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Joshua Degreiff comments

Posted in: Truth is Superman, Donald Trump is Kryptonite See in context

I'm not against him or advocate him. You will choose how mad/crazy can be Trump to not advocate Illegal Immigration, deport Illegals and open application around the world to apply H-B1 to replace illegals? Or wanna eradicate ISIS? Or maybe not permit the entrance of Islamic people who has "issues" not just in America around the world how badly/unnecessary will be a country without them? Or wanna some modifications tax cuts to bring companies back to America? Or keep Medicare and Social Security intact?

You'll choose if he don't deserve to be president or not and what the other candidates can offer better or worse and than Donald proposal to America.

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Posted in: Japan should accept more refugees, fix asylum system: UNHCR See in context

No they shouldn't accept refugees, but advocates and trolls to defending refugees will push Japan to do it anyways! And the good people who pay taxes will pay the price to support them and their families!

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Posted in: IS executes Chinese, Norwegian hostages as bastion pounded See in context

Ohh boy....ISIS you shouldn't have been mess up with China, well IS your days are over!

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Posted in: Gov't to step up measures to prevent terrorism in Japan See in context

Sfjp How you can accept in your home people you don't know? So meaning they just condemned the act of government incompetent because they can't verify who enter in their countries? Lame excuses always been around and 129 people won't back to the grave because their border Immigrations and their government they are mentally incompetent to check criminal background those refugees before to enter in their country. With your answer God help us if we will live safe in our countries with that government mentally incompetents!

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Posted in: Some travel agencies cancel tours to France after attacks See in context

@Novenachama I'm wondering something about your comment and please share your thoughts how you can take extra care if you don't know the person next to you have bomb belt in their chest? Or how you can have extra care if the person next to you have a explosive backpack. You think the people die in this terrorist attacks had any idea those who have bomb belts in their chest? But please share your thoughts with us here!

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Posted in: Gov't to step up measures to prevent terrorism in Japan See in context

Well that's easy don't open border to undocumented refugees like did Europe, don't accept refugees without a psychological evaluation like didn't in Europe, don't accept refugees with criminal background like didn't in Europe, don't bomb Syria or Iraq because you will make that people hate you more than before like Europe did. Overall if you fallow this steps Japan will be safer!

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Posted in: France bombs Islamic State HQ; hunts attacker who got away See in context

All the people backlash in the past refugees are necessary for the economy and shrinking population what you think about this attacks?

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Posted in: France bombs Islamic State HQ; hunts attacker who got away See in context

This is just stupid, they bomb Syria more refugees will come to Europe after will be more terrorist attackcs after the refugees will backlash because people will think they're terrorist....and this circle will never ends... Europe please think for once!

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Posted in: Some travel agencies cancel tours to France after attacks See in context

So for some point of view this is the best time to going a country when they was bombed? I see for some will take pictures the places people was just killed 3 days ago? Or maybe took pictures of the places bombed? I see well I'm not a psychiatrist I can't give you a psychological reviews but that's sick after 3 days people just die go there because will be cheap flights and hotels. Come on have some respect shall we.

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Posted in: Japanese company offers insurance plan to protect against false train groping accusations See in context

Ohh well good luck!

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Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context

European Union could read all the comments across Internet, people told you don't open borders, don't accept refugees you don't know what kind of background they had, you will only make Europe unsafe. People told you but you don't listen! I feel sad the citizens they have "clowns" as governments. This is just the beginning of the end of Europe you accept more of 3 millions of refugees. You don't even know what kind of people enter in your countries. Like I say in other comments terrorist groups can be infiltrated in this group of "refugees" and hide in the populations. This is a sad day......

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Posted in: 'Jihadi John' Japan victim's mother wants violence to end See in context

“Perhaps we are now restlessly moving toward that higher plateau of competition; we may make contact with ambitious species on other planets or stars; soon thereafter there will be interplanetary war. Then, and only then, will we of this earth be one.” By Will Durant

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Posted in: Apple sets release this week of iPad Pro See in context

Ohh geez like I wanted all my life an expensive iTouch big screen with a mobile systems operative! Yeah good deal Lol!!!!

