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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥8.42 mil from girlfriend’s bank account See in context

Hard-earned money softly taken because of trust issues.

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Posted in: Irie wins women's featherweight boxing gold See in context

I thought the Filipina won rounds 2 and 3.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer expelled from Asian Games for stealing camera See in context

How could this be? Better camera's can be found in Japan. Seems puzzling to me.

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Posted in: 25-year-old teacher arrested for molesting student in Yokohama See in context

Sad to hear this kind of story.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to death from 10th floor of apartment building See in context

So sad. Leaving a 4-year kid alone is the worst thing a mother could do. The lingering pain would be eternal and the sad memories would haunt her forever.

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Posted in: 3 children, 2 adults drown at Niigata beach See in context

It's so sad. May they rest in peace.

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Posted in: Getting a haircut in Japan: A survival guide See in context

My first haircut in Okinawa barber shop was alright. It is good that the barber (Japanese) used English language. Thanks for the info anyway.

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Posted in: Y750,000 left in 29 mailboxes at Nara condo See in context

I admire the honesty of this Japanese who dared not to take money that is not his. Fairly distinct from other amongst other.

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Posted in: 7-year-old Japanese girl mauled by 4 dogs in New Zealand See in context

OMG. I hope the kid recovers fully well on time.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada to marry Italian on May 23 See in context

Best wishes!

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Posted in: Japanese medical team leaves for Philippines See in context

Yes, we Filipinos truly appreciate this. Arigato gozaimasu!

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Posted in: Ex-sex slave, supporters demand justice from Japan See in context

No proofs? Will crooks videotape any wrongdoings? Will liars admit the crimes they committed? Pathetic.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

What an unfortunate incident to happen.

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Posted in: U.N. to consider validity of China's claim over disputed islands See in context

Things get funny here. China has been asking U.N. to mediate with the disputed islands in Japan, but wouldn't want U.N. to intercede with the islands claimed by China in the Philippines. Which side of coin are you China?

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Posted in: Japan releases 3 Chinese caught illegally fishing See in context

Chinese fishermen reportedly were violators not only in Japan's exclusive economic zone but also with other southeast asian countries.

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Posted in: Two more U.S. servicemen arrested in separate incidents See in context

Adultery: Two wrong people doing the right thing!

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Posted in: 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman accepted bag of cash from Ceausescu, paper reports See in context

Extraordinary story for extraordinary people.

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Posted in: Man robbed of Y270,000 at Odaiba ATM See in context

Whew... a companion (i.e., co-worker) should be with him during the time (4:30 a.m.) of making a deposit. Really a bad move!

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Posted in: S Korea rejects Japan's proposal to take isle dispute to int'l court See in context

It reminds me of China claiming an island owned by the Philippines. Hopefully, this long-standing conflict will be resolved in time before denouement happens.

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Posted in: Japanese teen pitcher strikes out 22 in one game See in context

That was awesome. Well done!

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Posted in: 4 family members found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

I wonder why suicide is so rampant in this country.

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Posted in: 70-year-old woman defrauded of Y20 million See in context


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Posted in: Man fatally stabs father over TV channel argument See in context

Why not buy 2 sets of TV? In my opinion it's a family problem, not on programs they watched. Remember the deposition came from the 50 year old son. So stupid of the son!

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Posted in: Jewelry worth Y7.5 mil stolen in Tochigi See in context

Store owner's negligence. Burglar's fault.

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Posted in: Luxury lands in Okinawa at last See in context

I missed Okinawa, Tokashiki Island, and Okinawa International Centre.

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

Now, I bow my head to greet people, 'been interested on eating soba, and I always carry my camera with me.

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Posted in: 8 men arrested for smuggling gold from S Korea to Japan in rectums See in context

Just by the gold but don't smell it.

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Posted in: Inmate who escaped from prison made 40 int'l phone calls during 54 hours on the run See in context

I been thinking how many more calls could he make if he wears no underwear.

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Posted in: Bum's the word in Japan security scans See in context

What if I had a butt augmentation, will the 36 sensors still identify me? Funny post. I love it!

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Posted in: Olympic judo champ Uchishiba indicted over teen rape See in context

Winner turns loser in the end.

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