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Posted in: Russia, heat cloud Tokyo Olympics with six months to go See in context

Wow, this is one of the most mixed feelings I’ve ever felt after reading an article here on Japan Today.

I mean I’m glad that they’re really admitting now about the problems of the summer, and other issues. But, I really do believe they’re dramatizing the effects moving certain events will have. I mean come on, comparing the marathon to climbing Mount Everest? Geez, give me a break!

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Posted in: Japan, UK discuss handover of 3 robbery suspects despite no extradition treaty See in context

@oldman_13 yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. And. Just in case anyone joins in with “hostage justice” stuff, yes, I agree that there definitely needs to be changes in regards to how Japan deals with interrogations.

However, especially when it comes to crimes like these, we cannot let a flawed detention system be an excuse for criminals like these to get away with their crimes.

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Posted in: Malaysia sends back trash, says won't be world's waste bin See in context

I agree with what the Malaysian government is doing. Considering all the plastic that’s in the ocean, this is also another reason why this is a very good step for them.

hopefully, countries in question will also take firm decisive action to be responsible on their part.

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Posted in: SpaceX launches, destroys rocket in astronaut escape test See in context

Well, even though I came across a naysayer a couple years back regarding this, it looks like SpaceX will finally launch American astronauts from American soil! And sure, to be fair to them, it took a lot longer than I expected, but hey, at least it’s going to get done!

Let me put it this way. A negative attitude, like what too many people have nowadays, would not even have motivated Elon Musk in the rest, to even create SpaceX, let alone be in this position. Same thing with Boeing, as well as even NASA itself.

But despite the setbacks, take a look at with all these companies in organizations have done. Yeah, that’s why I try to keep a positive attitude, even the face of difficult negative situations.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

@VinceBlack yeah, I couldn’t agree with you guys more! LOL I mean seriously, who is the genius that thought that celebrating your coming of age at a Disneyland would be a great idea?

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Posted in: 2 SDF planes leave for Middle East on intel-gathering mission See in context

@AlexBecu wow Alex, that was far better than I could’ve ever phrased it. And thank you so much for clearing that up, and realize some of that stuff myself.

And this will be good for the area in general, not just with Japanese ships there. Because this will contribute two more sets of eyes against any would be pirates out there.

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Posted in: Japanese woman turns 117, extending record as world's oldest person See in context

Yes, and I was visiting Japan myself early last month. So I can attest to the healthy eating habits of the Japanese. Plus, I’ve been into Japanese culture and stuff for like the past 20 years or so.

So yeah, happy birthday Tanaka-san and may you have many others to come!

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Posted in: New site to allow shinkansen tickets to be booked outside Japan See in context

This is a very smart idea. And as an American, I’m very happy that they’re doing this.

however, I was in Japan Myself about a month ago, and I can attest to what some people are saying, About the lack of one consistent JR rail pass. Or at least when I was there, had to buy separate passes for separate sections of the metro. Kind of frustrating.

But I also agree with those people when I say that the Shinkansen IS exceptional. And both the Tokyo and Kyoto metro systems are exceptional in service as well.

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

@smartacus wow, you must’ve read my mind. A bit longer than I would’ve posted, and I have a habit of posting long comments at times, but still very well done. You made a very well reasoned, well detailed argument. And you’re a rationalist as well. We need more people like you, in the US anyway, where I’m from.

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Posted in: Vertical farming takes off in aging Japan See in context

I’m glad that Japan is doing this too. I knew about vertical farming for a number of years now, and never even thought about Japan having it. Obviously a great idea, considering not only the aging population, but the very limited arable land available.

and with the technical capabilities of Japan, they can easily pull this off. And I’m glad they’re really making headway on this apparently.

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Posted in: Japan ushers in 2020 See in context

2020: so far, so good!

Wait til tomorrow. Nyuk nyuk! 

Let's make 2020 better than 2019.

yeah, my sentiments exactly @Serrano.

