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Posted in: Tottori City’s starving mascot makes waves and suddenly disappears See in context

A starving mascot would defy the concept of a mascot. Unless you were to somehow trivialize or cherish her sufferage

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Posted in: Stigmatized nuclear workers quit TEPCO See in context

I guess the fervent nationalism that pulled Japan out of the dregs of WW2 is a rare commodity nowadays. I am conflicted with this report in that I know that japan needs to make the most extreme of efforts to stabilize the reactor and surrounding facilities and clean up the radioactive dirt and water but at the same time too is it worth a life of undocumented sicknesses and cancer like the Chernobyl liquidators suffered? We should really cherish and honor the people that are on the front line of this disaster like the Americans are doing with the heros that reported to the 9-11 disaster scene

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Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan See in context

Actually the Japanese politicians were unaffected by the newspaper until they were prodded for a reaction from the press who was seeking a story out of this.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally abusing 2-year-old daughter of ex-girlfriend See in context

Do 2 year olds understand discipline? They probably do understand terror and pain and injury... Poor little girl. They should send this guy to a prison that doesn't look kindly on child murderers...

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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets fly within 30 meters of SDF planes See in context

Good way to die a martyr..

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Posted in: Akihabara’s first rental nerd looking to cash in on his jobless status See in context

I wish it was a phenomenon limited to Japan.. I have a few friends who are now in their 40's who rolled to the end of the runway and never took off...

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Posted in: SoftBank to cut smartphone charges in Japan See in context

back in the 90's you'd pay for incoming outgoing, incoming texts, outgoing texts just for having a mobile phone.. I am sure there were other charges for other stuff. the internet wasn't even available hehe

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Posted in: Over 10,000 dementia sufferers went missing in 2013 See in context

I think our generation(s) is/are going the same route. We get so caught up with roadways and transit issues and we put off the whole retirement question right to the end. None of us would chose Alzheimer's... none of us would ever chose or prepare for any kind of dementia. But it seems that 'the greatest generation' didn't accept the fact that the requirements and the resources needed to care for the millions of sufferers everywhere also had to be a concern.

Even if we had care centers and hospitals just for dementia patients we would never be able to prepare for the one on one care needed for this kind of patient.

Not to mention that frail old ladies who care for their terribly ill husbands lose in court when the dementia patient wanders infront of a train or causes any other kind of damage.

We're going there too. We're losing sleep, we're susceptible but we aren't preparing anything..

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Posted in: Japanese restaurant offers chance to spend time with real-life geisha See in context

It would be lovely to experience this but I would be nervous the whole time that I was doing some cultural faux pas or say something stupid in my broken Japanese...

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Posted in: Woman, ex-boyfriend blame each other over death of 6-year-old daughter See in context

Poor little girl.. I am sure this wasn't an isolated incident either... She must have been so scared up to her death. Execution would only relieve both parents of their guilt. They could escape in death peacefully.. Forcing them to listen to the cries of a little girl for the rest of their miserable lives would be a much better sentence...

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Posted in: McCartney concert cancellations leave promoters penniless See in context

He's a fragile old senior not a robot...

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Posted in: Paul McCartney cancels remaining concerts in Japan See in context

I am sorry.. Even the surgically altered wig wearing McCartney needs to retire. He is too old for touring.. He is misinforming people about what they are getting with their ticket. It's not the Beatles, its not Wings, it's a tired old man who is trying to scrape a few last gold coins out of the golden goose. I feel sorry for him.

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Posted in: Ruckus continues over Fukushima nosebleed comic See in context

Sweeping your personal impressions and your feelings under the carpet does not benefit the country as a whole. Awareness of the suffering and the damage that has been done to such a beautiful part of the country is essential for healing.

Had the artist been an outsider attacking Japan or if the depiction was unrealistic then it would deserve some discourse. It is just a comic after all. Not a textbook in a classroom

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Posted in: Iran on agenda as Israeli PM arrives in Japan See in context

Isnt Israel's position on Iran's nuclear program the same as Japan's positon on North Korea's nuclear program. Iran's government has repeatedly stated their plan to wipe Israel off of the map. The same threat that the Il's have stated in DPRK about Japan

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Posted in: Iran on agenda as Israeli PM arrives in Japan See in context

Japan has a lot of people consuming a lot of oil. I think Japan was one of Iran's best customers for a while and that's what Israel is concerned about. I think Japan is having a hard time maintaining sanctions considering Iran giving them a good deal on what they need.

For all of the folks who are so confident with the Palestinian plight. I would be very interested in hearing your personal accounts of the situation. If you are commenting from what you have gained from the media, just keep in mind.. Every situation isn't black and white; good and bad. If you go to Israel, and you are definitely invited; you will see..

