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Dear Tokyo-Engr,

Atheletes train for years to get a chance to participate in the Olympics. They come in and out of peak condition by plan. A plan made years in advance. You can't just postpone till later without changing the competitive color of the Olympics. This is not a car race where you can garage the car until later or release the new movie next Fall.

The Japanese are well known for their xenophobia as every expat knows. The few people who test positive from abroad will garner the wrath of Tokyo. Foreigners continue to play the role of scapegoat for now, but when the games are over and nothing has changed they will have to recon with Covid19 as has everyone. I've used the words "Live an Let Die" to make a point in the past. The only way Japan and the rest of the world can conquer Covid19 is to just get on with life.

btw...Japan my be the size of California but it contains a third the population of the United States.

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By world standards, Japan's infection rate is so low it's a non-issue. So why the big deal about the Olympics? Because government over reaction including everything from travel restrictions to regulations to lockdowns for the last year have placed fear into the Japanese people and now the ramifications of that fear are manifested in response to the Olympics.

As a comparison, per TSA, the United States receives about 200,000 visitors every day and no one cares. Japan is running in irrational fear mode.

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This is a quote from Yokyoite worth re-posting:

The problem I think is that the continual blaming of the Olympics, which has not even started, draws away attention from the real causes.

The selective fear mongering on the Olympics, while we still pack into trains everyday shows how flawed the argument is.

I mean, unless you really do believe millions packed onto trains is safer than 5,000 people sat spaced outside in a 80,000 capacity stadium.

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An outrageous sham! Why do they even bother? There are 1100 cases of Covid in Tokyo each day regardless. This is an example of bureaucracy run wild. It's what happens when a bunch of bureaucrats are tasked to do something about something they can do nothing about. It is the epitome of the Japanese mind. I only hope the IOC and the atheletes push back. The Olympics were not intended as a caged rat competition. Japan has exposed themselves as cowardly sheep. Should of moved this venue to Florida.

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This game of lockdown, vaccination, isolation, fear mongering, avoidance, political posturing, worldwide is only a precursor to the inevitable outcome. It's going to be herd immunity the slow way or herd immunity the fast way. The sooner we give up and heed the words of Paul McCartney the sooner this world will get back to normal. "Live and Let Die"

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Can someone please explain why Japanese use the phrase "in principal" in just about every written regulation?

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My God! No alcohol! Closing restaurants at 7:00pm! Now that is what I call a serious lockdown. Or, maybe a joke? Japan has never taken Covid 19 seriously except by using it to harass Gaijins.

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There is no scientific reason why fully vaccinated and tested people should not be allowed into Japan for the Olympics. They act as if Coronavirus comes from foreigners and not them. Japan still has the lowest infection rates in the world. What you are seeing is the byproduct of a closed society. It breeds fear and suspicion of anyone who is not a member of the group (Japanese). It has been evident throughout this entire ordeal and will now receive a world spotlight.

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This article is BS. Do they really think athletes are going to risk everything they have worked for just to get high for two weeks in a country with draconian drug laws? Oh, and never mind that because of Japanese paranoia there won't be any customers at the Olympics because there won't be any people there.

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The majority of people getting Covid now are in their 20 to 40s. It's really a non-issue in Japan. Nonetheless, with vaccinations moving along at a million per day this should be enough to quell the paranoia within a month. The first dose is enough to put you well over the 70% plus immune category which will achieve herd immunity. Honestly, far fewer people are dying of Covid today than any other year from the common flu. Every country I've seen has dealt with their fear cycle when it comes to Covid. The USA has recovered as has Europe but for some odd reason the Asian countries have not. Good luck Japan, but really, you don't have any problem.

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10,000 non-vaccinated Japanese and not a single VACCINATED foreigner allowed. I hope the Japanese enjoy their private little Olympics.

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388 new cases! That puts the infection rate at 2.8 per 100,000 or pretty much the lowest rate in the world.

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I'm completely dumbfounded by these types of decisions. Lets just make it real simple. ANYONE who has been vaccinated from anywhere can come to the games and anyone who has not, cannot. Let the games then proceed as normal. Can someone please explain what is wrong with that? Is Japan not doing this out of shame over their own low vaccination rates? Afraid that the games will be enjoyed by everyone but Japanese? Help me understand...please!

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In the USA they give you a certificate when vaccinated that tells the date, vaccine brand and lot number. I'm surprised they don't have this in japan. It's a simple card they write out in real time.

Regarding the "passport", I only hope they make this arrangement reciprocal. If not, Japan is going to catch a lot of flack.

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Infection rates in Tokyo are considered only moderate by world standards. Currently there have been 27 million doses delivered to date and 500 thousand per day. Vaccinations combined with acquired immunity will probably equate to a 70% immunity rate by the end of July. 70% is the threshold of herd immunity. Certainly every athlete and foreigner supporting the games will have been vaccinated long ago. By the time the Olympics start Covid-19 will be a moot concern and the government knows it. That is why the games will continue.

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That number equates to 2.6 cases per 100K which puts Tokyo into the "Moderate" risk category per US guidelines. Based on the other comments which are probably from people living in Tokyo, I would guess the number is derived of those sick enough to see a doctor. It's probably considerable higher since the majority do not get tested nor incur any real symptoms. So, if you combine the 20% who are vaccinated with the ?% who already have acquired immunity, Japan is probably near 40% immunity. This correlates exactly with a 2.6/100K infection rate. At this speed Tokyo will become covid free by July 23, 2021. Just in time to enjoy the Olympics all by themselves.

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It's only going to be open for 3 months because that is how long they calculate it will take to vaccinate the entire country. At least as far as a big vaccination site serves it's purpose. Once vaccinations reach about 60% of the population you start to run into hold-outs and naysayers. Infections drop to practicaly zero and people are lazy to do it. This is why the big sites in California closed. Then you go into the phase where you start bribing people with gifts to get vaccinated.

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Having read these posts and assuming that most of the posters live in Japan, it confirms my suspicion that Japan is now in the "paranoid" stage of Covid acceptance. It's where the rest of the world was about one year ago. When you start hearing people worried about getting Covid AFTER being vaccinated, that's paranoia. If there is one thing I've learned after Covid is that the world is full of sheep. Scared little sheep who follow the herd to escape danger. The problem is that I have to now wait out the mental cycle until wise mind reappears in order for the country to open for travel.

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In the USA Covid is pretty much over and things are getting back to normal. California is the only state that is still requiring that you wear a mask and the governor is going to be kicked out of office for it. So...what the hell is going on in Japan? I don't understand why vaccinated people shouldn't be allowed into Japan. If a vaccinated person can't enter then who can/when will they? And what's the deal with Japan and only 4% of the population vaccinated. I think India has already vaccinated twice the population of Japan. I though Japan was an organized developed country? And, with the Olympics just 2 months away I still read about cancelling? That boat sailed a long time ago. The Olympics WILL be held in Japan. Still, Japan has the lowest infection rates in the world yet they seem to be running scared like everyone else was last year. Variants, variants, no one else cares about variants yet they are obsessed with it. JUST GET VACCINATED...."One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

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