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Well it's all subjective really isn't it.

I've been living in Japan just over 2 and a half years now. I ride the bus 4 times a day and can't think if a single time that someone has avoided sitting next to me. I actually wish they wouldn't sit next to me so I could have my precious space but oh well what can you do. I've had people fall asleep on my shoulder numerous times, old people striking up conversation with me etc.

As for the chopsticks thing and the staring, who cares? There really are more important things to think about or be bothered about than someone pointing out your 'amazing chopstick" skills or having a good look at you.

Yes there is discrimination in Japan but no more than anywhere else. I'm from England and have encountered plenty more bigotted nasty people there than in Japan. I'm not defending Japan in any way though. It has its good days and bad days, nice people, and moronic simpleton assholes who want to bring you down just like anywhere else. The key is to rise above that.

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