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Joseph12345 comments

Posted in: Japan's far-flung island defense plan seeks to turn tables on China See in context

We have to Look at history as it always repeats itself,

Back when WWII came about it was China that Massacred several Japanese communities on what is called China today, there were many wars and they were over the same thing, Chinese people would Kill all Families that would settle in what china called their land, and each war was started over this issue,

At the Beginning of WWII China came to America and asked for help in a blockade to stop Japan from getting supplies and minerals they needed in building war machines, well the United States did come to the Aid of China without knowing the truth, and successfully block Japan from all the resources necessary, which in turns made Japan expand throughout the Asian seas taking many Islands and invading different countries so they could continue to Jab at the Coalition forces, again it was China which pushed Japan into this action.

That is why the Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor. The rest was history,

This is why we must take china’s actions today into consideration in its theft of Lands owned by other countries, China has always been greedy and has always managed to be that Bully which has never stopped, it is time for all countries to come together and strip china of its rights to many seas and Islands in those seas, it is time to place a Blockade around all of China to the east in the seas to the West in the mountains and to the south borders where every product is blocked from going out of china to sell, this is the peaceful way is paralyzing China as with no money coming into the country yo are fighting a war without bullets which is the proper way, but if need be it surly is time to use force if China continues on its path of destruction of anyone’s equipment,

China should be made to move back into its 200 mile limit as stated in International Laws. China is no different that any other country, China is a single force which could be taken out as fast as missiles can be launched from the North from the west and from the south,

China will never change till the international community changes it themselves, China should be made to pay extreme damages to every country and to the Countries which have coral destroyed on their lands which is in the billions of US Dollars.

Ask one question; Who does China think it is by hurting , stealing , and Bulling other nations. Just maybe it is time for France to launch its long range Bombers to fly over the Island chains now just to show China every country is watching this very closely and will not tolerate the actions of China and its Security forces.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet departs for hunt despite international outrage See in context

When they get down south by Australia the Ships will be impounded as the Japanese has not paid the fine as Japan was told they will impound the ships if the fine was not paid, only time will tell, as they have been told no hunting in the Protected Waters. Why not just fish outside Japans waters you catch enough there, soon you will catch so many in your area that there will be none left to have, Don't put your Addiction onto the International Community we like the Animals so do it where you live not where we live, Do not bother asking where the ship went if it does not come back as your going to awaken the Whale god up and the ships will be swallowed by the seas, Did everyone have their wonderful Last Good Byes?

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Posted in: Australian court fines Japanese whaling company $1 mil for contempt See in context

Hey Gogogo, This is not a domestic Law, this is a Law made within a countries right to defend and protect their waters, if a Country has the right to protect Coral and other endangered species, it has that right when anyone is ordered not to fish in those waters to collect their fines, it this case it is simple the court gives a date most are within 30 days, if it is not paid in full it is allowed to impound a vehicle in this case a ship and if that ship is not worth the fine then they can confiscate two ships, it is that simple, You really believe the Australian court will not send the navy or Coast Guard out to collect the ships, Guess what people they are red Mad and that will be the next step for the Australian Government, and this is no $50.00 ticket as interest starts to add up after 30 days,

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Posted in: Japan urges China not to focus on 'unfortunate history' See in context

Here we go again, China again says they won the war against the Japanese, CHINA LOST THAT WAR!

"The Chinese government announced the special holiday as part of a push to encourage more citizens to participate in a host of nationwide activities commemorating what it calls its victory in the 1937-1945 war of resistance against Japanese aggression."

This never happened, China could never have won that war and if Japan did not awaken the Giant all of China would be Japan today, it was china who begged the US to help in a blockade against Japan and because of this Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. every one forgets that it was china that massacred Japanese people for moving to and living on the main land which was the real reason for Japan and China to go to war. History cannot be hidden, But People can try to hide the truth, The US had no business blocking Japan from getting Oil and other material they needed, so It is the US that opened that door to being placed in to a war. no one else. the fight between was only for the two Japan and China which China was losing till the US did what was necessary to defend the Asian countries,

