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As to the 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima; it was

fully justified.  The Japanese people had become so barbaric in nature that

only a Sodom/Gomorrah type blast could shake Emperor Hirohito {half man-

half-god} to order the military to surrender.  After Nagasaki the next

target was Tokyo. Hirohito spoke wisely when he stated "if we don't

surrender now they {USA} will obliterate us from the Earth."

Further it is clear from reading Japanese history that the people did not

object to the mass invasions, pillaging, murders and rapes of those people

living in China, Korea, Philippines etc. Those same people would not have 

been crying for the citizens of the United States had they developed the bomb 

first and dropped it on New York City {and yes they most certainly would have}. 

Those same people thought nothing of knowing full well that American POWs 

were tortured so badly to see how long it would take to expire from the pain

inflicted. Yes, President Harry S. Truman made the right decision to drop 

the atomic bomb in order to defeat such an evil menace of people that had 

become so out of control. The Japanese people should be gracious their 

military was defeated and their country was not exterminated from the Earth.  

It also prevented the loss of over one million American soldiers needed to 

quash the evil Japanese ego.

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