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Posted in: Japan's naval dispatch to Mideast seen as result of compromise See in context

Compromise? More like making an alternative offer the people, especially the US. And not only does it send a message that Japan is not blindly obedient to the world of the US, but through its own will, it can help resolve other problems, that also need addressing as well.

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Posted in: Man fined ¥300,000 for online hate speech See in context

Lastly, for those that are asking “What if somebody threatened you?” Or anything along those lines, my answer is this. Threatening to kill or harm someone is not “an Expression” if you will. Nor is it voicing any opinions regarding anything. It is a statement pledging to commit a crime. That’s why THAT is not protected under free-speech.

However, as loathsome as it is, expressing a hate, or especially a dislike, for a person, group, or thing, even if it IS on the basis of race, religion, or anything else, IS protected under free-speech provisions of constitutions. But like I said, if someone wants to make threats, especially to persons of different races, religions, etc. That’s a totally different story. By all means prosecute them.

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Posted in: Man fined ¥300,000 for online hate speech See in context

@oldman_13 thank you old man. Once again, you prove to be a voice of reason regarding very emotional issues like this.

Truly a very slippery slope. There are no protections for freedom of speech here.

but what about the provision in Japanese constitution protecting freedom of speech? As well as religion and the press? I’ll be surprised if there’s no constitutional challenges to this provision because of it.

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Posted in: Toyota union to propose larger focus on performance in pay increases See in context

You know, hearing about just how draconian the working hours in Japan are, was the main reason why I decided to at least hold off on moving there. At least for another year anyway. But with the story, in addition to the new Japanese law that required companies to limit their overtime hours that they force their employees to work, is very encouraging indeed.

I’m not saying it’ll be perfect, far from it actually, but I’m from the US. In addition to the work hours being quite draconian as well, there’s also the atrocious way workers are treated here in the US for the most part. So I’ve been thinking as of late, what the real difference is anyway.

There’s a ton of stuff that I absolutely love about Japan, which was the main reason that I wanted to move there anyway. And I still do, especially with reading stories like this.

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Posted in: Japanese anime industry earning more money than ever, almost half of it from outside Japan See in context

@Madden @Toshihiro I agree with the both of you. actually just got back from Japan like a week ago, and yes I went to Akihabara. And I also went to Nakano Broadway as well, and I was very much impressed with it also.

It’s a shame that these animators, these cell drawers, are being worked almost like slave laborers. I mean, I read an article a while back saying that a few of them have even thrown up while working due to overwork. Of course if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have all the anime that we know and love. It’s extremely disrespectful and these companies are extremely ungrateful for making them work like that, especially with the low salaries that they get.

Hire more animators if you have to make these animators work such draconian hours! Is that so much to ask?

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Posted in: Rouhani welcomes Japan opt-out of U.S.-led naval mission in Gulf See in context

Well, this is good news. Because not only are they not join the US coalition, but they’re also taking care of a situation that needs much more attention, the horn of Africa. I’m sure with all the piracy going around the shores of Somalia, that this will be definitely a strong move against it. Yes even though it doesn’t get much the web press coverage, you know it’s still going on.

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Posted in: Tokyo police increase patrols in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district See in context

You know, I just came back from Japan like a week ago. I was in Tokyo and Kyoto, though not all in Shinjuku. I read an article warning me about the dirty tricks that they do in this part of Shinjuku In regards to prostitution. You know, tricking people into believing that they’re only paying a small amount, and then charging much more for BS reasons.

It looks like from this article, but this is just a really bad area in general. So I’ll know to stay away from there the next time I go as well. In case you’re wondering, my trip was very very good overall. I stayed for a week and a half, and I definitely can’t wait to go back again.

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Posted in: Public joins stars in inauguration of Olympic stadium See in context

@Yubaru I think they meant for Track and field part of the stadium anyway. I mean he did say that over 2000 athletes and spectators took part in varies events for the opening Of the stadium.

And yeah, I really don’t like the very high cost of the stadium either, especially with all the cost overruns and stuff, but here’s how I look at it. They are where we are, and what’s done is done. And since all that money was spent on it, let’s at least try to make the most of it. And judging by all the events that this article says will be hosted in the stadium, it looks like that they are going to get a lot of use out of this. So at least all this money and effort certainly won’t go to waste.