The same thing is happening today, Look what China is doing to all the Sea Asian Countries, China is steeling from the Philippines and other countries land which is not there to have by international Law and there is an other war coming up as to history always repeats itself, This time it will be the US defending all the small countries that China is steeling from, this time the US will be finally defending the right people and with the prays and hopes that China will finally meet the Venom of the United States as they so are in deserving of this fight as to the controlling factors of China against so many other countries in Might and in Products which are poison-est to our children, and so many products made not poorly just made is a way which is harmful and poorly to the fact of lasting for a few uses only wasting so much money all because China has no standards in their factories or labor,

Finally The time is on the horizon where china will be placed into its place and China's Navy will be destroyed, and you know those 2 million china has for an Armed force, well it is to bad doe their families because of China's arrogance, and we all await for this day to come very soon! This will come to a Head in 2016, You watch and see, It is to bad Japan lost so much to stop that war, it is also to bad that the US did not know the whole truth about china as Now we all can see through China and its greed, I also would bet China will lost more land then it cares to believe as in WWIII the surrounding countries will grow in Size putting China into its place for its greed and making so many people suffer.

The Truth is about to come out, Remember it is news papers that censer not the Historians Lets see this news service hide this statement as it most likely will!


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Posted in: China says it lodged repeated complaints with Japan over South China Sea See in context

It is time for China to realize that it has aggravated every Asian Country with their stance of Bulling in places they have no right to be, China is Looking to start a war which is very close to happening and I for one am Voting as an American to have that war because China and all who run it are Greedy and it is a Poor shame that it is the people the citizens of that country which will pay a very dear price for this conflict,

they will lose Trade agreements and all countries most importantly the U.S. and will place a Blockade against any goods coming into their countries from China, sending China into an economic depression and in the end China will pay the price in Dollars for equipment used and people Lost, and lose Dearly for their false charges and statements, making claims for land more then 800 miles from their cost Line, which they have no right too, they want to have an agreement with each country as they hold a Gun to their heads, this is a way of Terrorist not any Working Government, the day is coming and is on the horizon where this will turn into a reality! China will Lose!

I also predict that the Chinese government will fall and the people will change it to a democracy, which that Government does not want! This will happen and it is close to be happening, the Chinese are upset with their own government, they Know anything can Happen, including camps for all Chinese if a conflict breaks out, Just like in WWII with the Japanese..

This is not far fetched as we all see how aggressive the Chinese are with their hackers, making the US and all other countries having to protect themselves from the Electronic Wars too. This will also open the Door when Russia stands with china for the European countries, the UN to take back Ukraine and close the doors on both countries crippling them to the point that their own people will revolt against their governments as their food Lines will be cut. You watch and see if this prediction will come true,

remember it is china and Russia which stops votes against bad government or stands up for each other when they are in question, the two are a team and will always throw the wrench in when the time is needed to stop some Arrhenius government. Both Governments want disabled countries so they can walk in and make cheap deals for them to survive.

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Posted in: Iraq lost 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles in Mosul: PM See in context

Does anyone really believe they Lost them? Really Now are we all children or down right dumb. Do we look that Dumb? The Iraqi Muslims gave them away to the Isis, In America many people talked about this one issue, they were all against the I dear as we have seen the Military had hid so many terrorist we were looking for Look at where Bin Laden was hiding, Less then One (1) mile from the biggest arm base in the country, So Ladies and Gentle Men, The real truth is clear. Isis wanted them and the Government gave them to Isis! This report is true but it is sick it shows how responsible this government is and How their Solders really are. Afraid to stand in arms way.

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Posted in: Japan says nations must behave responsibly in South China Sea See in context

China should get a real Life, Come back to reality, the nine dash claim it is claiming is nothing other then some sailor or captain marking it maps to watch out for obstructions, an Obstruction which can cause the sinking of its ships. this is no claim to ownership, As a holder of a Captain License I also mark maps for rocks and obstructions of all kinds even marking a place where a ship or aircraft has gone into the sea so you do not catch it if your dragging a net,

So China's claim holds no merits to any claim of ownership. China is doing nothing other then stealing land from other countries.