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Posted in: Riots reported at Australian immigration detention camp See in context

Refugees are just demanding? What will be next free money? Fre housing? Thanks Germany and all European Union now the third world countries want demanding anything else! Appreciate it a lot!

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Posted in: Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in U.S. See in context

@Webber Do you know how profitable is Sony beside of PlayStation line? Sony is just a ghost of the past like everything else in Japan, they just think we're still living in the 80's! Sony is still keep flatting is thanks to PlayStation 4 not even PS Vita is helping them...

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Posted in: Illumillion lights See in context

People of Japan I envy you, here in NYC we don't have nothing just S#%$

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Posted in: Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in U.S. See in context

@Alex Toyota is investing in America because Japan doesn't have open minded like America does "thinking out of the box" also robots are cheaper than humans I shall pointed;

1/Robot can work 24/7 / Humans can't.

2/Robot don't ask Union benefits, pension, Medicare, no day leave, no personal day, pay sick day, no maternity leave, not waning promotions or raise, no envy between them, no cheating, no romance at work, no lunch time, no vacations / Human ask everything Robots doesn't.

So if you're a multi corporations around the world with many branch what you will do to minimize the cost of unskilled labor force if you have the chance to put robots instead humans. Ask yourself that questions. Corporations doesn't care about you or your needs, or your family needs if not so why we have so much not equal rights opportunities?

Like Charles Darwin quotes says one of his books "I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection"

Always predator (corporations) eat the weak (unskilled labor force) to survive (to be more rich) that's the term of Natural Selection.

It's moral to do it No but that the future our humanity go, it's what it's.

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Posted in: Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in U.S. See in context

SkyNet will self aware soon, or Matrix!

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator recommends new entity to run Monju reactor See in context

Gov't of Japan should wait a little bit more time how works Nuclear Fusion will starting soon in Europe. Oh boy if that work out like supposed to, Japan should implements at soon as possible!

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Posted in: Newborn girl found on Ibaraki roadside See in context

Sad, sad, sad....humanity is doing this kind of stuffs.....the best wishes for the baby girl her time was not yet over. That's a miracle!

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy jumps to death in Nagoya subway; leaves suicide note See in context

What is the point bully's expelled at school, when your child will grown up will be bullying at work? Or friends, or classmates? You can't protect you children all your life, If they don't know the tools to defend their self mentally, emotionally and physically? It's sad this young kid have so much future and I'm not condemn the acting of bullying that's dead wrong! But if you parents don't teach your child be a man or woman who will? As parent is your responsible teach them the real world out there. That's your reparability as parent be tutor, mentor and teacher. Self defense isn't only for bullying if someone want rape your daughter late night in the street back to work at least she will kick the ass of her aggressor or if you son will be assaulted at least he will give a lesson of the delinquent. What is the origin of the quote - Give a man a fish and he eats for a day teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life? "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" by Anne Isabella Ritchie

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Posted in: Do you support drug companies using animals for testing in order to develop new medicines for humans? See in context

No, I don't support!

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Posted in: Thaw in relations See in context

That's remind something but I don't know where........"It can only be called fate... That here, I would again gather the three with the crests... That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder. That when power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down... The power of the gods... The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!" — Ganondorf

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Posted in: SoftBank internal data suggests smartphone figures worse than reported See in context

Why? People are not dumb enough to buy the new model every 6 months? Aww next time SoftBank :)

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Posted in: Deep-set attitude hampers 'Womenomics' See in context

I don't want criticism but I'm just wondering something if a couple have a child and let guess are middle class family, both parents work, both parents want money to have a life, and let guess isn't money just pursue their goal and ambitions to get promotions and be recognized in the company their working let guess they work really late time like in Japan is often working over time very much for both gender so who will teach your child the good or bad of things of life? Or what kind of parents model they will have? Or what kind of friends they are surrounded? Sometimes one of the parties need sacrifice their full time job to be a part time to raise and teach the child they have. Japan need to implement to be equal opportunity in labor market about part time and full time jobs. Extreme ways of views in both parties (female and male) aren't going to be better to Japan society.

