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Posted in: Heavy-set men set to become Japan’s most eligible bachelors See in context

This has also been around since the 1990's. I think last time it was the hobby boys or the anime boys that were an attractive mate.

Before the above average body weight / unbalanced body fat / muscle balance guys think they will be a super star in japan.. Keep in mind, the girls that answered this investigation mean what 'westerners' consider pretty lean...not the skeletal 1970's Bowie thin that the really cool guys in japan can subsist on..

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Posted in: 'Business Nail' – the latest trend among young Japanese businessmen looking to get ahead See in context

The nail polish / manicure for men has been around for a while. I remember a big push in the 1990's for men's nail coloring.

Not going to happen. It hasn't happened.

I don't mean there aren't some guys who do wear nail polish and perhaps they look wonderful.

I just don't thing that just because the media reports it, that it's going to happen in the general population.

Maybe some guys are doing it but it isn't interesting... just a sign of boredom

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Posted in: Adultery website shows fastest growth in Japan See in context

The 'Asian divorce' is not a real divorce, just an icy wall made by one or both people. Maybe they even live in different cities because of work. I have never been aware of so many women dating a married man exclusively for years. Seems to be a dead end street but it also seems to fit the Japanese professional lifestyle where the opportunity to date and be with your partner is something that takes a distant back seat to work.

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Posted in: Residents allowed to return to town near Fukushima plant See in context

The little town is probably a beautiful piece of green countryside with great local people who lived there. Now it's a fallout zone and living there will be a calculated risk based on lifespan and permitted exposure rates. I cant imagine having to chose abandoning my only home or returning and waiting for sickness.

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Posted in: Fuel rod removal work halted at Fukushima plant due to crane glitch See in context

I just hope we can clear out as much of the spent fuel rods and the reactor rods as fast as possible. Its difficult enough dealing with a mega-quake on its own.. having a bunch of angry fuel rods next to the even angrier sea is terrifying..

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Posted in: Watanabe says he spent some of Y800 mil on lucky charm See in context

Brutal... And this is the example he is setting for everyone else. There should be extra consequences for obvious BS

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Posted in: Chew on this: Gum loses its pop See in context

I hope they don't get rid of gum... Billions of people with bad breath...

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Posted in: Four manga that are hits in Japan but relative flops in America See in context

I loved reading slam dunk. The anime series was awesome too...

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Posted in: 1 dead, 8 missing after cargo ships collide near Tokyo Bay See in context

I wonder if someone was asleep at one or both of the boats... Must have been scary as hell

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Posted in: U.S. ex-nuclear chief says nuclear power should be phased out See in context

Its called cutting all ties and reducing legal liability. Obviously someone has finally gotten through to the Nuke lobby that earthquakes can lead to China syndrome.

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Posted in: Men caring for aging parents not doing too well See in context

This article made me sad for all involved. The whole concept of the retiree resorting to a comfy chair, some knitting needles and pictures of the grandkids is all Hollywood. Each and every senior has a different rulebook, needs, and dislikes. You cant just shuffle everyone off to the old folks home. Rule number one for most seniors is they want to live at home. Usually a house with a staircase and other things that put them out. Most seniors don't want to be labeled as seniors and in need of help so most of the day is spent coaxing them into accepting it. I feel for the mom and kids.

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Posted in: Japanese girl mauled by dogs in NZ was bitten 100 times See in context

The dogs aren't evil by nature but they are definitely dogs and not people. If you don't follow buy dog rules you will really suffer. This is the reason why I am super weary of petting strangers dogs. I love dogs but this is the kind of thing that happens if you aren't aware of what they are communicating or who they are being exposed to.

This is triple misery, a severely traumatized and disfigured girl who will suffer her whole life through surgery then by being bullied at school then a family who are to blame for her suffering and the final one is the legal ramifications of owning such a high responsibility breed without watching them. Like the Japanese family want to sue their friends...

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Posted in: Romanian youth gets life for killing Japanese woman See in context

Part of me believes he should rot and never see the light of day or breath an ounce of free air ever again but part of me wonders what would make a talented 18 year old make such a horrible decision. Its such a waste of life and for the woman who died and her family that has to carry the pain forever.

True justice would be for him to serve his sentence in a Romanian jail instead of a Japanese one.

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Posted in: 70 Japanese students volunteer to help clean Canada’s shores of tsunami debris See in context

I don't think that anyone in Japan owes us (Canada) for a natural disaster. The gesture is very much appreciated. I am sure most Canadian people would love a few minutes over a beer or a coffee to say thanks for sure...

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Posted in: Mt Gox files for bankruptcy; CEO says 750,000 bitcoins gone See in context

I think this is what happened with the first few banks and credit unions when they first opened up. Didn't the train that transferred money across the US get robbed regularly?

The internet is an amazing place to make yourself a millionaire with just brainwaves and clicks. But it isn't a good place to store your money at all. Even national banks are at risk for people stealing money, personal information, credit cards etc...

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Posted in: Israel to give copies of Anne Frank book to Tokyo libraries See in context

It still baffles me why someone would have even done this in the first place? Its so strange how much Anne represents different things to different people.

