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It is indeed great that they can work together, but how is yoon a conservative thinking that an agreement between two governments can solve all issues including citizens and public companies…

both yoons party in korea and ldp seem to think they control their people.

dont like.

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here we go again.

it is easy to understand if people start seeing comfort women issue as human rights issue than political.

who are setting these statues up? korean government? no, its the human rights activists.

and yes, the same activists have statues setup for what skorean army did to the civilians during the vietnam war (vietnam pieta).

stop being so defensive people.

none of us are perfect.

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comments here laughable.

please see differences in

mutual defence treaty between rok and us


treaty of mutual cooperation and security between japan and us

to summarize,

rok-us military alliance

mutual military aid and support

japan-us alliance

one-sided aid (only to protect japan)


rok aided vietnam war and most wars after where the us was involved. Note 2nd biggest foreign troops in vietnam.

japan no real participation or aid in war.

i think it is time to revise the treaty between japan and the us. no?

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his father developed Akinomiya's brand of strawberry, and was the head of akinomiya strawberry growers association.

his family seems too well fed for him to be self-made haha

definitely not a syomin he falsely claims (from syuudan syuusyoku to just a farmers kid).

guess japanese media is working hard for the government.

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i wonder if people here watched yoshiki yamashita grilling on abe for whitewashing history at house debate yesterday...

go watch it if you wonder why other asians complain about japan not being apologetic.

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Guess no one really knows what SK government is doing...

Any one who reads 1965 treaty will agree japan fully compensated for all her wrongdoings during the colonization.

Problem SK government has:

That bill was signed between Japanese government and SK dictator who really didn't give a damn about human rights.

SK government is pushing for re evaluation of the treaty - legal using artical 31/32 of the vienna treaty.

Until the 2000s, Japanese government was actually for re evaluating Japan-Korea treaty for good faith.

Now that Japan has more than enough problems, obviously the abe regime does not want to.

I personally think SK government should fix this herself, but then I can understand their feelings as well.

Since the 1965 treaty, there has been advancement in human rights... and both countries have quite a bit of homework.

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