China is also trying to take from Japan an Island which was cleared to Japan after WWII by the international Community in the Peace process. China knows this and still is trying to take all, Why because there is a rich source of Oil and Gas Reserves under all this sea and All the Islands, this is not about only reclaiming it is about a country controlling all the Gas and Oil in the area, Just like Russia has done with selling all the Gas to European countries making the main resources the most valued income for Russia, this is Just what China wants to do, every country in the area has a right to collect and sell this resource.

Being that the US holds all the surrounding countries in defense treaties, the US should give a 72 hour notice to China to remove all ships and equipment from the area and if not the US has the Legal right to enter and take over by any means necessary to remove all the people and ships China has there, if this means aircraft going in and Blowing up ships dredging and military equipment then, So Be It, China has been warned,

There cannot be any civil or Peaceful resolution to this issue, the time to step in and remove a country stepping on little People are over and it is time for military action!

We all as Americans and all as Philippines do expect this from the United States of America because all the surrounding countries deserve the peace and tranquility of fishing the Oceans without any threat of some Bully, using water cannons, or ramming, or causing destruction on the high seas where there are usually no witnesses to boats disappearing or their crew gone from being killed by some bully, a bully making claims to ownership when it does not have any legal rights (by international law) to the claim, especially when a country has passed its own 200 mile Limit to its real borders.

Get China out of the West Philippines sea!

One more point any media calling this the China Sea is defaming the Other countries, in this issue it is the West Philippines sea, if the Media continues to calling this the China sea, they can each and will be held Liable ,

Each paper, each Media for money damages to the Filed Plaintiff. this is clear as the china sea only exist in the minds of the Chinese an only goes out to the 200 mile limit set by the international community.

Any and all of these cases can be filed where the N has its main office which is the Federal court in Washington DC. If China does not understand that then when china has some 10 billion dollar judgement against China for ecological damage and destruction of Fish and all wild

Life, in the United States this is a very serious claim, and stopping the Owners like the Philippines Fisherman from fishing their own waters is another very expensive claim which also can be filed in that court too!

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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

This Gye Has it about right except it is the Wife Family which is to Pay for the whole wedding except the drinks, the wife father buys the dresses and the flowers for the church the reception and the Limo the husband Pays for, as for the wedding rings they both choose them and are payed for together, the engagement ring is up to the Boyfriend, In America if the Wife cuts the sex off that is Cruel and inhuman Treatment, grounds for a divorce, and the wife does pay Child Support if they get a divorce and the husband gets the Kids,

If the wife runs away with the Kids she can be charged with federal crimes and go to Jail for 15 to 20 Years and the Husband will not ever have to worry about her again, she get free room and Board and food at the Jail so if the women wants to run back to Japan God Bless You go, But when You get to the Airport make sure the charges are not filed, and if your still on the Plane you can be returned to the court where the children are given to the Father and you go directly to jail without collecting the 200 dollars , so if there is a divorce in the works the husband will always help out to run so be very careful you will lose,

The Man that wrote this is just about on the money as all women in all races expect the man to do everything, and this payment to the Wife family, Well You can go collect that at the Lottery office because we the man are now taking on all the Misfit attitudes of the women which were hidden till the marriage was finished, What a surprised, To bad we cannot return the Merchandise, Be-wear most Japanese Women believe making love is for having children so when she gets pregnant watch out as Your Not going to dip your Pinky in that tee-pee no more till she wants another child. so Be-careful in this no sex before marriage BS....

God Bless all the Men as we have become slaves to our emotions.... Something called LOVE!

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Posted in: Okinawa governor orders halt to work related to U.S. base relocation See in context

This newly elected person really needs his head examined, Stopping a million dollar operation for a company dropping an anchor of a ship, a drilling ship, lets tal about all the ships coming in from Japan how many times they drop an anchor destroying the ocean beds, does Americans Complain, I think this so called person Needs to get a life, this is not government working this is spitefulness in the bias of the American Base, and he should be made to pay the damages for every moment the work stops and he should be removed from government and put in Jail for no less then 10 years for his Bias actions,

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Posted in: Debris still washing up in U.S. 4 years after Japan tsunami See in context

Japan should be paying for this clean up, and it should have hired some ships and trawlers to go out and clean it up so it did not travel this far and create such damage, it is the responsibility of the Government of JAPAN TO CLEAN UP THEIR OWN AN TO GET THE MISSING BODIES BACK TO THE FAMILIES OR JUST RESPECT THE DEAD AND BRING THEM HOME,

Just another Government passing the buck expecting the United States Tax Payer to pick up the tab! The US Pays people just to keep our Beaches clean and here we have others that do not care about picking up their own mess, they knew they built in a place they were not allowed and now the people paid with their lives because a government wanted more tax money and to sell more Land to tax in places which they knew were going to be destroyed, and now the Government gives 10 cents on the dollar which the ir citizens lost.

