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Joshua Dorie comments

Posted in: Backstreet stories: Small Kabukicho park has become a haven for hookers See in context

For those that don't understand why they are willing to sell their bodies to be with hosts, you need to look up emotional dependency and intersexual selection.

Just as a woman can lead on men with a few saucy pictures, making them suspend disbelief just enough for them to give over their savings, so do the hosts do that for those women. All for the emotional reward of feeling a connection to one they desire.

Ultimately hosts and hostesses prey on the low self esteem and loneliness. Especially in a group oriented society like Japan, the breakdown of the family home leaves men and women feeling isolated and vulnerable. Also read the Iceberg Slim book that's famous from Dave Chappelle recommending it.

It's unfortunate but some people can get away with more for less in return. It's one human characteristics that constantly gets exploited.

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Posted in: Two fathers in Europe demand action against Japan over parental child abduction See in context

It's easy for anyone to cherry pick one or two pieces to support an argument you're trying to make.

I have first, second and third hand knowledge of such cases in Japan.

But I want to point out something that is being overlooked. The large amount of Japanese men who also suffer from this status quo situation.

Admittedly there are jerks out there... of the male and female variety both. But are you saying all, or maybe even just the majority of foreign men are abusive spouses? If you include Japanese men in that figure of men who lose contact with their children, would you still say the majority were abusive?

The major difference between the foreign and Japanese fathers is that the Japanese ones think that it is normal and that they have to suffer in silence.

I suggest that if you see abusers and oppressors everywhere that you start to question your own perceptions and look back at your history to see if there is something that may have caused that perception.

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