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Posted in: Romanian youth says he didn't mean to kill Japanese woman See in context

Fact is, in Tokyo, there are millions of ways to make money to pay the rent. I was scraping for coins when I moved to Osaka and I was able to get four jobs to pay the rent. Poor lady. To imagine getting stabbed when you are working so hard to reach your dreams.

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Posted in: GPod - The cost of living in Tokyo See in context

I think someone went to a vendor stand 20-30 years ago and saw melons and peaches and grapes being sold for 10,000 yen+ and they misinterpreted it as being the price everyone pays for everything. Ever since then Tokyo has the image of ultra-expensiveness...

There are lots of resources for low income people, restaurants, supermarkets, apartments, hotels, etc...

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Posted in: Heart-shaped treat for Valentine’s Day — from Domino’s Pizza See in context

I think this has more feeling to it than a box of chocolates or some plastic flowers from a convenience store,,,

But isn't Valentine's Day for men in japan? I think I would be super stoked if I got a pizza for sure..

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Posted in: 'Japan's Beethoven' admits using ghost composer See in context

How much dough did this guy make? Its almost worth using his method as a template. I am sure he is wiping his tears with 10,000 yen notes heheh

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Posted in: Foreigners reveal when they felt they really 'got this whole Japan thing' See in context

I really respect and I am fascinated with Japan but after 12 years of being a japan-otaku I still cant say 'I get it.' But that's cool. That's why I loved japan in the first place...

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

I don't think there is a 'Canadian' type or an 'American' type (Etc...etc..)

Just because japan seems so mono-cultural and every Japanese person seems to want to associate as a whole with the country, its difficult to read the feedback from these individuals and just be able to paint the whole country with the same color.

If sexless marriage, money focused wives, angry women was limited to one island on the pacific rim the rest of the world could enjoy life-long sex intensive marriages just by avoiding japan.

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Posted in: Why we love riding the rails in Japan See in context

First time I rode the shinkansen I was shocked that it had started moving exactly on scheduled time to the minute. One of the nicest trains I have ever been on in Japan is the Hanshin train from Umeda to Koshien stadium. The train was spotless and every surface except for the seats was polished shiny. Super impressive...

Cant wait to ride the rails again this summer!

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Posted in: Bread identified as source of food poisoning at Hamamatsu schools See in context

I could imagine the shock and upset that would have rippled through management if someone from the bread factory had decided to indulge in the luxury of calling in sick for work. Having noro virus has the most awful symptoms I can only imagine the commute to work and trying to actually work sick.

I really wish people would feel comfortable to stay away from work instead of doing the "honorable" thing and forcing yourself to come in at any consequence

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Posted in: JAL grounds Dreamliner at Narita after battery problem See in context

I guess batteries aren't designed to take the non-stop wear and tear of commercial flight? There must be people at Boing and at ANA suffering some pretty high stress right now...

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Posted in: 60% of Chinese execs say they cannot work with Japanese firms See in context

China has noticed the 'Arab Spring' more than many other nation out there. With an aging gang of cronies passing their unheard of fortunes and political titles onto family and friends for decades while the majority live well below poverty; with the lopsided thousands of citizen for every soldier they have created a paper dragon. This way they can avert attention away from the obviously contradictory "communist people's party" and towards an old enemy.

The sad part is that the old men of japan are so hateful towards their pacifist evolution and are dreaming up ways of returning to their senseless warrior past. Why hasn't the Japanese government noticed how successful Germany has become now that they have made clean with their history and made amends with those they hurt.

This isn't a who is better or worse. China has and does awful things to people and nations. Asia is like the most powerful V12 engine except each cylinder, Japan, Korea, China, etc. all want to run independent of the other or crash through the cylinder wall in hope of a catastrophic end. It's the only thing that has kept them from destroying the US based global economy.

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Posted in: Japan's whisky makers drum up global market for their drams See in context

I will buy anything advertised by Bill Murray

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Posted in: Lucky bags See in context

I bought fukubukuro. Its actually a great deal for undees and socks. I also got sports gear for a great deal. I wish I could buy them every year

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Posted in: Tales of divine customer service in Japan See in context

I've had some great customer service in Japan. Often I wont shut up about it to my friends. I have had some bad customer service too. I find that the more expensive the store the less likely I am going to be served properly. I have had an employee hiss at me to stop touching the merchandise (I was looking for my size) at a department store in Tokyo and I have been avoided and ignored in Gucci, Vuitton, etc... I don't have the appearance of being overly wealthy and I get an appropriate reaction because of it. I think Japan's customer service core is migrating towards the sort of 'whateva' attitude found in the rest of the world bit by bit. What can you do?

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Posted in: 5 reasons Japanese convenience stores rock See in context

I love and miss Kombini every day I left japan. I have to say though, you can get burned-out on the onigiri / sandwiches pretty quickly. You dread them after a while especially if you are in a rush. Also the traditional "Irashaii mase" has changed from a warm welcome to a pre-programmed war cry sounding shriek. Sometimes coming in at 3am or before work it's a bit jarring to say the least.

I will say its the first place I go to on every trip back to Japan. I wish they had that kind of place in Canada...

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