Do you call this fair? I DO NOT!!!

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Posted in: Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis See in context

Looking at the pictures I see this will never work there is no footings and no foundation which has to be 1/3 the height of the wall, meaning the wall has to be built into the ground not lay it on top of the ground, the way it is built is clear that the massive wave will only PUSH the wall not hold back the pressure, I believed the engineers would be smarter then this, then we have no one or think tank thought about this, Just ask a question, we have a steel town here who makes steel, why are these people not thinking steel, why are they not building a wall of adjustable steel, 2 inch plates 20 feet long with three hydrological rams to lift them which are built into the ground where they can be raised at any time they choose, this way you do not lose the scenery and have the sights of the bays and SEA, I DO NOT BELIEVE THESE ENGINEERS AND THIS COUNTRY BUILDING SUCH AN EYE SORE, Has anyone really put some thought to this wall, Does anyone know how much pressure this will hold with the proper foundation, Why is it that Governments do first without thinking long term, the bright side of this is you have a steel town right there, you have man power and new Jobs and you have more people working because of maintaining the new wall which will be testing the sections every month, COME ON JAPAN YOUR BRIGHTER THEN THIS, with all the technology you build and design and you come up with an eye saw, Give me a break, IF YOU WANT A PLAN JUST CONTACT ME FOR A DESIGN AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE IT IN A MONTH !!!! Build what you need without destroying the View

Respectfully Joseph12345

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Posted in: 10 kinds of posts that make Japanese want to block their friends on Facebook See in context

This is individuality talking nothing more or less, People have to accept others as they are, You invited a person as a friend then accept them, if you want to be private, then do not post, Most are proud in what they do and show for those that post foods they are proud they can afford it once in a while, for those that are serious and tired from working should realize others could have a better life and accept they do not have to work so hard or acknowledge that the other person would never allow others to abuse their rights in passing 8 hours, and those that do get the over time should be proud to make extra money to go out for that dinner or have those bills paid, then look at the ones that cannot pay their bills,

in most cases people are still children which I see in Japanese society, it is time to grow up with the rest of the world and acknowledge you are an adult now so do not post anything that you believe should not be commented on or accept the responses,


People are who they are, know them if you do not like them give them a pleasant excuse and click them off, do not fight, do not argue and do not say things you would not like because it will come back to you in time. always remember it is always better to be pleasant so it does not bight you in the butt latter.


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Posted in: Birthday girl See in context

To the wonderful Birthday Girl, You are one of the Most Beautiful Women in Japan, I want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, we cannot forget Your Birthday, I wish you so Many More and may you live to be 125 years old God Bless You and Happy Birthday You are a stunning, So Beautiful. Wish I would have met You Too.****

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Posted in: Japanese beauty pageant for women over 35 crowns winner See in context

She is Beautiful, I'm in Love, You want an American Husband? Hehehehehe Gorgeous! I'm Serious!

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Posted in: Smoke haters go after smokers with a vengeance See in context

You have people harassing others for Smoking like the person knocking at the door stating this butt belongs to you, When this happens give that person a criminal record, call the police, this is why there is Law enforcement, Remember You as a Smoker have rights a person like this can be sued Sue them. this is the Law, Let them show you a picture, remember this too is a way to get income, they will finally come into play when the shoe is on the other foot,

You as a smoker have rights like everyone else. As far as communities, even in American there must be smoking sections f there is an Apartment building then the Complex must have 1/3 of the units dedicated to smoking units, and if your harassed then the Key here is Suing not only the person harassing you but the establishment,

If some of you that have the money do not stand up for the rest then this is going to get worst, it is time to stand up for your rights, it is time to bring suits against the governments it s time to condemn the People that Pass Gas, it is surly working in America!

