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Posted in: Why are the French so angry over retiring 2 years later? See in context

How are you not going to be angry about it?

This "solution" of Macron to the pension system is not only an extension of 2 years, if you dig you will see its deeper.

And this article is missing a lot of important stuff.

An extension of 2 years for retirement is a loss to all employees/citizens of a country.

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Posted in: Woman fatally stabbed on train platform; suspect jumps to his death in front of train See in context

It was not love, it was hate.

It was not a "poor guy", it was a murderer.

Please stop the whitening of a killer. Not much info has been given so let's stay to the facts.

And don't mistake love for this. That was a case of hate. "If you don't belong to me, you die". If anyone has sympathy for that man.... Then I recommend to think about it....

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Posted in: Japan's crackdown on truck driver overtime raises fears of economic breakdown See in context

If you depend on overtime hours to survive, there is a big problem with that job.

This is good news. As some already stated, wages will have to go up in order to keep the employees and to find new ones.

It's dangerous to have drivers overworking, as it's a risk for pedestrians other drivers.

Japanese need to be able to survive in a 40 hours/week job. Have more free time for themselves and for their families (if they have). No more legal modern slavery.

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Posted in: Even as more Japanese wives work outside the home, husbands’ household work time is still surprisingly short compared with those in other developed countries. See in context

No one helps when it comes to house schores, it's their duty.

It can be applied for both husband and wife.

But lets face the issue: most husbands do no do their job at home. I hate when they say help: help with the schores, help with the kids.

Help with the schores: it's his duty, he lives there.

Help with the kids: it's his responsibility. They are his own kids.

And using the "I work a lot" excuse is far from ok. If your job does not let you be with your family, either change it, quit it or find a solution with your partner. But just because you are the only one working and/or you have a higher salary it doesn't take away your duties from you.

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Posted in: 'Don't blame women': Japan birth rate drive sparks online debate See in context

I think that comparing poor countries with richer countries on this topic is quite useless, as way of thinking is totally different in both cases. You don't make same decisions, take same habits, etc...

The role gender issue is real and some men need to man up and be responsible when they decide to: (1) be a father (2) be a partner. Not in Japan, but in any country.

Japan has issues with social skills, role gender and income. Money is an issue, but just a part of it.

Country can help with the following:

maternity/paternity leave: make them real and nos just fee days. Most companies will not respect them and most employees will be afraid of taking them due reject from boss/coworkers.

regarding social skills, I am quite in a loss of how to improve this.

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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

So yesterdays announcement was just a preparation for today. The real intention was to rise tax consumption. Family topic was just to try justify it.

2 things I see:

(1) If the asking for a way to recollect more money, it means that numbers are not working well. Government will have money issues.

(2) Lack of births is really a problem but they still don't take it to seriously, as they use it as pretext for other things.

An increase of taxes will just decrease the budget of most of the citizens. Families with children, usually with a limited budget, will specially feel this. Quite contradictory.....with yesterday's message....

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

But why is there an issue with child birth in Japan?

I can think of several reasons, but not so sure. From more to less obvious:


Time (excessive working hours)

Lack of couples

Lack of interest in having kids

I sometimes get the impression that Japanese men/women are not so interested in having a family and more into developing/enjoying themselves.

I would appreciate any comments about this as I feel I might be wrong about it.

But yeah, money and time is indeed a big issue.

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID vaccination for children aged 6 months to 4 years See in context

Vaccines have proven to work against COVID and, as it can happen with a vaccines developed so fast and with a new disease from which we do not know yet as much as we want, some secondary effects and other body reactions are being found.

For example:

some articles about how COVID speeds the aging of some organs

how it has affected women periods

how it's being studied right now a relation with COVID, vaccines and increase of Herpes disease.

I will vaccinate my kid, but as she is still 3 years old and in the safest range, I would prefer to wait for more research, so vaccinations can be even better thanks to new knowledge adquired through investigation and experience.

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Posted in: Record high number of ambulances struggling to find hospitals in Japan See in context

What kind of profile is that of the deceased?.


Old people?

Patients of other patologies?

Terrible news for all but, just wanted to know more about it.

If anyone knows, please share.

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Posted in: Japan reports 183,609 coronavirus cases; 23,773 in Tokyo See in context

If they don't declare lockdown one thing that will start happening is the following: restaurant/bars closing.

I work in that field and, obviously, they are quite empty right now. Very few customers and many cancelation corona related.

Up to now they got money from government but now they don't so... Little by little they will start closing for good.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy in coma after being hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

Sad news.

Few things I discovered and don't like at all are:

Many people do not respect when no traffic lights, and never stop in pedestrian crossings.

When incorporating to one road they just look at one side. More than once got unpleasant surprises.

Anyone feels the same?

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Posted in: Russians keep pressure on Mariupol; massive convoy breaks up See in context

Express sister.

Not want to be disrespectful here but...a hospital in a conflict area is one of the first places you need to evacuate due security measures...

Also, there are contradictory news here. Some say it was bombarded by Russia and others say that it was indeed evacuated and uses by the Azoff regiment as fighting position.

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Posted in: Russians keep pressure on Mariupol; massive convoy breaks up See in context

First let's be clear:

"This invasion is a terrible thing that should never have happened"

Then let's point fingers:

Russia has been always clear on his security space, no nuclear weapons in countries around his frontier, neither OTAN members.

The risk of an invasion was always there and War Analist knew of it.

So wtf, why did they still push onto Ucraine becoming a member of OTAN?

Why omit such a low chance very dangerous risk?

Then, Europe getting action?

For what? You can save to save Ucranians, right?. Well, this is absolutely nuts idea. We are talking about a Nuclear armed country. You guys want to increase dead count? This will not stop dead of Ucranians.

Diplomacy is mandatory here.

Beat way to stop deaths is by stopping the conflict. More weapons and more countries taking part will enlarge the conflict and the casualties. A lost of life's for what?

Europe must take responsibility.... When it has been USA one of the main characters in this madness.

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Posted in: French teachers to walk out over COVID confusion See in context

That way of clothing might be surprising for Japanese but, I feel it's pretty normal in Europe. There is a different cultural assumption of what is show off and not.

Also, once again, I feel jealous of how French organise themselves against mala praxis and bad conditions, protecting their rights to normal work conditions.

That kind of mentality would help a lot many workers in other countries.

As mention, in USA right now there is a related movement where thousands of workers are fed up with their jobs, quitting in pursue of better conditions (normal ones).

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Posted in: Man dies after being found collapsed on street in Tokyo See in context

No belongings and no ID make me thing he was robbed, but again, this is Japan and that's far from usual.


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Posted in: U.S. serviceman arrested in Okinawa for riding minibike while under influence of alcohol See in context

I read the comments and feel surprised as how fast some people attack.

They made an infraction, dangerous one, so they must be fined/prosecuted as any other citizen.

Just because they were soldiers you don't have to use that to criticize all the group, that's quite unfair and stupid.

Only if there is data that supports that I would agree, bit it's not. I am pretty sure that there are not as many cases as everyone thinks. At the end the army is based on discipline.

But, if I am wrong and the numbers support that this is more common than expected, then there is an issue to law enforcement/law obedience. People in charge should be make responsible (again, because it's the army we talking about).

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Posted in: Japan’s most annoying train habits: Passengers reveal the things that irk them most See in context

I work in sales, therefore I use the train a lot, several times per day.

The thing I hate the most and sadly I see more that I would like to, is the lack of empathy to older people and, this makes my blood boil, pregnant women.

No manners and no empathy at all..... Shame to those evildoers.

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