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since1981Mar. 4 07:53 am JST

Let's not bash country leaders trying their best to stop this virus from spreading. In my life time, this has never happened at this magnitude. If you find the need to do any bashing, remember who started this mess!!!

People are loosing their jobs, companies are filing for bankruptcy, people are fighting with people who sneeze and/or cough!! Remember who started this mess!!!

The entire international travel could shut down if we don't get control of this virus. Millions of jobs will be lost, though perhaps temporary, will be tough to recover from. Remember who started this mess!!!

Do I blame Abe for the spread around Japan? Nope! As we can see in so many countries, the spread was/is inevitable. Remember who started this mess!!!

Do I blame Trump for the spread around the US? Nope! As we can see in so many countries, the spread was/is inevitable. Remember who started this mess!!!

I really feel for the country leaders and the decisions they must make. One leadership role I would never want to have.

First of all you must be born after 2009 if in your life time you never seen it at this magnitude or worse, Spanish Flu variant: 2009 H1N1 aka Swine Flu killed over 500K ppl around the world in the first year alone. Our great US CDC lied to us about the numbers saying it infected only around 100K people when CNN and NBC called on their bs and they release the number as 22million, 3 days later - 50million actually, 2month later "actually we meant 80million cases in the states"... w. t. f. Aside from that our CDC ENCOURAGED traveling (to spread it around?) with no regards to the international public. Our government tried to hide it, because it was afraid of the economic impact that's similar to what's happening to Asian business everywhere right now (you think only Chinese business is affected? Think again... most numbskulls here can't tell a Japanese from a Chinese). It was so bad the WHO declared the 2009 H1N1 as pandemic designation PMD09 (which covid19 isn't... yet at least). Our sensational MSM is blowing it up for views, profit motives, and conveniently some China-hate at the same time. It is absolutely INSANE to see a pizza joint PACKED next to a empty asian restaurant here in the states as if non-asian food is somehow immune to covid19... LOGIC.

all in all stop your fear mongering and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, most of this information is readily available from multiple nation's CDC sources that's compiled, aside from WHO and many other sources. If you are too lazy this dude does a brush over analysis comparison:


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