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Posted in: LDP panel chief wants tax system better suited to digital economy See in context

Well it’s good that the man is doing this. Because, with the rapidly aging population causing more and more strain on their pension system, they can use all the revenue they can get to preserve it. I mean within reason of course.

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Posted in: Gov't may keep Reconstruction Agency for 10 more years See in context

Well despite the fact that they only decided to extend it for another 10 years, it’s still a hell of a lot better than not having it at all. Because that would make the Fukushima plant even more dangerous, wouldn’t you say?

I didn’t even know that, about the temporary housing for the refugees. That’s terrible! Oh yeah, bad on Abe and his administration for that.

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Posted in: Koike gives reluctant consent to Olympic race venue move but Tokyo won't pay for it See in context

I support her decision to finally let the marathon be at Sapporo. It was a good move on her part, even know that she was definitely being a pain for being so stubborn.

And what? Do some of you want athletes to pass out During a severe heat wave next year or something? Yeah, that would be a great way to promote Japan, as well as international competition! LOL

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Posted in: Q&A: The feud over Tokyo's Olympic marathon See in context

Wow, so Koike was just playing political games this whole time? Wow, and just when I thought she was being very selfish and stubborn. LOL

Well I usually never say this, but I hope that the IOC does win out. And that the marathon is moved to Sapporo. Crossing my fingers.

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Posted in: Japan considers bringing part-timers into employee pension system See in context

This just gives me one more reason to look forward to moving to Japan. Because the initial work out would have to do on a student visa, will be part-time work anyway. Which means, I would have at least a one year head start when I do eventually move there in over a year!

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Posted in: Gov't to urge male civil servants to take more than 1-month childcare leave See in context

Well hey, either way, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. That’s what I meant by that, no more no less.

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Posted in: Gov't to urge male civil servants to take more than 1-month childcare leave See in context

Well hey, there was a lot of talk about this issue. And now we’re seeing some action. And if this keeps up, we could see action across the entire Japanese workplace, not just civil servants.

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Posted in: Shibuya Scramble Square high-rise complex to open Friday See in context

Hey, I’ll be visiting Japan in about a month. I think I might check this out on there! Well, that’s one more reason to look forward to visiting Japan, amongst many others of course.

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Posted in: Japan says death of Islamic State chief key step for Mideast peace See in context

*root out elements like ISIL. Sorry, another typo on my part.

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Posted in: Japan says death of Islamic State chief key step for Mideast peace See in context

You know, I’m really glad that the US was able to do this before they pulled out. And I’m actually for the pull out, especially after this. It means that the US can only do so much, and there can be a full international cooperation in order to rule out elements like ISIL.

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Posted in: Sapporo's Odori Park considered for new 2020 marathon course See in context

Well thank you Osaka_Doug and David Varnes and others for keeping it positive or at least constructive.

And I also support this move, despite it being on such short notice. And for those who complain about how disorganized this is, as well as the games in general, well I say to you, “well too late now.” What, would you rather for Japan to throw away all those billions of dollars invested on this, just because it’s disorganized, and well as a lot more expensive than you thought it was? Well it’s like they say, hindsight is 20/20.

And yes I know that last part looks like a pun because of the year 2020, but please, focus on my argument as a whole. Not just on that last little bit.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten gasoline sale rules after Kyoto arson attack See in context

Well I don’t think I’m the only person here who is thinking “probable cause” in terms of them implementing this policy. Good for them for doing it.

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Posted in: Gov't to start using 'family name first' order from Jan 1 See in context

You know, I see what a lot of you guys are talking about, but I actually support this. Because it emphasizes the fact that you live in Japan, and it’ll confuse Japanese people less. Yes, I see a bit of cognitive dissonance in putting the last name first in English, and other like languages, but this is more of a Japan first sort of thing. You know, like national pride or something.

Because if this is how they’re used to writing it in Japanese, wouldn’t it cause a lot of unnecessary confusion when they write it in other languages? Just saying.

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Posted in: Pence backs Hong Kong protests in China speech, slams NBA and Nike See in context

Wow, two big typos in that second sentence I made. OK, here’s the corrected version:

“And for someone like him to call for human rights, especially in a place like China where they have been brutally oppressed, that makes it even better.“

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Posted in: Pence backs Hong Kong protests in China speech, slams NBA and Nike See in context

You know, I’m usually not a big fan of Mike Pence, but he’s absolutely right here. And for someone like him to call for human rights, especially in a place like China where what are you been brutally impressed, that makes it even better. Because that means a lot of his supporters, which also share a lot of his believes, will get behind this as well.

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Posted in: Number of foreign students with jobs after graduation hits record high See in context

As someone who wants to move to Japan, via a student visa, I couldn’t be happier at this news. Sure it will be a language school, but at least i’ll specialize in the language. That way I’ll have an opportunity to do the same things that these people did when they switch their visas.

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Posted in: Foreign dignitaries treated to Japanese traditional arts at banquet See in context

Well this is good. Nice for Japan to be showing off their traditional culture like this to foreigners. Especially in the wake of the ascension to the throne.