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Posted in: Nintendo delays launch of smartphone video game See in context

Nintendo want release all the bundle package in 2016 mobile games, PC content, NX and handle device 2 in 1 and My Nintendo (iTunes version Nintendo) NX Will better version of PS Vita remote control from PS 4 without 4G, roaming data and WiFi connection. You don't like remote control handle device not a problem play casual games in your iOS or Android devices. You have an important meeting and you wanna conitue your game sure take your control remote handle device with you and continue playing when you left when you back you will continue playing in your TV. Your developer are tired make it two versions of the game home con old and portable console with two different softwares not a problem with the new NX Kit you will have the tools to make 2 in 1 (Like in Windows 10 the same papa for PC will work in Windows 10 Mobile) Tired for not get reward point (BestBuy Game Reawrd) not a problem with the new My Nintendo you will earn point to redeem, coupons, tracking purchase choice to suggest games( Like in Amazon), special events and perks and Android Wallet or IOS Wallet options also Nintendo smart move!

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Posted in: Man jailed for 6 years for beating, coercing stepson to commit suicide See in context

6 years is nothing. The rules of Japan need to change asap.

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Posted in: Ogata urges Japan to do more to help refugees See in context

Listed below are several of the arguments that have been used by misguided people to try and justify refugees. Next to each is the reason why each of these arguments has no merit.

1) They are an economic necessity - Not true. The idea that a bunch of desperately poor, uneducated, foreigners with families are an economic necessity is ludicrous. In fact, when you compare cost vs. benefit, it is obvious that they are not only NOT a necessity; they are not even an asset. Rather, they are a liability and a huge one at that.

2) They do work Japanese won’t do - Not true. They do work Japanese won’t do for $7 an hour (especially if Japanese can collect welfare and unemployment forever). Of course, if you got rid of the refugees, the jobs wouldn’t pay $7 an hour. The people who wanted the work done would have to pay a wage that was attractive enough to get Japanese to do the work. And it might even be enough so Japanese could support themselves and get off welfare and unemployment!!

3) They work & contribute to the society - So do Japanese. And if I break the law with loopholes with welfare, under table jobs and might be commit crimes, I can expect to pay a penalty of some kind. Anything from a small fine to the death penalty. I do NOT get rewarded. This argument makes no sense.

4) They are just trying to make better lives - Aren’t we all? So why Japan has low class life, not everybody in Japan is middle class right?

5) It is impossible to round up and refugees don't get any benefits from Japan - All they have to do is new rules of refugees status visa such as Welfare with special rules of part working or part studying no lame excuses, Labor Department find them work obligatory no excuses you come to Japan is to work right?, No refugee payment assistant more of 1 year because you came to Japan is for work right?, going to Japanese classes obligatory or cut any current or future benefits.If they don't like it they will leave on their own if not so they really wanna work, living and be useful to the society.

6) Immigration control is racist - This is just another play of the race card by people who have no other cards to play. Immigration control is the world-wide status quo. There is nothing racist about it. Furthermore, the Japanese welcomes immigrants of all races and ethnicities from all over the world who have gone through the legal immigration process. This is not just a bad argument, it is an attempt to create hatred and division. Racist is their code word for patriot.

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Posted in: Car of the future See in context

The always say that " this will be the car of the future" and after 6 months people forget this conventions they just release the same car with different name, and date.....I'm just tired since 80's they always say that and never happens..... Just release it.

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Posted in: Couple freed after 20 years as court orders new trial in arson-murder case See in context

Ohh wow this heavy.....so the criminal justice of Japan is forcing people who has sentence make false confection statements because they were torture in the interrogation procedure? Wow this isn't good at all! They need a seriously re-form justice system soon.

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