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Joseph Fisher comments

Posted in: Tiger Woods to pitch heat rub in Japan See in context

do they mean "cheetah"(cheater) woods?!

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Posted in: Philip Morris fights Australian cigarette package rules See in context

wow if i want a cancer stick i should be able to buy them without pictures of cancer filled lungs. as an adult i already know the risk.

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Posted in: Toyota hiring 3,000 to 4,000 temp workers in Japan See in context

Is there worker union's in Japan?

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Posted in: Ladies love cool Japan, and so does LL Cool J See in context

Hip Hop records are thought to be disposable. Not even thought as product not mention as art.

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Posted in: Tower Cheeseburger See in context

Oh Yeahh!!!!!!!! Instant heart attack! Does it come seasoned with a side of cigg butts ; )

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Posted in: Ladies love cool Japan, and so does LL Cool J See in context

his 80's music is true hip hop! if any body wants to hear real hip hop look up "the roots" or "mos def " on you tube holla! lol

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Posted in: 2 injured, 1 killed after 81-year-old driver loses control of car See in context

wow their family members should be driving seniors citizens were they need to go.

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Posted in: Emiri Henmi and Kenji Matsuda marry at Meiji Shrine See in context

I love the hat, which is actually the cake for the ceremony. Kill two birds with one stone

Wow thats funny! Or they can use it as there first home together! Is it true that the hat is to hide the brides horns ?

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Posted in: Going back home See in context

Nurse scalpel please! Just kidding, it is horrible what happened. I hope they are all safe

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Posted in: 6 teenage bikers arrested after baiting police with fake call See in context

Boys will be boys.They should try Taxi surfing. The police should not take it so serisoly(bad spelling). Maybe if they had something better to do with their time othan chasing teenager this would be a non issue.

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