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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto studio attack regaining speech in hospital See in context

You know, I’m really glad that Japan is actually much more humane in terms of criminal matters then we’ve all heard. I’m not saying that it’s as good as it should be. However, this article, as well as a few others I’ve read on here, reveals that there is quite a bit of humanity still in it.

And the fact they would do this with a mass murderer like this, give him this kind humane treatment, it makes me even more proud. Yes, prosecute him vigorously of course. However, let’s not slip into a barbaric mindset. A barbaric mindset that was very similar to his I would argue.

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Posted in: Taliban suicide bombers kill 48 in Afghanistan See in context

You know, it would make sense actually why Trump would end peace talks with the Taliban. I mean not only because the fact that they would be willing to do this when peace talks break down, but also because of the fact that I heard that there were at least one or two or attacks by the Taliban, before Trump decided to cancel.

I mean I’m not exactly the biggest fan of him, but I can understand why he canceled, considering the circumstances. That’s all I’m saying.

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Posted in: Abe reiterates resolve to hold talks about abductees with N Korean leader Kim See in context

Yeah, this is great to hear and all. But as other commenters have said, we need more action and less talk. I mean, does anybody know if Abe’s even really moving to hold a meeting with Kim or something?

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Posted in: Kawasaki takes steps to lower language barrier for foreign kids in school See in context

As someone who is looking to move to Japan himself to work, I find this very encouraging. Because this tells me that if I were to meet someone over there, and we were to have a family or something, then I wouldn’t have to worry about whatever teacher children I would have facing so many language issues. Unless I were to remain over there from when I first move her something.

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Posted in: Elderly people account for record 28.4% of Japanese population See in context

@GanbereJapan thank you for that last comment. Because I was getting pretty annoyed at the doom and gloom comments myself. Because it’s like for those people, what do you want to see happen? Do you want to see people being forced back in the work even if they’re too old to do it? Or do you want to see people forced to have kids?

Stuff like that is what we see in communist, fascist, and theocratic dictatorships. And I obviously don’t need to ask them if that’s what they want Japan to become. Because of course not, nobody in their right mind would want there’s society to turn into something like that.

And besides, the government IS taking action on this, just not as fast as a lot of people would like. In terms of free daycare, encouraging women to remain at the workplace after becoming pregnant or childbirth, etc. as well as trying to discourage the stigma behind those things. I’m not saying that they’re perfect in dealing with this, what I am saying is that there IS action being taken on this, so don’t assume otherwise.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

You know, I love how these articles always seem to make mountains out of these molehills. LOL

This is a minor disagreement between two cabinet members, and this are going to blow it up as a big spat?

You know, everybody’s different, even amongst cabinet members of governments. It would be boring if we were all the same. I mean, why do you think communism failed? And the few remaining communist countries had to embrace capitalist elements in order to survive?

That was a bit of a tangent, but it proves my point.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers test fake snow to beat the heat See in context

But at least they realise that they have a problem and are doing something about it now, but the only credible solution for endurance events is to postpone the Olympics or relocate them to a cooler part of Japan. In the great run of things, would it really matter if the marathon took place in Hokkaido?

Or maybe they could host it in October when it’s cooler like in the ‘64 Olympics? Which is what I was going to say, if it wasn’t for the commenters pointing out the obvious fact that in the US, football and “climax baseball” games are during the fall as well. So, so much for that strategy.

Yeah, it’s really big shame that all this intense heat is causing the Olympic Committee to try out all these stupid things. But hey, at least there’s still trying to solve the problem, right? I mean it’s a lot better than them being neglectful, and have even more people die of heat stroke or something, right?

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Posted in: American man married to same-sex Japanese partner sues gov't for long-term visa See in context

@powderb oh yes, there’s quite a few things that I don’t like about Japan. However, you might have just seen the one or two times were I came out in defense of Japan, when it was coming under scrutiny due to international norms and standards.

But for starters, this whole culture of overwork there. As someone who’s looking to move there, and therefore no longer be an outsider, I am very much worried about that. Also, this issue of paternity leave harassment. As a guy, I’m also very much worried about thatI wasn’t that horrified when wasn’t that horrified when I heard the story of the guy who suing because of what he faced at the workplace after taking a paternity leave.

There are a few others as well, but I figured that’s a good place to start.

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Posted in: American man married to same-sex Japanese partner sues gov't for long-term visa See in context

Japan remains deeply conservative and the constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman.

