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Josh comments

Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for drunk driving in Okinawa See in context

So his BAC was 0.06?! How is this news? I understand the presence of US military in Okinawa is unwanted and that there have been many problems in the past with service members breaking the law. However, harassing US servicemen because you hope they had a beer so you can arrest them is not a good use of taxpayer yen.

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Posted in: Japan to push child care, labor reforms to stem falling birthrate See in context

How about we just let whatever happens happen? Can we stop incentivizing having families with money? If you want a family, great. If you don’t, that’s great, too. Of course finances are an important factor when considering making a family. However, I don’t foresee any great advantages with throwing money at people to have kids. I just find it rooted in “put a bandaid on a gaping wound” logic.

of course, it is only my opinion and I’m wrong about a lot of things.

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Posted in: 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse' swings to massive $120.5 million opening See in context

What exactly is woke about a black mermaid or a Latin Spider-Man? It’s amazing that no matter how progressive society becomes, some people will always find a way to make something, that was never an issue to the majority, about race. Which takes me back to my question: how is a movie about a black mermaid or a Latin Spider-Man woke?

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Posted in: High school student arrested for extorting money from woman by threatening to release video of her naked See in context

“This is what, the fifth man to blame the woman for the abuse she suffered?”

You should check your privilege girl_in_tokyo. How dare you assume someone’s gender

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Posted in: High school student arrested for extorting money from woman by threatening to release video of her naked See in context

Both parties involved in this situation need better role models in their lives. The “teenage” woman appears to have obliged the boy’s request to say sorry naked, when she could have just as easily said “umm… no.”

the lesson is to not agree to be nude in front of a camera because someone tells you to.

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Posted in: Woman fatally stabbed at apartment building in Mie Prefecture See in context

How do they know it was her apartment building if the have no idea who she is?

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman who gave birth in toilet charged with killing infant See in context

Why are so many of the comments here backwards??? Instead of trying to turn a 19 year old murderer into a victim, let’s focus on the poor child that was never given a chance.

There should be stricter laws and punishments for these kinds of cases. Granted that there should be societal changes that ensure women get better support and options. However, murder is murder and there is never a justification for murder. The consequences should be strict as well as consistent. Stop with the “poor girl”s and focus on the “poor stolen life”.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed by acquaintance after drinking session in Osaka See in context

Will you please correct this statement! It should read “A 55 year old man died after being stabbed by another man with whom he had been drinking WITH in Osaka…”. Thank you in advance.

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Posted in: Two fathers in Europe demand action against Japan over parental child abduction See in context

I have never known a Japanese wife to go so far as stealing away children. Unless, the husband was a drunkard, violent,..

I don’t know how many Japanese wives you’ve known or know ,but I would try, if I were you, to step outside my little social clique of a handful of married women and see the real effect that the Japanese government’s neglect to adopt the same rules of joint custody that the rest of the developed modern societies have put into place is having on foreign men and their children. It’s tearing families apart and is effecting the innocent fatherless children the most.

Wake up Japan! Keep fathers in their childrens’ lives.

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