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Posted in: Tokyo being billed as 'Recovery Olympics' — but not for all See in context

@vanityofvanities you know, I was thinking about why Japan push for the Olympics myself. And I came to one conclusion, hearing somebody bring up the shrinking population. It’s to get more people to not only visit Japan, but to want to work there, hearing about said shrinking population. I mean, that’s my theory anyway.

Because as bad as the labor standards are in Japan, in most third countries, it’s still even worse. I mean do I need to remind you about sweatshops?

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Posted in: Japanese doctor's family to bring body home from Afghanistan See in context

Well, at least his family is able to take his body back home to Japan. So that way, he can Rest In Peace once and for all. And my thoughts and prayers will be with Dr. Nakamura as well.

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Posted in: 2 more Tokyo 2020 Olympic events rescheduled to beat the heat See in context

You know, just when I was going to suggest that they move these other events to Sapporo, I read the part they already scheduled Another event to Sapporo, in addition to the marathon. So I guess it would make things too backed up at Sapporo to include these events as well? I mean how many events can Sapporo take? especially considering the fact they were lobbying for the Winter Olympics of 2026 anyway.

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Posted in: 4 killed in failed robbery shootout in Florida See in context

Correction, I meant “the first paragraph”, not the title, in the first comment that I made there. My mistake.

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Posted in: 4 killed in failed robbery shootout in Florida See in context

You know, when I read the title of this article, I thought to myself, “just when I thought America couldn’t get any weirder”. But after I read the article, it all made sense. I’m from a UPS family, my grandfather and one of my uncles were UPS managers, and I can only imagine what they will be thinking, once they find out about this.

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Posted in: Afghans hold candlelight vigil for slain Japanese doctor See in context

Well I knew nothing about this man, until reading this article. But either way, it is such a tragedy.

And I’m actually in Japan right now, on a vacation actually. i’m in Tokyo right now, and I’ve been checking out some of the sites, including the Buddhist temples and a Shinto shrine. Next time I go to one of those, I’ll offer up some prayers for him. Indeed, may he rest in peace.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context


Thank you, my sentiments exactly. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize, is that they are going to release it in the Pacific freakin Ocean. Do I even need to tell you how big the Pacific Ocean is? And it will follow the current, which means most of Japan will not be affected anyway, minus those Tohoku fisheries.

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Posted in: 158 kg of meth bound for Japan seized in Thailand See in context

Glad to see that they caught the guy. And I wonder why illicit drug usage is on the rise in Japan?

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Posted in: FamilyMart to allow shorter operating hours policy across Japan See in context

Well I’m glad to see that they’re doing this. I didn’t know that the problem was this pervasive. But if they really have too many stores like this, then yeah, common sense is finally being realized.

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Posted in: Abe cancels gov't-funded cherry blossom event next year amid criticism See in context

OK, as much as I really don’t like the way that Abe and his administration is doing this, a lot of you here are missing another big point. The whole damn festival was canceled, due to this obvious corruption is going on.

@mike1492 Thank you Mike. And I don’t even think I need to tell all of you, that considering it’s a cherry blossom festival in Japan, that’s going just a little bit too far, wouldn’t you say? I mean yes, look into this guest list, because it’s very sketchy at best, and outright corrupt at worst. But do not, and I mean do not, call for, or even cheer for the cancellation of a festival like this. Remember this is Japan, and it’s one of the core aspects of Japanese culture.

I say this, because most you were focusing entirely too much on the corruption aspect of this with Abe and his administration, which again, yes is very bad. However, take a look at the whole situation, rather than just a big aspect of it. Or at the very least think twice next time, and make sure that you’re posting things in proper context. Arigato gozaimazu minna-san.

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Posted in: LDP panel chief wants tax system better suited to digital economy See in context

Well it’s good that the man is doing this. Because, with the rapidly aging population causing more and more strain on their pension system, they can use all the revenue they can get to preserve it. I mean within reason of course.

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