Yeah right, what a way to spin this. I mean sure when it comes to marriage, the Japanese is kinda conservative, but when it comes to gay rights in general, Japan has been ahead of the rest of the world for the most part of its history. I mean with the exception for a brief time during the Meiji area, homosexuality was always essentially legal in Japan.

By the way, that especially includes the west, where they used to burn homosexuals at the stake, thanks to religious norms wayback in the day. And in some countries, you could still be executed for homosexuality by way of stoning. I mean should the Japanese government change their standards to meet those peoples demands? As I’m sure a lot of people from those countries would like to that as well.

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Posted in: S Korea formally asks IOC to ban 'rising sun' flag at Tokyo Olympics See in context

You know, this whole thing reminds me of the movie Invictus, when Morgan Freeman (playing Nelson Mandela) Heard some complaints about white South Africans flying the apartheid South African flag from some in his circle. And he responded to their complaints, and I’m quoting “it’s a constitutional right.”.

And he as well as many others around him, also faced atrocities at the hands of an oppressor, yet he’s still had the wherewithal to oppose this kind of censorship. I only wish the South Koreans could take note, and follow that example.

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Posted in: U.S. hints at rice concession in Japan trade talks See in context

Well considering how horrible American rice is, I’m glad they actually they pulled out of the TPP. Which means that Japan was not mandated to import American rice that many people in Japan (as well as other countries) so despise, as many commenters have pointed out.

And I’m not at all a fan of setting that tariff quota to the level of the TPP, because as other people pointed out also, wasn’t the whole point of pulling out of TPP was so we didn’t have to deal with all these damn quotas and stuff in the first place? And I fully support pulling out of the TPP by the way, and I’m so glad to hear that it got revised. Seriously, what a God awful trade deal!

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Posted in: Japan kicks off World Cup qualification with Myanmar win See in context

Wait, they’re starting World Cup qualifiers already? It’s three years out! Isn’t that a bit too early? What gives?

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Posted in: Deal or no-deal, Brexit's puppet master has more strings to pull See in context

So wait, how would Johnson get around law in order to get a no-deal brexit? Didn’t Parliament and the Queen pass a law banning him from doing this? Seriously, this article should’ve specified how Johnson would be able to do this, because it clearly implies that he is able to do this. Seriously, I wanna know.

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

Well as someone who has really been waning on Trump, (at least as of late) let me just say that I still agree with this. I mean I would have always agreed with this, I can’t stand this Bolton guy, but even more so now.

And to answer the concerns of some people posting above, what Trump is essentially doing is undoing his initial mistakes. And boy was it ever a big one by appointing Bolton. But thank God he got rid of him. Seriously, thank God.

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Posted in: Japan to set up police unit to help defend disputed islets: NHK See in context

Well with this, hopefully Japan will get one step closer to be able to defend itself, rather than having to rely on the US to defend them. And there’s no need for revisions in the constitution that are necessary in order for them to be able to do this, considering that this is merely a police force. And also the fact that their army is a self-defense force.

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Posted in: Japan corporate profits tumble in 2nd quarter on U.S.-China trade war See in context

218 freaking BILLION Dollars, so they "lost" what about 25 Billion! 

Pre tax profit, it's still profit and they arent in the red, but the way the article is written it's like they are discussion doomsday! 

Oh now we can't give raises because we stopped making record profits! 

What BS!

You said it Yubaru! And to the other people expressing this sentiment, I couldn’t agree with you guys more!

I’m getting really sick and tired of all this pity party treatment, every time there’s any kind of drop in corporate profits. Hey, I got a newsflash for those people: people are literally working themselves to death, all over the world I might add, just to give you all these record profits. And yet you guys want to whine every single time there’s any little drop in your precious little profits? Screw you!

It’s like no wonder there’s a trade war going on between US and China now, because workers in both of those countries especially, have literally been working to death. And yes Japan too, I know all too well about karoshi. And actually, they and South Korea are engaging in a little bit of a trade war themselves. Proves my point even further.

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Posted in: U.S., Taliban close to deal as fighting intensifies See in context

Well i’m glad to hear that peace could very well be around the corner. And yes, they will definitely be some violent conflicts at the US leads, and yes, the Taliban is very oppressive towards women and other groups.