Smoker, You have rights too. I Do! And I sue too, I also call the police too, it works and sends a message loud and clear.

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Posted in: Nearly 200 Chinese fishing vessels return to Ogasawaras See in context

Its time to take the Chinese off their boats then sink their ships in deep water and bring them close to shore and tell them to swim home, you do that to a few and you will never see anymore in the area, if they are in Violation of the Law they have a right to confiscate or destroy any vehicle used for the transportation of illegal activity, whether it be drugs or fish or coral, why is Japan putting up with these poachers?

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Posted in: Large number of sardines wash ashore along 4-km stretch of Hokkaido coast See in context

The other scenario is illegal dumping which is preferred in bad weather so the ship cannot be tracked, or the dumping of nuclear waist which the government will never acknowledge if they did find it in the fish as it would start a panic throughout the world in exports of fish to their countries, you could have a gas pocket which could crack open in n earth quake, which releases the gas which will also kill of thousands of fish, so in all the truth you will hear, the truth will never come out, the answer of lack of oxygent with fish in the ocean is not likely, the whole area would have to be depleted, if you do not see any big fish which do feed off smaller fish then the scenario for depletion is not likely, which was the cover up in California, the fish that turned up were weaker fish and all the same, this is more likely illegal dumping of some sort. which contaminated the weaker stock. sorry people do not like the truth and this will be taken down as to the further cover-up.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to end jet scrambles See in context

It is Just about time for Japan to start shooting down china Defense force when crossing over their space, this will never stop till this happens, China sees Japan as a Joke and continues to press test Japan, well the scores for defense are in and Japan loses as Japan is showing it will always pull away and allow a bully to continue its actions, isn't their one pilot in Japan air force who has the Balls to pull that tiger, isn't there one man or women who is willing to give his or her dignity and honor for the defense of Japan? Wake up Japan the time has come, you know your right and have international Law behind you, the US is stationed right here, what are you waiting for, the US has to defend your rights if any conflict breaks out, no matter who fires first as long as Japan is in the right, the US sees it has its radar, they know china is wrong, Pull the Trigger.... so why are you holding back AGAINST THIS HOT AIR BULLY..???? Have you Lost Face.......

PS this probably will not be posted as it shows a truth in which ever man and women in the free world wants to say:.....

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard ships in disputed waters See in context

China is waiting and wants to start a war but is wants to blame it on another country, China has millions of its people all around the world in high places, some say that half china population is in other countries like America and south america and all other countries, China has not enough food to feed what is in its own country, China wants to take over with Russia the world, My vote it to lets get it over with and let the chips fall where they may, if China violates another country, then the United states should defend that act of war and lets get this over with before china gets even stronger, as I will go a far as predicting that china will have started this war by 12016, this is inevitable, another point, if America does have to enter this disputed, the cost to china will be Great, the amount will be the Loans it has to all countries will be paid in full as to the cost of military actions are costly. so Lets get this done with and end the threat, just like Russia taking over Ukraine this was and is an act of war, being the two are together china and Russia, we can expect the war to be on two fronts, just like it was in WWII Japan and Germany, we will win this one, One more thing, when Japan went into china in the beginning it was because China would not share with its neighbors food and land to grow that food, so in the beginning it again was china and now 70 years Latter it is still China, it is time to put the cards on the table, Yes My Vote is Battle, I am retired service man! Russia and China want to rule this world together.. time to stop this way of thinking, as far as the gas supplies Russia has, this was placed on this land for all to use, the cost which is charged is astronomical and should be against the Law, I agree with the payment for maintenance of a pipe line only and the price should reflect that cost only..... there should not be any monopoly on any reserve, this should be brought to the International court, God Gave us the resources and the public should not be held up with the prices for delivery because of Greed.. this is the reason China is declaring all of the Japanese sea (so called China sea) and the West Philippines sea (so called China Sea), and the Vietnam Sea (so called China Sea) this sea is well pasted the 200 mile limit which is written in the International community rules, each country are part of the international community and should adhere to all the rules within, by not they are declaring an act of war against the community, the whole community. every person should boycott Chinese goods by not buying anything made in China, if we can do this you will see the people in china will force the government to comply! God Bless

