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Why is that island destined to be the hotel of the Pacific? Who has a right to designate them as such? It must lead to some kind of bottled up stress that we can expect more of if we do not think more about the cause of the effect.

I am a Guamanian. What happend is a shock to our island. We LOVE tourists, but we don't really like the military. That's why De Soto was beaten up by local inmates even in prison because he is giving a bad name to Guam.

Possibly the suspect has some serious brain abnormality which are psychologically induced or as a result of some brain tumor or substance. That may produce uncontrollable thoughts to kill peoples. Criminal action also is possible but less likely.

He was kicked out of two homes, he is troubled, and recently broke up with his girlfriend. It seems he did have mental issues unaddressed, many who knew him say he "snapped". But, what he did was a decision, criminal intent, a conscious decision. Now he will be punished. No excuse. We need justice for the families affected and also to make sure Guam is safe and happy for all tourists.

For him to be able to walk out of jail, someone would have to put up at least 10% of the bail amount. So on a $2 million dollar bail, he would need to come up with at least $200,000. This can be secured by putting up property or cash.

No one on Guam has any love for him. He was well-known because he made a video here: see 4:11 ......

But really, no family member, ex-girlfriend, or local would want him out of prison. No one will want to bail him out.

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