But let me ask some you guys here who have been very pessimistic about this deal. What’s the alternative? For the US to be in Afghanistan forever, pouring countless of billions of dollars and killing who knows how many more people, just to keep up an illusion that things will ever change, which many of you said that it won’t? That would only lead to more misery, more suffering, and more false hopes on all sides.

There is no perfect solution here, just better solutions than others. And I’m finally glad that the US and the Taliban are finally really starting to realize that.

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Posted in: S Korean lawmakers visit disputed islets as Japan tensions mount See in context

Well, this is very bad that it’s escalating like this. The only thing else and I’ll say about this, is that the Japan of now is nothing, and I repeat, nothing, like it’s World War II self. Yes, it was very horrible what they did in World War II and with China before that, not saying otherwise at all. But to be quite frank, I’m really getting sick and tired of people using World War II to bash the Japan of now, as well as Germany for that matter. Because both the countries, to repeat myself, are NOT, their World War II predecessors. End. Of. Story.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

Well, I for one can say that I’m surprised that Tokyo came out as the safest city in the world. One of the safest? Yeah I definitely agree. But not THE safest. However, I can’t be absolutely certain, since I’ve never been there, though I will be visiting for the first time in December. But from the stories that I’ve heard from friends and people who were there, that while it’s very safe, there’s a few areas and places you should definitely stay away from. Particularly the bars and restaurants that try to invite you in.

Well, wheter it’s the safest city in the world or not, there’s no denying that’s it’s one of the safest cities in the world. I can’t wait to see for myself once I do visit there in December. Don’t worry, I won’t be reckless or stupid or anything like that. LOL

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Posted in: Tax body finds Facebook Japan failed to report ¥500 mil in income See in context

I’m glad that they’re doing this in Japan. Because with what they’re doing in the US combined with this, It just shows that these companies can no longer really feel like that they can get away with tax dodging or money laundering anymore. Or even privacy breaches, which is what I think they were doing in the US actually.

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Posted in: Japan to host Africa aid forum as China looms large See in context

Well considering the fact that China and Japan have been at odds as of late, this is a smart move by Japan. And so what if they’re late? As the saying goes, “better late than never”. And it’s good that they’re pushing this “quality over quantity” pitch, because as we all know, Japan has a lot to offer in terms of quality.

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Posted in: Crown Prince Fumihito and family return from trip to Bhutan See in context

Well that’s nice. I’ve heard a lot of nice things about Bhutan myself! I would certainly like to visit sometime.

And it’s nice to have this cultural exchange between Japan and Bhutan. Especially with archery, because as we all know, archery’s still big in Japan. So that was nice to see the royal family try their hand at it in Bhutan.

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Posted in: In high-tech Japan, cash is still king See in context

Mizu no Oto, No, you’re not a nut. I’m really glad that you actually sent all that, because I feel the same way about all this. I mean I’m concerned enough with all this talk about a cashless society in general, and the last thing that I want to have happen, it is for that kind of stuff to happen in Japan. Especially since I’m looking to move over there in a year and a half’s time, I don’t want all the things that I like about Japan to go away, simply because they’re trying to keep up with global trends. If I want to live in a place that simply cared about keeping up with global trends, I would move to some other country. But since I don’t, I’m choosing Japan. (also for many other reasons, don’t get me wrong)

I mean I’m not totally against global trends and stuff, I just don’t want them to come at the cost I things I like about Japan. Also other countries yes, but especially not Japan!

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

Well, this is very interesting, as someone who is looking to move to Japan. And I’m going to do it via the JESP program, because I heard a lot of good things about it, by people who worked in Japan themselves. And yes, I know that it’s a language school that I would be going to, with part time work on the side. But hey, you got to start somewhere right?

This will obviously get me to pay much closer attention as to what ALL the visa requirements are, so that way I don’t, heaven forbid, end up in the same boat as these people.

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Posted in: Mountain hikers warned to protect themselves amid spate of strandings See in context

Glad to see that they’re doing this. And as someone who is a nature lover myself, I can also say that you do need to take the proper precautions as well. Around the world, more and more people are going out to nature, which is something I of course support. But you can obviously get in serious trouble if you’re not careful. If you are careful, it sure as heck is a great way to get away from all the heat waves that are going on in Japan.

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Posted in: Top U.S. CEOs rethink the meaning of shareholder value See in context

Well this is certainly nice to read. But as the professor was saying in the article, talk is cheap. We’ll see what the CEOs actually do, in terms of actually delivering results, like they said they would do. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

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