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

No more bilateral dialogue and negotiations, Lock, Load and fire, Japan has the right if they cross into Japans Airspace, you have to remember no matter how all you perceive if Japan can take out china or not, you must remember the US has to defend Japan and they are already in a Lock load mode, Do you believe the US does not have them on their radar? You believe the US doesn’t know when China cross into Japans Airspace? It's going to take one person shooting first, in this case Japan has the legal authority to take out any and every plane and ship in Japans territory, and all you out there that continue to mention WWII, that is over and a Mistake Japan apologized for and it is time to move forward. If any of you believe the US cannot handle China and or Take China out, Please do not try, You will not like the outcome! China has to start to respect its neighbors and respect the laws! Many People in the US have stopped buying Made in China because of their ways. I personally am one of them people!

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

Personally the Chinese people I know, I truly do like, I am even married to an Asian Women, they have to realize this is not addressed to them, except the truth has to finally come out, China is making claims to land they have no right to by international Law, China is no different then any other country, their should be sanctions paid to Japan, With this said! It is truly time to put china in its place, they have violated the currency exchange dictating they are a third world county and now they want to start WWIII well we as Americans are ready to stop China and make them pay the real price not just to Japan and America but to the Whole world, in 1946 with the unconditional surrender china did not stop the signing of that surrender granting Japan those Islands, now China wants them for the money in oil and Gas, well this is not going to happen, China and its dictators and suppression of world news to its people will stop, if China believes it has the capabilities to take on the world super power well just cross that Line as I and all of America has backed congress in the poles at 92% to take out China. And make them pay for the Junk they have placed into the market place and their acts of poor to charge 1/3 of the rest of all imports. Go China Make your move! Your finished as any Power in this world! It is time for the rest of the world to wake up to this disease of express demands using the power of threat to kill, we all should be beyond this and start to live together and love each other as families do, it is Gods way that anyone that violates his law will lose, you can bet your last dollar we will eradicate all evil powers to unite this world and make it free from Bullies like China!

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Posted in: China, Japan scholars seek way out in islands dispute See in context

It is truly time to put china in its place, China has always been a Bully, has always declared everything there, well the new error is here, as soon as China reacts foolishly with the warning shots put across they plains or ships, China will have opened a door which they cannot close, this is not any threat it is a cold fact, Ha! China when you choose to act, make sure you have your single Aircraft carrier far out to see because that will be the first piece of equipment China will lose, China is taking land belonging to the Philippines and Vietnam and Malaysia, China does not own the West Philippines sea, China does not own the Vietnam sea, and China does not own the Malaysian sea, yes it is making claims to it, there is a 200 mile international Boundary, therefore China is refusing to Honor International Law, wherefore it is no Chinas time to enter the arms disagreement, in a word, A War against China, You really believe Russia will not stand up with the EU and the United States, Honestly, Russia will be in the front row as they want to chock up the number of planes they shot down and mark up the number of ships they blew up and sank, Russia hates china most EU countries do not like how China is manipulating its currency acting like a Poor Country, Yes the time is ripe and we are all ready, when that word is given, not one missile will fall on Japan as it will never pass through the net, so Let your generals make their foolish statement that firing across the bow is a first strike, it is international Law a warning shot is legal to warn off someone intruding on another airspace which includes their sea territory, so let your Chinese admiral and generals start just once, China better start to come into line as china will not have any arms left in its country, we as a group took ut half of Europe and disarmed that war, you believe we cannot? Well Baby, Give your surprise attack your best shot because you will awaken all the tigers in this world. * Please Japan Let China do what it says, We beg you, Lets finally put an end to there threats!