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Posted in: Princess Mako, niece of Emperor Naruhito, turns 28 See in context

As many people have already said here in the comments, happy birthday Princess Mako! And I only hope that the whole lack of royal family members to perform official duties problem, can be solved in the near future.

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Posted in: Tale of 2 cities: Sapporo likes race move; Tokyo not much See in context

Hey, now that’s a very smart idea! I’m glad that this could very well be implemented, because of the heat waves of Tokyo has been having. Good to see some nice positive alternatives being implemented for something like this.

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Posted in: Coast Guard searching for North Korean fishing boat reported to have sunk See in context


Well the main reason for this, at this point, is that since they are inside Japan’s EEZ, they don’t have the authority to do a search and rescue themselves. Or at least I would imagine.

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Posted in: 2 more found dead on sunken cargo ship in Tokyo Bay See in context

Yes, indeed, that is a big tragedy. So was the ship coming in as the storm was hitting, or what? I would assume that the crewmembers would’ve been allowed to go into Tokyo, considering it’s a natural disaster were talking about, right?

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Posted in: Canada's rugby team help cleanup efforts in Kamaishi after game canceled by typhoon See in context

Well, this is truly a class act by the Canadian rugby team. And I like Canada too, so it makes me even happier that they did this. Even though I won’t be visiting that area of Japan when I do visit in December, I would sure like to check it out, just because of this.

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Posted in: Nursery for disabled children helps moms return to work See in context

Wow, so some of you can’t even be happy at the news of disabled children getting the care that they need, and the mothers of such children being able to go back to work so they can provide for their families, huh? Boy, I would hate to be like you people.

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Posted in: No. of Japanese language institutions soars in Asia: survey See in context

Very good news indeed. Although that official did NOT mention anything about the S.Korea-Japan tensions as one of the reasons why Japanese language learning is going down in S.Korea. Of course, we all know the reason why that is, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Green gaming: Video game firms make climate promises at U.N. See in context

Well said extanker! As much as I support fighting climate change and going green, I want to do that stuff in real life, not in fantasy like video games. Because as you said, it’s a place you can go to escape, not be reminded of reality.

And in terms of the issue of video game packaging and disc and stuff, I hear you. However, I’m very untrusting of putting everything online. Because as the old saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Because if there’s any hacking, or system failure and the video games and especially your personal data go, you’re screwed. Screwed, big time.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan trade deal hits snag as Tokyo seeks assurances on car tariffs See in context

Well I’m glad that the Japanese stood up to Trump on this one. I mean i’m not one of those people to make a knee-jerk opinion on him one way or another, but yet I was still very happy to see at the Japanese just said no to these auto tariffs, without a sunset clause at least.

Because that’s one of the best products from Japan, it’s very high-quality stuff, and yet Trump wants to tariff them 25%? That doesn’t make any sense, especially considering how strong of an ally Japan is to the US. So this whole “national security” argument, is hollow at best.

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Posted in: Malaysia bans Jennifer Lopez movie 'Hustlers' See in context


Bugle Boy of Company BToday 07:10 am JSTI'd ban it simply because it has Jennifer Lopez in it.

She has looks, sex appeal and that's it. No acting talent at all, music is meh.

Burning BushToday 07:14 am JSTI'm outraged.

We should all be outraged.

This is an outrage.

The movie may not be good but Malaysia's government is backwards and prudish. Let the citizens decide

Right on, starpunk! As much as I don’t agree with this decision, it’s still up to the people of Malaysia to the side. After all, it is their country. Just as we wouldn’t like it if the people of Malaysia wanted to try to tell people in our countries with films we can’t can’t watch, we shouldn’t do the same to them.

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Posted in: Suspected arsonist in Kyoto studio attack regaining speech in hospital See in context

You know, I’m really glad that Japan is actually much more humane in terms of criminal matters then we’ve all heard. I’m not saying that it’s as good as it should be. However, this article, as well as a few others I’ve read on here, reveals that there is quite a bit of humanity still in it.

And the fact they would do this with a mass murderer like this, give him this kind humane treatment, it makes me even more proud. Yes, prosecute him vigorously of course. However, let’s not slip into a barbaric mindset. A barbaric mindset that was very similar to his I would argue.

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Posted in: Taliban suicide bombers kill 48 in Afghanistan See in context

You know, it would make sense actually why Trump would end peace talks with the Taliban. I mean not only because the fact that they would be willing to do this when peace talks break down, but also because of the fact that I heard that there were at least one or two or attacks by the Taliban, before Trump decided to cancel.

I mean I’m not exactly the biggest fan of him, but I can understand why he canceled, considering the circumstances. That’s all I’m saying.

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Posted in: Abe reiterates resolve to hold talks about abductees with N Korean leader Kim See in context

Yeah, this is great to hear and all. But as other commenters have said, we need more action and less talk. I mean, does anybody know if Abe’s even really moving to hold a meeting with Kim or something?

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