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Posted in: Clinton warns that Trump would plunge U.S. economy into recession See in context

we are heading to a recession regardless of who wins. Kind makes me want the dems to win so everyone can see that they aren't all knowing when it comes to the economy.

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Posted in: Man, mother killed in Tottori car-truck collision See in context

how are cars not able to withstand front end collisions. Are truck drivers going 90 in japan or do the japanese straight up not have safety standards because a front impact dead on is supposed the most solved problem in car safety.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress mourn war dead on Palau's Peleliu isle See in context

""About 10,000 Japanese defenders died fighting"

It's too bad they didn't surrender, they could have all lived."

Serrano - The japanese were following the traditional model of war which is you give the invaders hell to force a stalemate. They didn't know the US was ready to go all nuclear. Nukes changed the rules, you can fight and fight but if the enemy is willing to raise the entire land and you can't do anything then its better to surrender.

If we didn't have nukes japan would have been able to make a conditional surrender to russia.

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Posted in: Heavy snow hits Sea of Japan coast, Shikoku, leaving two dead See in context

how do you get buried in snow?

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Posted in: Hiroshima woman arrested over death of newborn baby See in context

It could be the socialized pressure to marry the person they got knocked up with and then carry it to term. That would be my guess as to why this happens.

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S. missile defense radar in Japan See in context

In theory defense could hurt stability if the defense allows the one side to unilaterally attack (this is what MAD was about) . However its safe to say china could survive an initial strike and what the japanese are doing is indeed mostly defensive.

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Posted in: Fans ask Nintendo to name 'Zelda' character after Robin Williams See in context

@toshiko - you can put a persons likeness in the game as long as it is parody. so they can alter the name a little and the look slightly. Everyone knows its Robin Williams but not officially. World of Wacraft does this all the time for people like Adam Eternium or Haris Pilton.

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