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Posted in: Cuddly mascots set for the chop in Osaka See in context

I think 50% of the reason why people come to japan is because of all of the cuddly mascots. Kind of sad... I hope the don't get rid of kumamon...

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Posted in: Taxi driver held for drugging women with diuretics See in context

I guess none of these women had boyfriends, husbands, fathers or anyone who would have taught this guy a lesson that he shouldn't be drugging women in his cab. There are numbers on the door and you can see the guys license. I guess the humiliation alone was enough for the women to report this guy..

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Posted in: Experts question ice wall at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

I think the point is that nothing is perfect. Expecting something perfect is what might be the stumbling point here. what a mess...

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Posted in: Widow of dementia patient killed by train ordered to pay damages to JR See in context

Let's just say that this cruel and unbelievable ruling was somehow justifiable. If Japan thinks they can blame exhausted old women for not caring for their 24/7 care sick husbands then they really need to set up some sort of rapid payment system. with the never seen before tidal wave of Alzheimer patients Japan is going to be overwhelmed with soon, these incidents of negligence will be happening very frequently. Perhaps set up a booth in JR stations where old exhausted widows can be stripped of their retirement savings entirely and go towards repayment of rail services lost.

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Posted in: Marchers in Ikebukuro fete Hitler's 125th birthday anniversary See in context

I think if they met holocaust survivors, and allowed them to share their experience and listened to their story I don't think this kind of demonstration would be as easy to perform. They are so far away from Nutzi Germany that they can utilize the shock value for notoriety. Same thing with the every day folks in Japan who had to suffer the ambitions of the oyaji in charge. Ask anyone who suffered through WW2 in Japan even before the Americans retaliated for Pearl Harbor and I am sure you would have a hard time finding one person who would justify that war.

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Posted in: Fans displeased with idol group’s debut single See in context

It's just that... the music is so terrible... all those voices barely in key unharmonized ... just talk singing out the lyrics... I understand the purpose of these groups, and I respect I come from a different culture... Just ... agh....

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Posted in: Japan sets up military post on western island See in context

History is at its best when it's erased, ignored, and repeated I guess.

If you are trained as a military person, you are trained for war. That's the superbowl or the Olympics for military folks. If you go through your whole career without war, it's a cryin' shame.

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Posted in: Casual pot use causes brain abnormalities in the young: study See in context

Alcohol is worse...

In the end... make your own choices...

Teach your kids what's right and wrong.. Don't worry about what the other people on the internet are doing...

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Posted in: The secret language of Japanese hotel staff See in context

We used "P.I.T.A" Pain in the ....

The Kimono food service ladies always give you .005 seconds to be presentable when they let themselves into the room.

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Posted in: Women, money and time: Behind the scenes with Japan’s 'King of Hosts' See in context

Misery loves company I guess. Its not about the money because dispite the income they don't get to keep very much.. Its not because it's fun because having to vomit alcohol up a few times a night isn't fun. Its not because of the girls because the girls who visit hosts are either miserable also or are using the host then leaving them.

I guess it's all about the masculine bravado. Bagging the most girls, the most best looking girls etc.. But that is about as fulfilling as a sandwich full of air... Makes you wonder how successful hosts would be if they invested as much time and energy into a legitimate long term business that doesn't require promiscuity, alcohol and bulimia...

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Posted in: Green blossoms See in context

Those are nice kimono too... Must be expensive..

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Posted in: Nankai Railways, Gundam combine their love of mobility to create the Gundam train See in context

That train is awesome and they somehow made it even cooler than before...

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Posted in: Costs mount for idled nuclear reactors See in context

WilliB My point was that whatever happened was one of many different possible scenarios that could happen in an Earthquake zone. Taking the possibility of poor planning and or human error as being part of the equation is the last thing on developers minds when they are building these things..

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Posted in: Costs mount for idled nuclear reactors See in context

There is no replacement for the cost / power ratio of a fully functioning nuclear reactor. If everything goes right, the waste and pollution is relatively low also. The nuclear power plant being inundated with sea water and the resulting damage is just one of many possibilities when you combine a country built on one of the earth's most active fault lines and a way to generate power that requires constant water flow and human supervision. Anything is possible including a china syndrome type situation. Who knows...

The issue here is that japan has to give up ALOT in order to survive purely on power derived from wind / sun / geo... that's not something they are prepared to do.. I am not willing to give up all my electronics gear, my Airconditioning etc... Why would anyone else. So either japan runs a hundreds of coal / natural gas fired plants at a huge expense or they weigh the odds with cheap accessible electricity / with the potential cost of human lives...

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Posted in: Obokata to leave hospital to fight data fabrication claims See in context

The oyaji are going to burn the witch to absolve themselves I guess...

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