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Posted in: Pakistani minister offers $100,000 to anyone who kills anti-Islam filmmaker See in context

This is a Very interesting statement “said President Mohamed Mursi should demand “legislation or a resolution to criminalize “contempt of Islam as a religion and its Prophet” at the U.N. General Assembly next week.” If scholars come together and debate Muhammad there will find no miracles, no people walking after he touch them Or the Blind able to see, You cannot find one miracle, Only the word of a Man saying he heard someone talking to him, When you get a group of 20 or more people following someone as a religious matter in the states and many other countries in the EU and the West all call it a cult, so after he ask the UN General Assembly to criminalize this Muhammad as a Profit the Assembly should investigate if it is a religion, and only after the finding it is then they get what they ask for, But if it is found he is not a prophet then lest pout this to bed and declare it what it truly is! I believe this is the best way to handle this issue, Just maybe we can put it to rest too, Imagine Muslims want us all to convert to something that’s not and we as a people have no right to express our freedom to speak, a comedian has no right to express current affairs, a women has no rights, and a girl of 13 is ordered to marry some old man because she is SOLD, Imagine SOLD, Only as a Muslim are children allowed to be sold! Do I need to say more!

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Posted in: Noda, Wen discuss N Korea, abduction issue, pandas See in context

It is time for China to awaken from this illusion that is a superior Power, as this is the Year china’s people will crush its own corrupt government, china only grew because of the trade between the US and China, except now it is Buy America and is spreading like a wild fire, soon that 70 to 80% of all goods made in china bought in America, will be down to less then 10% and china will crumble like a person slamming the door when a person is cooking a cake, China’s time is over and all the Islands China is claming in the West Philippines sea and the Japanese Sea, and other’s will belong to their true owners, and that is not China, Chinas time is over for their refusal to restrain North Korea, and all the Lives lost because of their refusal, the United States and other countries will not stand for Destabilization in Asia. The time for china is about over it cannot continue to float its economy, and show an illusion that China is doing good, to many Jobs have been lost and to much property too, China just makes it appear like an illusion that all is fine!

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Posted in: Protesters in Tokyo join 24-hour global 'Occupy Wall Street' movement See in context

We all have to think if capitalism was not strong in America with its belief in putting out a helping hand when a country has a disaster and just for feeding the poor around the world then America could not do it, Do not get me wrong I myself am out of a Job like so many others, but I believe in Helping the Poor countries always giving grants and food and blankets cloths this all comes from capitalism, free enterprise, everyone should think twice before they knock down this way of Life, I believe strongly in taxing being equal in all countries, but when You have countries who allow cheap labor such as China and others in Asian countries, they have it low to dirt cheap so they can make companies come into their countries, I say do not protest Capitalism, Protest all the countries that do this Like China Japan South Korea, We need rules to make all countries Equal, if not then America should close out all trade agreements with all countries that re not equal to its taxation and its Pay scales and its Medical requirements, this is also another way to assure no more Human trafficking, then if we do all this we can Guarantee, a good way of Life, if not let each country who do not comply sell all their goods in their own country and do not allow those countries to export any goods, let the countries each and every one of them who do comply, close their borders from allowing any goods into their country and then you will see an Orderly trend of all countries come into compliance, this is what should be Protesting around the world, Not corporate America as it is Corporate America which allows People in all countries like Africa, Philippines, Korea, North and South, Japan, China and all the rest, Yes take away Corporate America and you take away the international food program and so many more, if you want to Protest, Protest Bio-fuel, do you know the reason food prices are to the point we cannot afford to buy food, it is because it cost $30,00 in food to make one (1) Gallon of Ethanol and more to make Biodiesel, Do you realize the International Food Bank is feeding fifty million people less in 2010 then in 2003 because of this as it is because the food such as corn and Potatoes and all others are being sold now to make fuel making food prices higher by twice their net worth and cutting in half the food banks, Look at the price of flower, it has tripled potatoes have doubled twice, how can we stand for this, we are literally taking the food out of the mouth of every person that in not in first class, every one else the second class the Poor and the beggars cannot eat a proper diet because of Bio-Fuel, Wake Up World and Lets get our Protest under the Proper Banner!

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Posted in: Gov't faced with decontaminating millions of cubic meters of soil in 4 prefectures See in context

Everyone should Pay close attention to this statement, if this is done;:

“Hosono caused a stir when he said that contaminated debris and soil from Fukushima Prefecture should be disposed of outside the prefecture. He said that all of Japan needs to share Fukushima’s plight by providing sites for disposal of the debris."

