive if u get cough you'll lose your job, walk or get cabed but Japan is the xtreme laws country where people live for their jobs and the more u got the happier u get are like rules, a little LOT of beers would chill u for a while.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan group calls for completion of TPP pact See in context

The TPP will give full power to the big corporations, that will be the beginning of a slavery law treatment, no self sustainable country allowed, for those who just see the lower price of produce that will come with a higher outcome, GMO will spread without control, militarize police, total control of the media for the corporations backed by governments, mining no freedom of speech, look the fracking and GMO protesters are tread like outlaws and some like terrorists, big money will be grossly, abusive and uncontrollabl e.

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Posted in: Woman, 3 minors charged over 17-year-old girl's death See in context

Somebody have to die to realize that something is wrong, RIP poor child.

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Posted in: Pacific fisheries chief warns tuna stocks dangerously low See in context

The only solution is to halt all big fishery industry, let the ocean heal itself but off course big money won't that to happen unless the common little people ban fish from their diet, no big company can survive without the little people ban on them, if we just realize that.

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Posted in: Animal welfare in Japan improving See in context

Sorry but those are just numbers and lollipops, people still treat animals as commodities, I rescued an old beagle from a wall of snow this past winter(-6°C) , japs seems nice but most of them just feds and vaccines their pets, some have them instead of kids because they can throw their pets when they bored or the animals gets too old, shame on them.

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