” Each place this soil is displayed it has a high chance of getting into the Water system, and when it gets into enough areas all of Japan Water will “WILL BE Contaminated meaning that everyone in Japan will be infected with this, Now Do We want this throughout the country, or shall we pay some country that has a Desert to store and house this in some constructed bunker where it can be observed and make sure there is no leakages of the contamination into the earth to destroy any water system! This I dear of Hosono should be the furthest from anyone’s mind! Radiation Kills!

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Do you all realize what the International community is thinking of Japan at this point? They are laughing in disgust Imagine if we cannot keep a Prime Minister for longer then One (1 Year) what do you think this is saying! This is repulsive! It is showing a deformed Government, it is showing Law Makers cannot compromise, it is showing Corruption in Government, as they Laugh another Prime Minister out of Office, What does that say to each of us? My Person Opinion is, every Last party should be replaced and when the new ones are voted in there should be rules set, no person can be elected in Government if they are related to the one coming out and no person can run for a post for an amount of 20 years once they have left office and no family member of the leaving official is allowed to have his/her name upon any ballot, this is the only way to rid out country of all Criminal activity! * Think Tank N.Y.C.

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It will not help if Prime Minister Naoto Kan resigns, it takes all parties to issue a resolution for the Prime Minister to enforce, it is the fault of all Parties who are elected in office for not submitting a bill or writing to chambers to order the Electric company to Pay damages for all Losses and Compensation to each party involved in the radiation leak, it is for government to make sure that all this money is paid, their should also Be workers compensation paid to each person who lost their Job and is not working, there should be an Immediate housing project started for the families in shelters now. It was the fault of the Power company for this catastrophe and the Government involvement to have made sure the citizens were safe.

Prime Minister when it is those law makers who are fighting between themselves because each party wants to take over making the sitting law makers demonizing the system, these people are suppose to be working for the people not for person gins which is what I ongoing now, Prime Minister should not resign and should pull back that resignation at this time and move forward in clearing house because they cannot work together for the People.

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Posted in: Anger mounts in tsunami-hit areas over political power games See in context

It will not help if Prime Minister Naoto Kan resigns, it takes all parties to issue a resolution for the Prime Minister to enforce, it is the fault of all Parties who are elected in office for not submitting a bill or writing to chambers to order the Electric company to Pay damages for all Losses and Compensation to each party involved in the radiation leak, it is for government to make sure that all this money is paid, their should also Be workers compensation paid to each person who lost their Job and is not working, there should be an Immediate housing project started for the families in shelters now. It was the fault of the Power company for this catastrophe and the Government involvement to have made sure the citizens were safe.

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Posted in: Anger mounts in tsunami-hit areas over political power games See in context

Disgusted is not the Word, Every person in Japan should stop and Pause, take a breath, and think if this happened to them, remember there are reactors all over this country, it is time for all the citizens to stop and take a day and everyone march up to the capital and let all who run this country, you will not stand for this, it was and is the responsibility of Government to make sure they were safe, THEY FAILED, and upon their failure, they are stretching this emergency out to the point that their hopes will be that those who Lost everything will just go to relatives and fend for themselves, what they are doing right now is inhuman Treatment against the Living and the dead, YES IT IS TIME! If we all do not stand up for those that lost everything now, what do you think will happen to each of you if you do not make a stand, * Each Person who Lost Property should have that property returned in another place, each person who lost a home then an equal home shall be built for the return of the one lost their should be an amount paid equally to the amount of personal Property Lost,

If it was Just a tsunami people could go back to their Property and rebuild their Lives, this is Not the case, the Government has allowed the contamination of everything in an area, the area stated, has been minimize, for the true fact the Government is in trouble and wants to reduce its claims, the People should also as the Japanese government to call in the American government The Atomic energy commission to properly survey the damage area and mark off all areas as not to allow women and children to have to Live and Play on grounds which are contaminated, deforming un-born babies and allowing Children to have cancer throughout their lives without any Benefits! this is to be done to give a fair representation of contamination in all areas.

If You each do not stand together now, You each will be subject to have the same Doomed experiences as those that are going through this now! It is inhuman and an abomination ,

Get on your Phones, get on the internet, Get on you Ipods, Just do it and put it together get an organizer to lead and speak for you NOW and do not wait another day! Time is short, If you do not help each other You will Lose, remember United We Stand, and this issue will be settled in a week!

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